22 Matching Holiday Pajamas Perfect for Your First Married Christmas

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The holidays are all about traditions, and when I was growing up, one of my most beloved Christmas customs was spending an obscene number of hours in what I called "loungewear," and what my mother called, "Are you really still wearing pajamas at 3:00 in the afternoon?"

There's just something about this cozy time of year that calls for enveloping yourself in the softest, plushiest, closest thing to a kitten made of clouds you can find, and staying in that ensemble until you're forced to go outside. (Maybe even then if you're just heading to, like, Walmart. We guarantee those employees have seen worse.) And the only thing better than comfortable AF PJs? Holiday-themed, matching comfortable AF PJs! For many families, having every member don a coordinating pair of jammies at some point during the season is its own favorite holiday pastime. If you're newly married, engaged, or living together, we're betting you're ready to bring your partner into the (flanneled) fold. Thus, we've rounded up 22 pairings of holiday matching family pajamas that are perfect for couples. (Hello, great gift ideas!)

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As with most family traditions, some are cute, and some are a little cringey but all will warm your heart (and backside!) this winter. Order a few pairs, then snap a pic and share with the world. Both Instagram and your actual Gram will love ya for it. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive a selfie of her and Grandpa wearing their matching sets in return.

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Plaid Holiday Pajama Union Suit

Courtesy of Target

You'll both look pretty as a present in this plaid one-piece from holiday spirit specialists Chip and Joanna Gaines, for their Magnolia x Target Hearth & HandTM collection.

His: Target, $27
Hers: Target, $22

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DLF Lowell/Bishop Pajama Set

Courtesy of Sleepy Jones

Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree—how lovely are your 'jamas. This Sleepy Jones and David Lynch Foundation collab sports Ponderosa Pine trees, a call out to Lynch's Twin Peaks series.

His: Sleepy Jones, $198
Hers: Sleepy Jones, $198

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Mr. and Mrs. Est. Date Couple's Pajama Set

Courtesy of Before the I Do's on Etsy

One way to ensure you don't forget your anniversary is to print it on a supersoft, relaxed fit tee you'll want to wear all year round.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, Both sets included for $87 total

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Knit Rib Sleep Henley & Flannel Pajamas

Courtesy of Lands' End

Brides editorial assistant Rosemary Leger swears by these, claiming that, "They are so soft and festive, you'll try every morning to figure out how to make them work for the office." Plus, for an $8 monogram fee, you can tag your items with "Mr." or "Mrs." or your (new?) initials.

His Top: Lands' End, $40
His Bottoms: Lands' End, $455
Her Top: Lands' End, $45
Her Bottoms: Lands' End, $40

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Sant and Abel x Donald Robertson Xmas Eve Pajamas

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Celebrated artist Donald Robertson converted a pair of cotton pajamas into a canvas when he lent his talents for this limited-edition holiday print.

His: Nordstrom, $160
Hers: Nordstrom, $160

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Eight Nights of Hanukkah Pajamas

Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

Have you and bae been looking for long johns made of organic cotton and covered with dreidels and menorahs? Mazel tov! You found 'em.

Unisex Adult Top: Hanna Andersson, was $44, now $33
Unisex Adult Bottoms: Hanna Andersson, was $44, now $33

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Desmond Gray Collared Shirt & Brushed Cotton Trousers//Classic Cream Long PJ Set

Courtesy of Desmond & Dempsey

I say "pajamas," but the two Englishmen and Aussie gal behind Desmond & Dempsey say, "pyjamas." Their luxurious cotton sleep sets have no stretch, so they'll allegedly keep their shape and only get softer with age. And how bridal is that ivory set?

His Top: Desmond & Dempsey, $115
His Bottoms: Desmond & Dempsey, $108
Hers: Desmond & Dempsey, $191

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Lowell/Bishop Pajama Set in Red & White Tie Stripe

Courtesy of Sleepy Jones

If you prefer a more subtle approach to dressing for the holidays, may we suggest this classic, candy cane–inspired set you wouldn't be embarrassed wearing during months other than December?

His: Sleepy Jones, $178
Hers: Sleepy Jones, $178

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Footsteps Clothing His and Hers Varsity Matching Couples Pajamas

Courtesy of Amazon

You'll never confuse each other's pj's shirts again.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $55 per set

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Flannel PJ Sets

Courtesy of Gap

These fluffy flannels come with a front pocket for optimal holiday cookie storage. The men's version comes in heather gray, and the women's color is called penguin heather gray and features the cute birdies all bundled up for the cold.

His: Gap, $65
Hers: Gap, was $70, now $50

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Waffle Henley & Classic Sleep Pant in Red Plaid/Flannel Henley Sleep Shirt & Joggers in Red Plaid

Courtesy of Abercrombie

It's been said that the henley is the sexiest shirt of all time, so proceed with caution here. Your cold nights might get really hot really quickly.

His Top: Abercrombie & Fitch, was $38, now $23
His Bottoms: Abercrombie & Fitch, was $48, now $29
Her Top: Abercrombie & Fitch, was $38, now $15
Her Bottoms: Abercrombie & Fitch, was $48, now $19

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AEO Reindeer One-Piece Pajamas Costume/Aerie Cozy Sheep Jumpsuit

Courtesy of American Eagle

A reindeer (look at that tail!) and a snow sheep. Name a better holiday animal duo. We'll wait.

His: American Eagle, was $80, now $42
Hers: American Eagle, was $70, now $49

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Long-Sleeve Santa/Mrs. Claus Whale Pocket Tee & Jolly Plaid Lounge Pants

Courtesy of Vineyard Vines

The cotton twill of these lounge pants needs no breaking-in period; they're comfortable from the first wear. Pair a pair with a "whale-worn" shirt in a Santa or Mrs. Claus variety.

His Top: Vineyard Vines, $48
His Bottoms: Vineyard Vines, $65
Her Top: Vineyard Vines, $48
Her Bottoms: Vineyard Vines, $60

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Family Pajamas Matching Holiday Stripe Pajama Set

Courtesy of Macy's

Buddy the Elf once said, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear," but he probably hadn't seen these jolly-inducing jammies.

His: Macy's, was $40, now $30
Hers: Macy's, was $35, now $26

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Hanukkah Family Pajamas Collection—Wondershop™

Courtesy of Target

These sleep outfits paying tribute to the festival of lights are so cozy, you'll have no hesitations wearing them eight crazy nights in a row.

His: Target, $15
Hers: Target, $15

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Black Watch Plaid Flannel PaJama Sets

Courtesy of J.Crew

A drawstring waist means you don't have to worry bout taking second (or third!) helpings on Christmas morning, and the dark-colored wash will hide any hot cocoa spills—just saying.

His: J.Crew, $90
Hers: J.Crew, $98

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Wife and Hubs Couple's Pajama Set

Courtesy of Before the I Do's on Etsy

Here's another something blue to wear for you, and a new nickname suggestion for him.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, both sets included for $87 total

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Munki Munki x Star Wars™ Christmas Chewbacca One-Piece Pajamas

Courtesy of Nordstrom

May the festive force be with you and yours this year.

His: Nordstrom, $72
Hers: Nordstrom, $72

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Flannel Pajamas/Nightshirt

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Ah, the traditional red and black flannel is a wintertime staple, and looks great in family photos for holiday cards.

His: Nordstrom, $60
Hers: Nordstrom, $49

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Family Pajamas Matching Oh Deer Pajama Set

Courtesy of Macy's

Deerly beloved, we are gathered here in appreciation of these precious pajamas that would warm any hart.

His: Macy's, was $40, now $30
Hers: Macy's, was $35, now $27

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Henry Pajama Shirt & Marcel Pajama Pant/Marina Pajama Shirt & Pant in Green & Navy Tie Stripe

Courtesy of Sleepy Jones

A pj's set in forest green will have your nighttime wardrobe looking like a winter wonderland.

His Top: Sleepy Jones, $178
His Bottoms: Sleepy Jones, $158
Her Top: Sleepy Jones, $158
Her Bottoms: Sleepy Jones, $138

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Patterned Flannel Pajama Set

Courtesy of Old Navy

"Dogs a skiing" didn't make it into the "12 Days of Christmas" carol, but they make a pretty doggone cute pajama pattern.

His: Old Navy, $36
Hers: Old Navy, $30

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