32 Lush Bridesmaid Bouquets and Wedding Flowers to Inspire Your Own

bridesmaids in green with bouquets

Photo by Picture Me & U 

When it comes to wedding flowers, brides spend most of their time fretting about their own bouquets, and with good reason—they can totally distract or add to your bridal look. But the same is true of bridesmaid bouquets. The right combination will give something extra to your 'maids' bridal party style. While they may not steal the stage of the floral show at the wedding, these bouquets should be just as gorgeous as the bridal bouquet that inspired them!

Thankfully, bouquets have come a long way from the matchy-matchy bundle of roses that bridesmaids used to carry down the aisle. While the classic rose—or peony or hydrangeas—haven’t gone out of style, they’re now being mixed with other elements to create unique looks. Think plenty of greenery or unexpected flowers like king protea, wildflowers, or succulents. Even without your classic flowers, these elements are standing on their own for some seriously creative bouquets.

Skip flowers altogether. That’s right. You don’t need flowers for your bouquet. Banana leaves for a tropical wedding or bushels of evergreen for a winter wedding make a statement all on their own.

From the delicate and dainty to the lush and large, these stunning bridesmaid bouquets offer a bit of floral inspiration. With these beauties in hand, you and your bridesmaids will be serious squad goals.

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Accent the Bridal Bouquet

Bride in blush dress with pink orchid bouquet amidst bridesmaids in all white

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography; Floral Design by Wild Muse Floral

We love a good cohesive look, but letting the bride's bouquet stand on its own makes a lovely statement as well. These all-white bridesmaid bouquets allow the bride's dramatic waterfall of pink orchids to take center stage.

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Embrace Romance

Pink peony bouquets

Photo by Dylan M Howell Photography

What a stunning look! With blooming peach, pink, and burgundy florals, plus a trailing white ribbon, the bright, warm tones of these bouquets just scream elegant romance.

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Infuse Earth Tones

Bride posing with bridesmaids

Photo by Erich McVey

If you're going to harness the venue's natural surroundings with your color palette, the florals should follow suit. We love the way this Malibu wedding brought earth tones into the arrangements, plus a pop of rose inspired by a Pacific Ocean sunset.

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Mimic the Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaids with matching bouquets

Photo by Jenna Bechtholt

Thanks to a neutral color palette, these bouquets are beautiful in a natural, carefree way. And to create a cohesive look, they replicate the bride’s cascading bouquet, just on a smaller scale.

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Take It to the Tropics

Bridesmaids with tropical leaves

Photo by Anna Delores

Looking for a unique choice for a destination wedding? Modern banana leaf bouquets are a paradise-chic option for the tropical sun.

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Play With Pampas Grass

bride and bridesmaids

Photo by IVASH Studio

Pampas grass can be overdone but not with these arrangements! These natural bouquets are stunning with white roses, baby's breath, and just a few sprigs of pampas grass for texture.

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Commission a Cascading Design

bridesmaids with cascade bouquets

Photo by Lara Hotz Photography

Want a unique, natural look? Soft flowers peek out among slender leaves of greenery in these lovely cascading bouquets.

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Utilize Plenty of Roses

bride and bridesmaids with peonies

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love Photography

There's no shame in keeping things classic! We love the look of a blooming bouquet made up of white roses.

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Bring On the Baby's Breath

Bridesmaids in lehengas and bouquets of baby's brath

Photo by Scott Clark Photography; Event Planning by Amanda Virga of AMV Weddings; Floral Design by Faye & Renee

Once a mere filler flower, baby's breath has finally stepped into the spotlight. Accompanied solely by greenery, these frothy bouquets punctuate the verdant surroundings of this lakeside wedding in Hudson Valley.

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Extend an Olive Branch

brides and bridesmaids in all white and faux fur wraps

Photo by Laura Gordon

For a subtle look at a sophisticated winter wedding, greenery is the way to go. These bridesmaids donned fur shawls and held bouquets made up of mint leaves, olive branches, maidenhair ferns, and Andromeda vines.

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Wrap It in White Ribbon

bridal party and groom party with white rose bouquets

Photo by Jami Laree Jeskey Photography

Planning a modern or urban look? A white rose bouquet is totally classic, but it can be exalted to a whole new level with white ribbons for added grandeur.

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Showcase Succulents

Bridesmaids with succulent bouquets

Photo by Jamie Gens Photography

How gorgeous are these succulents? We love the way they add a bit of whimsy to the roses for a fun twist on a traditional bouquet.

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Mix Rustic With Refined

Wildflower bridesmaids bouquets

Photo by Mary Costa Photography

Thistles, blue hues, and wispy greens are such a comforting combination. We love the way this bride paired the bouquets with chic dresses for a rustic-meets-refined look.

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Add Something Blue

Bridesmaids with bouquets


Still looking for a dash of something blue? Do it with your bouquets! Use a variety of eye-catching blue ribbons to pull together fall hues and plenty of organic texture for a colorful look.

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Focus on Greenery

Bridesmaids with greenery bouquets

Photo by Rebecca Taylor Photography

Who says a bouquet needs flowers? These lush arrangements of greenery are just as beautiful as blooms, especially when tied with white satin ribbon.

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Stay Wild

Jewel tone bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by The Shannons Photography

Late-summer and early fall weddings are ideal for wild, storybook floral arrangements. Wildflower bouquets of eucalyptus and foraged finds work perfectly with a bohemian woodland vibe.

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Make a Tropical Statement

Bridesmaids with palm leaves

Photo by Birds of a Feather

Take it to the tropics and make a statement while you're at it! A single monstera leaf adorned with phalaenopsis orchids is a bold, beautiful choice.

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Create Contrast With All-White Bouquets

bridal party

Photo by Sarah Joy Photo

We love the look of a black-and-white color palette, and these bridesmaid dresses and bouquets showcase it perfectly. Simple baby's breath and hydrangea bouquets truly shine against a little black dress.

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Celebrate With a Soft Palette

Bride with floral crown

Photo by Robert Meredith Photography

A garden-inspired spring wedding means plenty of pastels. Muted roses, wildflowers, and king protea come together for a soft, feminine palette.

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Welcome the Wow Factor

Bright pink bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by Cristina Cañibano

Don't hesitate to add a bold verve of color to really wow your guests. In a sea of green leaves, hot pink peonies definitely command attention.

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Choose Colorful Hoops

Bridal party with hoop bouquets


Looking for something different? Ditch the traditional bouquet shape and grab a hoop instead. This modern look pairs brass hoops and pretty blush, crimson, and white flowers for a youthful vibe.

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

bold bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by James Simmons Photography

Go out on a limb and make a serious statement. Icy blue and sweet peach-orange hues are mixed with dark blooms for surprising depth.

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Consider a Nautical Vibe

Brides with bridal party

Photo by Luna de Mare

We love simple, pretty posies that speak for themselves. This group carried bouquets of seeded eucalyptus, tulips, and ranunculus, with a pop of blue thistle to check that something-blue mark off the list.

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Match Your Bridesmaid Dresses

bridesmaids with bouquets

Photo by Stepan Vrzala Photography

There's certainly nothing wrong with creating contrast between a dress and a bouquet, but for some weddings, tying the hues together just makes more sense. We love the way these neutral bouquets, with sexy hints of crimson, match the bridesmaids' dresses.

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Keep It Simple

bridesmaids in all white

Photo by Carmen Santorelli

Who says you can't just keep things simple? If you're having your bridesmaids wear white, an all-white bouquet with beautiful roses and peonies is the perfect match.

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Make It Moody

Moody bridesmaid bouquets

Photo by ON THE TIMES Photography

Planning a fall wedding with deep hues? We’re loving the dark moodiness of these thistle, antique rose, anemone, and eucalyptus bouquets.

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Forgo the Traditional Shape

bridesmaids with hoop bouquets

Photo by Lauren Nicole



Choosing a hoop bouquet makes a stunning statement all on its own. Pair the hoops with simple greenery and white blooms for a subtle yet unique look.

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Contrast Light and Dark

bridesmaids with contrasting bouquets

Photo by Chasewild

Want to really set the scene with your bouquets? White arrangements with splashes of pastel pinks and bursts of black blooms make for an elegant combo.

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Pair a Plethora of Pinks

Bride with bridesmaids in floral print dresses and punchy pink bouquets

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Event Planning by Posh Parties; Floral Design by Xquisite Events

Pink doesn't always have to be so demure. These luscious pink hues pack a serious punch from bright magenta to bubblegum to coral sorbet shades.

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Embrace Autumn Hues

Bride laughing with bridesmaids in red velvet dresses

Photo by Janelle Elise Photography; Event Planning by Rocket Science Events; Floral Design by Lilia Flower Boutique

We can't get enough of the sumptuous velvet dresses these bridesmaids are wearing. But these dramatic posies of roses, orchids, dahlias, ranunculus, delphinium, anthurium, and pampas grass bring together the autumn palette for an even more impressive vision.

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Juxtapose Jewel Tones

Bride and bridesmaids in green dresses in front of skyline

Photo by Sasithon Photography; Event Planning by Erganic Design; Floral Design by Designs by Ahn

Some wedding aesthetics just call for a whole lot of color, and we're totally here for it. Vibrant bouquets in a colorful palette of jewel-toned pinks, purples, yellows, and reds contrast delightfully against green chiffon bridesmaid dresses.

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Let the Sunshine In

Bride smiling with bridesmaids in yellow slip dresses

Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas; Event Planning & Floral Design by Stefanotis Weddings

Sometimes a subtle accent color is all you need to set your floral arrangements apart from the rest. These white orchid and greenery bouquets get a splash of sunshine courtesy of yellow craspedia that match the bridesmaids' silk slip dresses.

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