27 Jewel-Toned Wedding Cakes That Make a Bold Statement

Deep, bold, richly saturated hues stand out on any dessert table

Courtesy of Mito Sweets

If there’s one modern wedding-cake trend we can’t get enough of, it’s color—specifically speaking, rich, bold colors inspired by stunning gemstones. From earthy ruby reds and cobalt blues to deep turquoises and magentas, jewel tones have never looked as good as when they’re the fondant or buttercream on your wedding cake.

The perfect way to pack a punch of brightness at your dessert table, these saturated hues can jazz up your wedding cake in a number of ways. Make a statement by showcasing all your tiers in a daring emerald, or make one tier pop with a heavy plum hue. An allover color has an especially eye-catching effect when coating a single-tiered cake, making it appear mightier than its smaller size would traditionally indicate.

If you’re more of a minimalist, you can still achieve a striking look with subtler jewel-tone touches. Think thick, scattered brushstrokes in a rainbow of paints, marsala watercolor swirls for a whimsical effect, or ombré teal shading for a bohemian vibe, all paired with a white or more neutral-toned background to pop against. Or, if you’re more of a maximalist, add a touch of metallic gold or copper detailing to glam up your cake; the resulting look can be edgy or lavish. Festoon your cake with flowers—fondant or fresh—in opposing but complementary jewel tones to create dimension.

Whichever style you choose, these versatile options mean your baker can create a jewel-toned masterpiece catered toward your specific wedding theme. If you’re a fan of this contemporary style, don’t think you’re prohibited from using it because you’re hosting a vintage wedding or throwing a romantic affair; the right hue and design can enhance it.

One thing’s for certain, no matter the color: This prominent palette is sure to make your cake look as decadent as it tastes. Behold, gorgeous jewel-toned wedding cakes you’ll want to bite right into.

Courtesy of Sweet Fix

Rich burgundy tiers framed by decadent roses on top and a white ruffled bottom make for a moody and romantic cake.

Photo by Rachel Solomon

A single-tiered cake has never looked so good as in rich cobalt blue. The organic wreath of graceful roses on this confection, created by a Bake Shop, adds another layer of dimension.

Stephanie Yonce Photography

A punch of emerald and the glitz of gold make this bold cake, created by Maliha Creations, sparkle and shine.

Anushe Low Photography

Watercolor streaks of multiple jewel tones with gold accents give this hand-painted cake by Olofson Design a luxe vibe that's urban meets art deco in its geometric details.

Tha Kama Photography

Cerulean and jade colors make for a deeply vibrant cake. Fondant leaf adornments and a juxtaposition of shapes in the tiers add a touch of bohemian whimsy. Created by Buttercream Bakeshop.

Charla Storey Photography

A rustic brick red that gleams in all four tiers is accented with soft, pastel blooms for a subtle contrast. Created by Layered Bake Shop.

WASIO Photography

The metallic-orchid frosting on this confection, festooned with chic white roses, by Urban Icing looks like silk.

Lola and Noa Photography

Dusted gold adds a dash of color to an otherwise-white confection by Pretty Flour Custom Cakes. It's also ringed with blueberries and crowned with a magenta bloom for a rich variety of jewel tones.

Sarah Carpenter Photography

Perched on a delicate scalloped pedestal and complemented by lush florals in hues of pink, this indigo cake by Sugar Bee Sweets is modern and romantic.

Mango Studios

This miniature cake by Nadia and Co. is not only rich in pomegranate color, it also has intricate floral designs and fondant flowers for a feminine vibe.

Laura Goldenberger

A crisp teal with a washed-out painted effect is both eclectic and whimsical. Created by Sweet and Saucy Shop.

Valorie Darling Photography

This artsy cake by Batch Bakeshop is a hand-painted masterpiece. Splashes of color that depict grapes and vines combine for a stunning rainbow effect that mimics the fun look of texture but also maintains a smooth feel.

Lucy Tran Photography

Navy, white, and metallic copper—could this statuesque cake by JENLA Cake be any more gorgeous? The contrast between light and dark is sharp and eye-catching.

Courtesy of Mito Sweets

Oxblood-colored, this single-tiered cake proves that bigger isn’t always better.

Courtesy of Sugar Pot

A wreath of ivory roses and greenery adds a bit of Tuscan inspiration to this mustard-toned confection.

Melissa Jill

Jade-green marbled icing framed in copper fondant edges brings to mind gorgeous geodes in this earthy wedding cake by Ruze Cake House.

Photo by Heidi Ryder Photography; Cake by Sweet E’s Bake Shop

Bold and glam, this contemporary cake by Sweet E’s Bake Shop knows how to make a statement, complete with metallic gold, a matte midnight-blue shade, and a deep-red bloom.

Red Letter Days

Violet watercolor swirls bring a bit of edge to this classic white cake by JaCiva’s Bakery, as does a heart-and-arrow cake topper with industrial vibes.

Lucy Davenport

The bottom and top tiers of this confection by Cakes by Krishanthi have a rough ombré effect in varying shades of turquoise, echoing an ocean’s waves, while the middle tier features elegant script by Lamplighter London.

Chris Wojdak Photography

Rustic with a hint of glam, this red-orange cake by Sweet as Bliss is made all the more enticing by the grapes, cherries, and berries that round out the jewel-toned palette.

Hazelwood Photo

An amethyst-agate topper, plum hues with Moroccan details, and fondant gold metallic tassels—this stunning cake by Artisan Cake Company is a bohemian dream.

Courtesy of Nadia and Co.

The thick and vibrant brushstrokes in this kinetic-splash design are wild, fun, and free-spirited.

Sonia Bourdon Photography

A gold metallic feathering technique lends this navy fondant cake by Sweet Couture and Gat-O a bit of shimmer, and the burgundy florals add a dramatic look.

Courtesy of Bellaria Cake Design

This vivid magenta tower of a cake is all lace, frills, and flowers.

Samantha Kirk Photography

Streaks of hot pinks and orange take a cue from the brighter end of the jewel-tone spectrum, blending together for a bit of striking whimsy. Created by Sweetologie Cake Design.

Rachael Osborn Photography

A deep peacock blue is chic and bold, and a touch of gold leafing puts a bit of pizzazz on the watercolor trend. Created by Pollen and Pastry.

Casey Hendrickson

As if this plum cake by Sky’s the Limit Bridal Sweets weren't already sweet enough, it also displays E.E. Cummings’s poem “I Carry Your Heart With Me” on it in gold calligraphy.

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