10 Items Couples Forget to Register For—But Shouldn't

You'll want to add these often overlooked items to your list.

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Wedding registries these days are so much more than formal china and silver place settings (not that we don't swoon over all that stuff, too). But the important thing to think when you are putting together a registry list is how you and your partner actually live. What are the things you love to do together as a couple? Whether setting up a cozy home is your top priority or outdoor adventures are more your thing, don't be afraid to register for things that support the passions that you share together. This is your registry, after all!

With so many items to choose from, couples often forget the things they use the most when mapping out their registry. But this is definitely the time to seriously upgrade things that you use all the time and get a few new gifts you'll end up loving. Here are 10 items couples often forget, but you want to make sure you have on your list.

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Bar Tools

bar set CB2


Get ready to entertain in style with this sleek, compact set. It includes everything you need to make killer cocktails, including a bottle opener, mixing spoon, coil strainer, a jigger, ice tongs, and a serrated knife for citrus garnishes.

SHOP NOW: 6-Piece Column Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set, $49.95, available at CB2

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Extra Towels

Serena & Lily bath towels

 Serena & Lily

This is the time to throw out your old, mismatched towels and upgrade your linen closet. These super-soft, Turkish cotton ones will fit the bill. Make sure to have at least four sets of matching hand and bath sizes ready for guests, especially because you know your mother-in-law is going to be visiting one of these days.

SHOP NOW: Healdsburg Bath Towels, $28-78, available at Serena & Lily

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West Elm

You're about to get a ton of gorgeous wedding and honeymoon photos, so set up a gallery wall to showcase them. Go with a mix of shapes and sizes (both the mats and the exterior frames) to keep things interesting.

SHOP NOW: Assorted size gallery frames (set of four), $89-$199, available at West Elm

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While you're thinking about your gallery wall, consider also adding some art pieces to your registry. Graphic black and white prints are an easy way to contrast moody landscapes and romantic vignettes.

SHOP NOW: Thin Branch by Kate Roebuck, $37 and up, available at Artfully Walls

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A Nice Grill


If you don't have room on your patio for a full-size grill, go for this tabletop version. It has the capacity to turn out a backyard party's worth of hot dogs and burgers, but can also be packed up to take to the beach, campground, or game.

SHOP NOW: Cuisinart Chef's Style Tabletop Gas Grill, $229.99, available at Zola

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Outdoor Gear


If you are more interested in pitching a tent under the stars than setting a table for eight, camping gear is the way to go when it comes to your registry list. Then after your wedding, you'll have all the supplies you need for new adventures as a couple.

SHOP NOW: Rabbit Ears 4-Person Tent, $269.99, available at Zola

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This sleek rolling bag is perfect for your post-wedding adventures, and the polycarbonate shell comes in a range of chic hues to match your honeymoon wardrobe. The carry-on size even has a built-in charger so your phone will always stay at 100 percent ready to capture the moment on your trip.

SHOP NOW: The Carry-On, $225, available at Away

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Couples frequently leave this essential item off their lists, but it's the perfect opportunity to snag something super practical (and it's something you'll definitely use again and again). Plus, this vacuum makes a great gift because it's likely pricier than the model you might normally choose.

SHOP NOW: Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum in Iron, $449.99, available at Dyson

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Annie Selke

Your registry is a good opportunity to upgrade all parts of your home, so don't forget the floor. A good rug can really brighten up the space and anchor all the other pieces in the room.

SHOP NOW: Glimmer Chevron Silver Woven Rug, $79 and up, available at Annie Selke

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West Elm Industrial Outline Table Lamp
West Elm

Soft lighting is key for romantic evenings at home. Go for classic shapes and neutral tones that will fit in different rooms throughout your house.

SHOP NOW: Industrial Outline Table Lamp, $199, available at West Elm

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