7 Items to Help with PMS, Cramps, and Your Period

For when that time of the month hits hard

Updated 04/29/18

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Every woman can relate to the joys of PMS. Yes, it is an oh-so-fun reminder that as women, our bodies have the potential to create life—but why does it have to be so hard sometimes?

To help make your monthly visit from Aunt Flo a little more pleasant, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite products to put to use at that time of month.

Remember, despite how common it might be, experiencing consistent significant pain with periods is not something that should be ignored. For any concerning symptoms that your monthly cycle might bring, be sure to promptly discuss them with your gynecologist.

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Mighty Patch

Courtesy of The Mighty Patch

Hormonal breakouts are the worst, but the Mighty Patch might be able to help. Created without harsh chemicals or drying formulas, these tiny 12mm patches boast big results, while also protecting blemishes for quick healing and preventing any picking. (Don’t pick your pimples!) You can place one on at night, or even wear then during the day thanks to the matte finish. They work by leveraging hydrocolloid, and you can even see them absorb pus and fluids from your hormonal acne and whiteheads. As an added bonus, they’re vegan friendly, safe for use during pregnancy, are cruelty free AND can be used anywhere on the body—not just your face.

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Courtesy of Livia

A device that can help soothe your PMS? Yep—it exists. Livia, a tiny little square that packs a serious punch, is considered to be an “off switch” for period pain. FDA approved, the wearable device stimulates your nerves, blocking pain from passing through. Taking effect between 30-60 seconds of putting it on, it’s discreet and can be worn under any outfit, too.

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LOLA Essential Oil Blend

Courtesy of LOLA

Before turning to over the counter medications, why not try some natural essential oils for relief and relaxation? Within an easy, roll-on applicator, LOLA’s proprietary blend of 17 pure essential oils aims to improve blood flow and relieve tension, calming menstrual cramp pain. It also smells pretty amazing, and claims that 82% of users felt immediate reduction in pain.


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Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw

Courtesy of Barefoot Dreams

When you’ve got your period, sometimes the struggle AND snuggle is real. Keep yourself cozy with the ultimate throw by Barefoot Dreams. Available in six colors, it’s made of luxe microfiber and is perhaps the softest, comfiest blanket you’ve ever seen.

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The PMS Package

Courtesy of The PMS Package

Who doesn’t love getting packages? This monthly care package comes with hygienic essentials, snacks, and even some surprises carefully timed to be delivered while you’re in the throes of your period. Choose between a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month delivery plan, and you’ll be well on your way to having a little something extra to look forward to each month.

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Yogi Woman’s Raspberry Leaf Tea

Courtesy of Yogi

A hot, soothing cup of tea might be what your craving right now, so why not make it one that specifically targets the needs of your reproductive system? Dating back to ancient times, Organic Raspberry Leaf has been put to use by midwives to help reduce the pain of menstruation by strengthening and toning the uterus, while Dong Quai has been used to help regulate hormonal imbalances and Chaste Tree Berry is also said to help with period cramps.

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Sunbeam King-Size MicroplushSoft Touch Heating Pad

Courtesy of Sunbeam

If you’ve ever experienced even just one bad round of menstrual cramps in your life, you know the benefits of having a quality, trusty heating pad. This one by Sunbeam self regulates to prevent overheating, while still providing consistent therapeutic heating with four personalized settings, 2-hour auto shut off, and it’s machine washable. So if you’re hurting, give yourself permission to throw on your favorite sweats, binge on Netflix, and let this cozy pad do all the work.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $33.83

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