Long-Stemmed Flower Ideas for Effortlessly Romantic Wedding Bouquets

Go for an extra long bouquet for an extra dose of style

<p>Bride in Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress with Long-Stemmed Bouquet</p>

Photo by Shannon Moffit

Hand-tied wedding bouquets have reigned supreme the past few years—search "bridal bouquet" on Pinterest and chances are the majority of bouquets are in this style. As the name suggests, hand-tied bouquets feature a mix of flowers and greenery; the stems are gathered together and trimmed, and the end result has a just-picked-from-the-garden feel.

However, long-stemmed flower bouquets are making a comeback in their own right. Instead of cutting stems short, wedding florists are forgoing their shears; what you wind up with is a bouquet that feels romantic and effortless, with a hint of drama due to the arrangement’s elegant shape and lines.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of our favorite long-stemmed flower bridal bouquets to inspire your own wedding-day blooms.

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White Delphiniums

<p>Bouquet of White Delphiniums</p>

Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography; Floral Design by Floresie

If your favorite flower is a long-stemmed bloom like delphinium, snapdragon or calla lily, resist the urge to trim them down. Instead, ask your florist to keep the stems long—when gathered in a bouquet, the overall look is elegant and graceful (case in point: this bouquet of white delphiniums).

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White Ranunculi

<p>White Ranunculuses Bouquet</p>

Photo by Eric Kelley

Single-bloom bouquets are always classic and chic, especially when they’re comprised of all-white ranunculi. Keep the stems long and have your florist wrap the handle in a cream-colored ribbon for a clean, streamlined look.

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Olive Branches

<p>Olive Branch and Rose Wedding Bouquet</p>

Photo by Stacey Pentland Photography; Floral Design by Reina

This sprawling bouquet of olive branches, roses and hypericum berries has a wonderfully unruly feel. It’s perfect for an al fresco wedding held at an elegant ranch—or if you’re going for an “under the Tuscan sun” aesthetic.

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Bridesmaid Bouquets

<p>Bridesmaids with White Bouquets</p>

Photo by Luna de Mare; Floral Design by Tangled Lotus

The long stems of these bouquets accentuate the clean lines of the bridesmaids' pale-blue gowns. These arrangements feature majolica spray roses and lisianthus.

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The Presentation Bouquet

<p>Elegant Boho Bride with Long-Stemmed Bouquet</p>

Photo by Shannon Moffit

If your wedding style is more boho and flowy, we love the idea of carrying a presentation-style bouquet instead of a round cluster of flowers. Also called a sheath bouquet or pageant bouquet, this type of arrangement consists of long-stemmed flowers that the bride carries in the crook of the arm rather than held with both hands. This bouquet style especially complements wedding dresses with straight lines, such as sheaths, slip dresses and A-line or empire waist dresses.

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<p>Peony Wedding Bouquet</p>

Photo by Jose Villa

Nothing is more romantic than carrying a giant bouquet of fluffy peonies. A favorite flower of so many brides, peonies have long, graceful stems that will only add to the drama as you make your way down the aisle.

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Rustic Bouquet

Rustic Fall Wedding Bouquet with Roses

Photo by D’Arcy Benincosa; Floral Design by Jolley's Gifts and Floral

This lush, long-stemmed arrangement by Jolley’s in Salt Lake City is perfect for fall and features a mix of garden roses, viburnum berries, clover, amaranth, cattails, fresh cherries and eucalyptus.

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