23 Beautiful Banquet-Style Tables For Your Wedding Reception

Set the table for your closest family and friends by creating an intimate reception space using long, banquet-style seating

Updated 09/29/18

Lane Dittoe

Aside from the ceremony, the second most important part of the wedding is the reception meal, where for one special night, all of your friends, family, and loved ones will sit together in your honor, making it a truly magical night of re-visiting cherished memories and creating new ones. For those hosting a large wedding, there's no easier way to make your celebration feel warm and intimate than with long, banquet-style reception tables. What are some other benefits of long tables? We're glad you asked!

  1. Not only are they beautiful and romantic, but they're perfect for facilitating conversation among your guests. Especially for people who are meeting for the first time or haven't seen each other in a long time, you want to make sure you're not sequestering people to smaller tables when they don't get to see each other very often! Weddings are supposed to be a time of celebrating you, the couple, but also a coming together for the celebration.

They're easily customizable, serving as blank canvases and giving you a myriad of style possibilities to suit you and your partner's tastes for a night in good company.

  • They make for some amazing photos. Surely you've seen the long, winding table reception photos all over Pinterest—imagine doing one, super long table? Talk about Insta-worthy!
  • There are more options for centerpieces. If you have smaller round tables you can't execute a runner, and you won't quite have the same impact with candles—even if you place a lot on a small table, it looks much more impressive to have tons and tons sweeping down a long table
  • Whether you're hosting backyard nuptials or a classic ballroom ceremony, a long reception table can make your guests feel right at home. Rustic wooden tables are perfect for family-style seating, where guests can pass along various dishes and choose their own portions and plates.

    Add a dash of whimsy with lush greenery garlands or floral centerpieces that adorn the length of the table, dotted with mismatched plates and silverware for a garden party vibe. If you're hosting a more elegant bash, drape your tables with neutral colors like ivory or slate for a clean, airy look and pair with gilded accents and dark wooden chairs. For lighting, consider using hanging café lights to brighten up the night's toasts or opt for romantic candelabras to create a truly magical setting.

    With any of these long reception table ideas, your guests will feel like a special part of your big-day celebration. Click through our slideshow to see how you can design your own!

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    tented reception table with greenery

    Photo by Lauren and Abby Ross

    A monochrome tent and hanging greenery all the way down the table.? That's what we call dreamy. Oh, and sign us up for those basket hanging pendant lamps!

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    long reception table

    Photo by Erich McVey

    Who says one runner is all you need? Double up on the runners in both greenery and a soft and organic linen like this one and then put as many candles as you can possibly fit and run 'em all the way down the table.

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    Photo by Pat Furey Photography

    The perfect way to get in those moody jewel tones for a beginning of fall wedding? Mix vintage colored glasses in deep blues and golds and then mix with matching taper candles and brass candlesticks.

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    Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

    Long tables feel dramatic and interesting with colored linens in surprising palettes instead of a neutral (which we also love!). This one feels right for a spring brunch wedding—just add a mimosa bar!

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    Photo by Jodee Debes

    Who needs linens to cover your long tables when they're so beautiful on their own? Skip the tablecloths if you've got wooden beauties like these!

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    A wooden reception table.

    Jose Villa

    In case you don't want to go TOO dramatically long with your table but still like the idea, try shorter banquet tables for a similar feel.

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    Lane Dittoe

    A long, romantic reception table with floral centerpieces, crisp white dinnerware, and rustic cross-back chairs.

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    Jessica Loren

    A crisp, winding reception table decorated with arrangements of baby's breath and vintage dinnerware, and lined with dark, fold-back wooden chairs.

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    Pat Furey

    A long, rustic reception table decorated with colorful flower arrangements, mismatched candles, and eclectic dinnerware. An industrial, urban space—like a renovated factory or warehouse or a brewery—would be the perfect place to pull off this look.

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    Photo by Sanaz Photography

    Go all out with your long tables and really make them pop with a bright and cheery linen color like this bright coral. The floral garland echoes the linens and brings everything together! Just make sure you go more neutral with the rest of your decor so it doesn't get too overwhelming.

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    A long table with hanging greenery.

    Elizabeth LaDuca

    Nothing says modern classic like a subtle palette of grays, whites, and greens. Also, greenery chandeliers are a fairly inexpensive way to make an impact at your reception.

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    Photo by Carlie Statsky, Planning & design by Coastside Couture and floral design by Seascape Flowers

    A long, elegant reception table decorated with crisp dinnerware, a wispy greenery table runner, and lined with dark wooden chairs. (And PS heat lamps are certainly an important part of an outdoor reception if you're planning on getting married somewhere cooler!).

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    reception seating

    Photo by Erich McVey

    A seemingly hidden and tucked away courtyard is filled with a long table fit for a feast. No need for extra decor; the ivy covered walls are all the decoration you need!

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    Reception dinner tablescape

    Photo by Austin Gros

    Nothing dresses up a reception like (what appears to be) a hanging garden! This thick and winding greenery installation feels wild and whimsical and a perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

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    Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

    We love the dark blue linens on the these tables, although it may not work in a smaller space, in a huge and open room like this it adds some drama. So does that big, beautiful fireplace and that floral installation over it!

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    outdoor wedding reception dinner tables

    Photo by Braedon Flynn

    A subtle palette of light blue, wood and brick, and whites make for an effortlessly chic set-up. Add in some romantic curtains and lots of candle light to really set the tone.

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    Reception tablescape

    Photo by Emilie White

    Bare wooden tables mirror the industrial feel of this venue, and are dressed up with modern, tropical centerpieces in bright poppy colors.

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    reception bench seating long tables

    Photo by Miles and Miles

    Who needs flowers when you've got potatoes and grasses and dozens of candles in every color of the rainbow? This couple constructed these custom tables themselves for an artsy-cool reception.

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    long reception tables

    Photo by Katherine Ann Rose

    Why just have one or two chandeliers when you have ten? When you've got more table length you've got more space for fun hanging installations and lighting!

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    reception seating

    Photo by Sarah Falugo

    Why have separate ceremony and reception spaces when you can combine the two this beautifully? We love the idea of using reception tables as seating during the ceremony, and especially with the way these tables are positioned!

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    fireplace candlelit wedding reception

    Photo by Heather Kincaid

    With a room as grand as this you barely need decorations—but we'll take the all black and white tablescapes and centerpieces any day of the week!

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    Photo by Rebecca Wood

    This crisp reception feels subtly tropical (dried palm leaves, cane chairs), and equal parts airy and dreamy.

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    A budget-saving tip: Craft paper as a runner and a garland made only of greenery! Have your planner source vintage brass candlesticks to round out this classic look.

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