6 Items You Need to Have a Cozy Weekend In

Because it's just too cold to go outside

Updated 01/16/18


If you happened to experience the "bomb cyclone" on the east coast at the beginning of January, you'll know the realness that is not only the want, but the actual need, to imminently hibernate with your partner. It's the perfect time of year to get cozy, lounge around bingeing every TV show you've been dying to get into, play some board games, drink some wine, but most important, DO NOT leave your house or apartment. We'd say order in, but heck, with another snow monstrosity like the one we just experienced even Seamless may let you down. Meaning first and foremost make sure you make a run to stock up on key ingredients for some yummy home cooked meals (or Trader Joe's delicacies) at the start of the weekend!

Some other non-listed but equally essential items for a snuggly weekend with your boo? Number one: A good book (for when you don't feel like you can watch any more TV, or when you hand the remote over to your partner because you need a breather in the other room). Number two: super snug socks that can double as slippers (we especially love those bulky chenille ones that you're embarrassed you own, but can never seem to part with). And finally, either your favorite wine du jour OR ingredients to make a warm drink—like a hot toddy or mulled wine...heck, even making the mulled wine will add another level of comfort with all those delicious aromas!

So snuggle up and read on for our six top things to make sure you have for a cozy weekend in!

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Photo Courtesy of Breville

Regardless of your skill level in the kitchen, this stand mixer from Breville makes it extremely easy to make anything you will want to stuff your face with during your winter hibernation. Any by anything we mean carbs, naturally. We want to use this for some cheesy made-from-scratch biscuits or maybe some double chocolate brownies. The coup de grâce is that beautiful glass bowl, which is somehow so satisfying to watch while the mixer is in action. Plus, the light on the mixer head proves to be very handy indeed!

The Bakery Chef stand mixer, $400, Breville

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Photo Courtesy of Wool Experts on Etsy

The chunkier the knit, the better when it comes to snuggling up and staying warm! This blanket is ultra thick knit and just looking at it makes us want to roll into a human burrito (with the tortilla being the throw, of course) and bury our heads until winter is over. Not only is this blanket beautiful, it's at a better price point than we've seen for almost any other large-knit throw, and it comes in a ton of colors.

Chunky blanket, $43, Wool Experts available on Etsy

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Photo Courtesy of Boneco

Although we know it's not the sexiest suggestion around, the truth of the matter is a good humidifier is life-changing. Sounds like an exaggeration but believe us, it's worth the money to get something that works really well. It'll keep that hot dry air from destroying your skin and completely drying our your sinuses which can be pretty chronic in the winter months. We've tested many a humidifier that ends up getting condensation all over the floor, or sputtering, or not lasting through an entire night, and this one holds up and works like a charm. Plus, it can deliver function as either cool or warm—fancy AF.

BONECO warm or cool mist ultrasonic humidifier, $180, available on Amazon

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Photo Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

We don't think there is a food that could be deeper in the cozy category than fondue...maybe a good stew, but who needs stew when you can dip anything in sight into melted chocolate or cheese?

Red cast iron fondue set, $40, available at Crate and Barrel

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Photo Courtesy of MRSHMLW

Not to speak from personal experience or anything, but we think it's safe to assume that one's pillow doesn't always live on one's bed. As in, when you're in full-on binge/cozy mode you bring that bad boy to the couch and really hunker down...realllyyy commit to the amount of snuggling you're about to do. We love this new pillow from MRSHMLW (it's vacuum sealed and rolled up into a box—like the Casper for pillows!) and although it's hypoallergenic it feels like it could be down. SO soft.

Pillow, $29, available from MRSHMLW

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Photo Courtesy of SK-II

If there's one thing wintery weather is not beneficial for, it's definitely your skin (and possibly your mental health (Seasonal Affective Disorder is alive and thriving). So why not grab your fave face mask (we love this cult classic from SK-II) and really rejuvenate your wind- and snow-beaten skin? Dullness and dryness be gone!

SK-II facial treatment mask, $95–$135, available at Nordstrom

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