Here's the Perfume Meghan Markle Might Don at the Wedding

Here's what we think this royal bride will spritz on for her big day.

Megan Markle

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While everyone—ahem, us included—are dying to know what sort of wedding dress Meghan Markle will wear down the aisle, we're equally impatient to learn the other details of this royal bride's wedding-day look. Luckily, we only have a little over a month to go until the royal wedding, when all of our questions will finally be answered. But in the interim, we've imagined what tiara Markle might don for the occasion and the makeup she might wear. And now, we're taking our best guesses at what perfume Meghan Markle will spritz on for her big day. The best part? You can wear any of these wedding-worthy, Markle-approved fragrances for your own big day. (Because smelling like a princess is the next best thing to actually being one, obviously.)

Of course, Markle might very well opt to wear the fragrance that was created specifically for her (because how many brides could claim that?), as a custom royal wedding scent is currently in the works thanks to the renowned fragrance brand Floris London (the company also previously created a custom scent for Kate Middleton and Prince William's 2011 royal nuptials called "Wedding Bouquet"). Where can one get this fit-for-a-princess perfume? Well, sadly for us non-royals, the perfume is part of Floris London's private collection and will not be mass-produced for the public. But luckily, there are several other scents that Meghan Markle could possibly choose for her wedding day—all available below!

Through the years Markle has shared some of her favorite fragrances in interviews, giving us a whiff of the perfume preferences of this bride-to-be. Which will she wear at the royal wedding? Well, whatever scent she does choose, we think it's safe to say it'll sell out in record time (just like everything else she wears!). That's a good enough excuse to buy them all now, right?

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Oribe Côte d'Azur Eau de Parfum

Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

"Fragrance is my favorite thing, so much so that if I leave the house and I don’t put any on, I’ll turn around and go back home," Meghan Markle once told UK's Express. "I alternate between a few scents," she explained, naming Oribe's signature scent featuring Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine, and sandalwood scent among her faves. Will she go with a tried-and-true fragrance for the big day?

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Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Cologne

Courtesy of Nordstrom

In the same interview, Markle also pledged her love to two Jo Malone scents; the first being the brand's Wild Bluebell cologne. This floral scent touts notes of fresh bluebell, lily of the valley, persimmon, and white musk.

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Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Jo Malone's Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent was the final fragrance to make the list of Markle's favorites. With notes of bergamot, buchu leaves, sea salt, driftwood accord, and sage, this sexy, sunny scent is perfect for a spring wedding—like Markle's May 19 nuptials.

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Quelques Fleurs L'Original Parfum

Courtesy of Nordstrom

This is the very perfume Princess Diana wore when she married Prince Charles in her own royal wedding over 30 years ago. According to the late royal's makeup artist, she even spilled some on her wedding dress when applying it to her wrists! Considering that Markle wears two of Princess Diana's diamonds in her engagement ring and is rumored to possibly be wearing Diana's Spencer tiara on her wedding day, might Markle also copy her wedding-day perfume?

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Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Lavande

Courtesy of Sephora

Markle also has a fondness for lavender scents. "I use Dr. Bronner’s Body Wash in Lavender," the former actress previously told Beauty Banter. "I love the smell." The lavender notes in this Tory Burch fragrance are sure to calm any bride-to-be on her wedding day—even if it's televised.

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D&G 3 L’Impératrice

Courtesy of Sephora

"Flamboyant and energetic, for L’Impératrice life is a movie and she is its heroine," reads the official description of this D&G fragrance. They might as well be describing Meghan Markle herself! Featuring the same musky florals Markle seems to love, this extra special scent gets a boost of brightness with notes of exotic fruits.

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My Burberry Blush

Courtesy of Ulta

A classic British brand with a modern twist, this Burberry fragrance embodies Meghan Markle to a T. With lemon, rose petals, jasmine, and wisteria, Prince Harry won't be able to help leaning in close for a whiff.

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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra 50ml

 Courtesy of Sephora

Playing on the same notes of one of Markle's favorite Jo Malone perfumes with herbs, driftwood, and sea salt, this sensual scent gets an intoxicating kick of juniper, rendering it totally wedding-worthy—even for the royal variety.

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Nest Fragrances White Sandalwood

Nest Fragrances White Sandalwood

 Courtesy of Nest Fragrances

This comforting yet sexy scent is everything you want in wedding-day perfume, whether you're marrying your high school sweetheart or a literal prince. With white musk, exotic spices, and creamy almond, not even the Queen herself would be able to resist.

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