14 Gorgeous Ketubah Designs for Your Jewish Wedding (You Can Buy Now!)

The Jewish marriage contract gets a modern upgrade

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As modern Jewish couples increasingly seek to infuse their weddings with meaning, many are looking to a ketubah, or a Jewish wedding contract, to formalize vows and celebrate their commitments. Beginning in the 1st century BCE, official ketubot have the binding force of Jewish law and were originally intended to provide rights to women inside their marriages. No longer just for those of the Jewish faith, today’s ketubot may be completely customized to reflect the individual nuances of each relationship.

Though traditional ketubot contain official text, modern adaptations often include updated versions of couples’ vows reframed as promises to be kept over time—and many couples choose to retain the well-known phrase, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” Couples can turn to ketubah artists to incorporate their contracts into permanent pieces of art to be displayed in the family home. Modern ketubot can even be customized to match a wedding paper suite or reflect the tone of a venue, memorializing your special day for years to come.

Here are 14 beautiful, intricate ketubah designs you can buy for your wedding!

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Nestled Ketubah in Blue Tone

The blue shades of these watercolor rings are perfect for a seaside wedding.

$324.73+ (SHOP NOW)

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Falling Blossoms Ketubah

This dreamy spring-time print from Stephanie Caplan is customizable and tailor-made to remind you of outdoor nuptials.

$425 (SHOP NOW)

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Geometric Bouquet Ketubah

Extend the life of your bouquet with echoes of your flowers circling your vows in this giclée print.

$115.00+ (SHOP NOW)

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Inks Ketubah

Turn your vows into a perfect keepsake and work of art for your home.

$425 (SHOP NOW)

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Deco Nile Flowers Ketubah

We love the muted, art-deco vibes of this Nile River-inspired ketubah.

$490 (SHOP NOW)

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Succulent Chamsah Ketubah

The Chamsah symbolizes the Hand of God, and is supposed to bring protection and good luck to your home.

$490 (SHOP NOW)

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Lace Leaves Ketubah in Metallic Rose Gold

Laser-cut patterns bring a modern vibe to a typically traditional document.

$550+ (SHOP NOW)

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Tulips and Succulents Ketubah

This Tiffany inspired design can come as a print or hand-painted original.

$390 (SHOP NOW)

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Reflection Ketubah

This mirrored Ketubah comes in several colorways, but we love this fiery, autumnal version.

$324.73+ (SHOP NOW)

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Eucalyptus Rhombus Ketubah

If you have lots of colors and textures in your home, this elegant ketubah will provide a modern contrast.

$115.00+ (SHOP NOW)

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Crown Ketubah

If you have an affinity for the tradition and history of these pieces, look for designs that take inspiration from vintage ketubot.

$500 (SHOP NOW)

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Stones Ketubah

These muted watercolored stones pop against black and white text.

$390 (SHOP NOW)

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Grace II Ketubah

Custom ketubot don't have to break the bank—this print of a laser-cut design is more affordable than the actual cut-out version, but looks almost identical when mounted.

$189.00+ (SHOP NOW)

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Kaleidoscope Ketubah

This combination of bright jewel-tones is joyful and celebratory.

$324.73+ (SHOP NOW)

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