20 Lavender Wedding Ideas That Smell as Pretty as They Look

From bouquets to escort card displays, there are so many ways to use these gorgeous blooms.

lavender centerpiece

Photo by Pretty Days, Thierry Joubert

Lavender has been cultivated for centuries for its medicinal properties and heavenly fragrance, and today, couples are now taking advantage of this purple plant at their weddings. Though we won't blame you if you've never considered lavender when it comes to your ceremony and reception details, this flower offers tons of pretty possibilities and is one to know.

Using lavender in your bouquet is, of course, the obvious place to start, and the flower is perfect for slightly rustic, garden-style arrangements. When planning the blooms for your bouquet, note that lavender goes well with other soft, pastel summer flowers, like peonies and roses, and it’s nice to play with scale and mix it with larger blooms. Additionally, since the stalks tend to be straight and somewhat inflexible, it’s best to use the flowers sparingly in larger, mixed arrangements (too many will make the design feel angular and stiff).

Meanwhile, culinary-grade lavender can be used to adorn cocktails, decorate wedding cakes and baked goods, or infuse jars of honey or sugar (the perfect favor for wedding guests) with a light, floral flavor. And due to its hardiness, sprigs of lavender can be incorporated into place cards, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless, which is why we put together a list of our favorite lavender wedding ideas for you to replicate. Scroll on to see more.

Cut lavender can be left out of water for a long time without wilting, and the flowers will keep their color, scent, and shape for months when dried. (To preserve, simply hang bouquets upside down until completely dried.) What's more, lavender is also relatively inexpensive compared to the bigger face flowers, and a little goes a long way.

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Spruce Up Your Invitation Suite

Photo by Alicia Lacey Photography

Include a sprig or two of lavender in your invitation suite to sweetly scent the paper and your guests' homes.

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Add to Your Bouquet

Lavender Bouquet

Photo by Britt Spring Photography; Florals by Ivy Pip & Rose

The dainty sprigs of lavender in this bouquet give the blooms an organic springtime feel. We especially love the minimalist design which allows each floral to pop on its own.

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Create Boutonnieres

Lavender Boutonnieres

Photo by SebastienBoudot; Flowers by Valerie Visse

Don't forget the groom and groomsmen! Lavender is the perfect bloom for boutonnieres, particularly when mixed with other rustic and garden-style plants.

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Style Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring With Lavender

Photo by Alicia Lacey Photography

Lavender can also be used as pretty props in your detail wedding photos. Follow the above picture and style your engagement ring (or other accessories) with the purple bloom.

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Decorate Your Aisle

wedding aisle decorated with lavender blooms

Photo by Jose Villa

Decorate your aisle with fresh blooms of lavender mixed in with greenery. Your guests will enjoy the fragrant florals during the ceremony as they sit and watch you say "I do."

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Use for the Ceremony Exit Toss

Bags of lavender

Photo by Jose Villa

Instead of a confetti or rose petal toss, you can have guests shower you with lavender buds as you exit your ceremony. Not only is it a romantic gesture, but it's eco-friendly, to boot.

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Decorate Your Ceremony Arch

lavender wedding ceremony arch

Photo by Paco and Betty

Drowning in lupines, lavender, and lilacs, this whimsical altar structure looks straight out of a storybook. If purple is your favorite color, you should definitely consider replicating this style.

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Infuse Your Cocktails

Lavender Cocktails

Photo by Ben Q Photography

Add lavender to your cocktails for a light and sweet floral flavor. Pro tip: These drinks are perfect for springtime nuptials held at a garden locale.

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Use as Escort Cards

lavender escort cards

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography; Planning & Floral Design by Tara Guarard Soiree

How stunning is this escort card display?! “Tara [of Tara Guérard Soirée] created an incredible flower stand, reminiscent of a French farmers market, filled with little bouquets of lavender with each guest’s name and table number calligraphic on the paper holding them,” said the bride.

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Make Them the Centerpiece

Lavender Wedding Centerpieces

Photo by Pretty Days, Thierry Joubert

This couple tucked the flower in mason jars to create the ultimate lavender display. It's a rustic centerpiece that will look lovely at any relaxed alfresco affair.

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Style Your Place Settings

Lavender on Place Setting

Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography

Welcome your guests to dinner with a bloom of lavender resting on each of their menus. It's a lovely way to kick off a beautiful and elegant reception.

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Arrange With Other Flowers

Pastel-Flowered Flowers

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography

How pretty is this springtime arrangement featuring white peonies, lavender, white roses, ranunculus, and pale pink sweetheart roses? The mixture of pastel colors is at once light and ethereal.

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Garnish the Wedding Cake

wedding cake with lavender garnish

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo

Have your baker decorate your wedding cake with delicate lavender pieces. You can even infuse the flavor (trust us, it's delicious) into the dessert itself.

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Decorate Your Lounge Area

Bride and Groom with Parasol

Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography

As already mentioned, lavender is a lovely way to spruce up your decor. At their winery wedding in Sonoma, California, this couple decorated their romantic lounge area with vases of purple lavender blooms.

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Use the Buds

Reception Place Cards With Lavender Buds

Photo by Richelle Hunter Photography

At this wedding, the guests' place cards were nestled in boxes of dried lavender buds. It's an unexpected, but innovative, way to use parts of the plant throughout your reception.

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Make Bridesmaid Bouquets

Lavender Bridesmaid Bouquets

Photo by Jenna McElroy Photography

A single-bloom bouquet can pack a major punch, especially when it's as pretty as this bundle of lavender.

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Consider a Lavender Farm Venue

Lavender Farm Wedding Venue

Photo by Meredith Perdue

Have a serious love for lavender? You can even have your wedding at a lavender farm just as this couple did.

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Provide Guests With Seeds to Plant

Lavender Wedding Favors

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography; Planning & Floral Design by Tara Guérard Soirée

For favors, give guests an envelope of lavender seeds to plant. They'll remember all the fun they had at your wedding each time they catch a whiff of their blooming flowers.

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Decorate the Getaway Car

Lavender Getaway Car Decor

Photo by Sophie Epton

Use lavender from the beginning to the very end of your wedding, and incorporate sprigs of the plant in your getaway car blooms.

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Embrace White Lavender

white wedding bouquet

Photo by Elizabeth Lanier Photography

Lavender comes in a variety of hues, and you don't have to limit yourself solely to the purple variety. As seen in this bridal bouquet, you can create a sophisticated arrangement of blooms with garden roses, ranunculus, palms, and white lavender.

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