King Protea Bridal Bouquets That Are Crazy Striking

Here's how to add a unique and unexpected addition to your bridal bundle

<p>Pink King Protea Bridal Bouquet</p>

Elizabeth Messina

Bridal bouquets are a traditional component of nearly every wedding ceremony. However, for a more striking, unique addition to your wedding flowers, look no further than a blushing bride protea. Not only is this exotic flowering plant (native to South Africa) totally striking on its own, but they look particularly intriguing when incorporated into your bridal bouquet.

The king protea features a fuzzy, dome-like center that begs for a closer look; it's surrounded by spiky petals that have a soft, velvety texture. The dramatic shape of the petals gives the flower a regal, crown-like appearance—an oversized statement bloom that looks quite stunning. You could carry a single king protea as your bridal bouquet or incorporate them into a floral arrangement with softer flowers like garden roses and ranunculuses for a more romantic look.

Intrigued by the king protea? Check out some of our favorite bridal bouquets starring this one-of-a-kind bloom.

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Single Stem

<p>King Protea Single Stem Bouquet</p>

Jose Villa

A flower as striking and unusual as the king protea looks stunning all on its own. Just add a few stems of fresh greenery for a bit of added color—like the seeded eucalyptus seen here—and you've got yourself a statement-making bridal bouquet. (Bonus: A single-stem bouquet like this one is much more affordable than a traditional bouquet of mixed blooms.) Throw in a Grecian-inspired gown, and you've got the ultimate bridal look.

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Bright and Cheery

<p>Bright Spring Bouquet with King Protea</p>

Steve Cowell Photography

This colorful, textural bouquet features a vibrant pink king protea mixed with tillandsia, coral charm peonies, white veronica, coral honeysuckle, Juliet garden roses, sword ferns, and succulents. The stems were wrapped with shimmering gold ribbon for a hint of sparkle.

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Tropical Bouquet

<p>King Protea Bouquet with Wispy Air Plants</p>

Blush Wedding Photography

Hosting a wedding in a tropical destination? Or perhaps you're drawn to palm fronds and exotic flowers? Either way, don't hesitate to incorporate modern, unexpected elements into your bouquet—like a spiky king protea combined with stock, ranunculuses, and wispy air plants—for an eye-catching arrangement.

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King Protea Bridesmaid Bouquets

King Protea Bridesmaid Bouquet

J Photography

Behold, further proof that the king protea can work beautifully as a single-stem bouquet. At this Florida wedding, the bride carried a bouquet of three king proteas while her attendants each carried a single flower mixed with fresh greenery. Gorgeous is an understatement.

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Feminine and Romantic

<p>Romantic Bouquet with King Protea, Roses, and Greenery</p>

Elizabeth Messina

Though king proteas naturally complement tropical- or desert-themed wedding aesthetics, they are quite versatile and can take on a much more romantic look when mixed with the right components. This magnificent bouquet features a king protea in all of its glory but is mixed with pale-pink garden roses, hellebores, eucalyptus leaves, and trails of jasmine for a softer, feminine look.

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White King Protea

<p>White King Protea Oversized Bouquet</p>

Judy Pak Photography

While we most often see the pink variety, king proteas are also available in white, which have an even more modern, crisp appearance. This elegant bouquet shows off a white king protea by placing it front and center. To round out the design, it's mixed with softer blooms and textures, like dahlias, astilbe, eucalyptus, and grasses.

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