Instagram-Worthy Dinnerware You Need For Your Next Dinner Party

For that picture-perfect tablescape

Updated 07/25/18


The verdict is in: Couples are officially obsessed with artisanal dinnerware. And I have a theory why. At-home entertainment is on the rise, and so is the value placed on the aesthetics of any given night out (ie: is this tablescape worth a snap? A still? A story?). So really, upgrading your dinnerware is both a treat for you two and your future guests. Right now, I’m seeing tons of handmade, matte-finish, pastel plates and bowls on my feed, which read both classic and on-trend. Find your perfect dinnerware upgrades from these gorgeous, non-basic brands.

Jennifer Spector is the Director of Brand Strategy and Newlywed-At-Large at Zola, the wedding company that will do anything for love.

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Canvas Home

Courtesy of Canvas Home

Canvas Home always delivers with perfectly-imperfect, rustic dinnerware. I’m loving their Shell Bisque Collection, which has an addictive color range (pastel pinks, cornflower blues, grayish ivories) and cool mix of textures that are as gorgeous as they are useful: the outer matte bisque finish is unglazed and grainy, all the easier for holding.

SHOP NOW: Canvas Home Abbesses Plate (Set of 4), was $30, now $18.99

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Courtesy of Casafina

The very best stoneware comes from Portugal—and Casafina is really great at highlighting that heritage while making it super fresh. Think: plates painted with 18k gold rims (really!), dynamic reactive glaze that makes every piece deliciously varied, and easy-to-mix colors that all feel rich and inviting at the same time.

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Felt + Fat

This Philadelphia-based collaborative design studio is turning out the sweetest handmade ceramics. Made from durable porcelain clay, their pieces are all glazed with a signature satiny-matte finish. I’m really into their wide array of shades, from Funfetti-like rainbow speckles to sunny yellows.

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Jars Ceramics

Courtesy of Jars Ceramics

Founded by famed potter, Pierre Jars, this French brand has been rocking the artisanal, raw-edged look for over 150 years. In other words, VERY ahead of their time. Reactive glazes in soothing sky blues and milky whites make for timeless and gorgeous pieces you’ll keep in your kitchen (and on display!) forever.

SHOP NOW: Jars Tourron Dinner Plate, $42

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Courtesy of Kinto

These super-clean Japanese designs are built for smiles and versatility. Specifically, Kinto’s Remix Don Track bowls are total crowd-pleasers, perfect for bar snacks and small bites. Or ice cream on couch. Or just to throw on the table to look at and admire. The minimalist patterns in watercolor brush strokes are the perfect amount of playful and classic.

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Miya Company

Courtesy of Miya Company

This brand imports different dinnerware picks straight from Japan, and the pieces vary from traditional to downright on-trend. Specifically, the Senden Colors and Sashiko Collections are cheery to the max, with shades that look like scoops of summery sherbet.

SHOP NOW: Miya Senden Rice Bowls (set of 4), was $30, now $23.99

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Courtesy of Mystic

Inspired by the cosmos and the sea, these pieces are made in Thailand with special crystallized stoneware. The first time I got a Mystic piece in my hands, I was stunned because of the depth in the finish—it looked like an actual blue lagoon inside my plate. Works particularly well as an impactful pop of color in predominantly neutral dining spaces.

SHOP NOW: Mystic Pool Dinnerware Set, starting at $35

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Courtesy of Odeme

In durable, easy-to-clean melamine, Odeme’s dinnerware screams outdoor party time. And with collections that range from painterly pastels to bright (and very NOW) tropicalia, you’ll find every excuse to bust out your Odeme plates. I, for one, will be snapping some up for our Labor Day BBQ!

SHOP NOW: Odeme Fête Melamine Dinnerware, $28-$45

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