King Protea Bridal Bouquets That Are Crazy Striking

Here's how to make the regal bloom a totally unique and unexpected addition to your bridal bundle

<p>Pink King Protea Bridal Bouquet</p>

Elizabeth Messina

King proteas are a striking, unique addition to your wedding flowers—and look particularly intriguing when incorporated into your bridal bouquet.

The king protea features a fuzzy, dome-like center that begs for a closer look; it's surrounded by spiky petals that have a soft, velvety texture. The shape of the petals gives the flower a regal, crown-like appearance—it's an oversize statement bloom that looks stunning on its own. You could carry a single king protea as your bridal bouquet or incorporate them into a floral arrangement with softer flowers like garden roses and ranunculuses for a more romantic look.

Intrigued by the king protea? Check out some of our favorite bridal bouquets starring this one-of-a-kind bloom.

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Single Stem

<p>King Protea Single Stem Bouquet</p>

Jose Villa

A flower as striking and unusual as the king protea looks stunning all on its own. Just add a few stems of fresh greenery for a bit of added color, like the seeded eucalyptus seen here, and you've got yourself a statement-making bridal bouquet. (Bonus: A single-stem bouquet like this one is much more affordable than a traditional bouquet of mixed blooms.)

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Bright & Cheery

<p>Bright Spring Bouquet with King Protea</p>

Steve Cowell Photography

This colorful, textural bouquet features a vibrant pink king protea mixed with tillandsia, coral charm peonies, white veronica, coral honeysuckle, Juliet garden roses, sword ferns, and succulents. The stems were wrapped with shimmering gold ribbon for a hint of sparkle.

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Tropical Bouquet

<p>King Protea Bouquet with Wispy Air Plants</p>

Blush Wedding Photography

Hosting a wedding in a tropical destination? Or perhaps you're drawn to palm fronds and tropical flowers? Either way, incorporate modern, unexpected elements into your bouquet, like a spiky king protea combined with stock, ranunculuses, and wispy air plants.

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King Protea Bridesmaid Bouquets

King Protea Bridesmaid Bouquet

J Photography

More proof that the king protea can work beautifully as a single-stem bouquet. At this Florida wedding, the bride carried a bouquet of three king proteas while her attendants each carried a single flower mixed with fresh greenery.

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Feminine & Romantic

<p>Romantic Bouquet with King Protea, Roses, and Greenery</p>

Elizabeth Messina

Though king proteas naturally complement tropical- or desert-themed wedding aesthetics, they are quite versatile and can take on a much more romantic look when mixed with the right ingredients. This magnificent bouquet features a king protea front and center but is mixed with pale-pink garden roses, hellebores, eucalyptus leaves, and trails of jasmine for a softer, feminine look.

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White King Protea

<p>White King Protea Oversized Bouquet</p>

Judy Pak Photography

Though we most often see the pink variety, king proteas are also available in white, which have an even more modern, crisp look. This bouquet shows off a white king protea by putting it front and center; it's mixed with softer blooms and textures, like dahlias, astilbe, eucalyptus, and grasses, to round out the design.

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