10 Pro Tips for Capturing Stunning Indoor Wedding Photos

How to capture the most memorable moments of your big day!

Same-sex couple feeding each other wedding cake in an intimate indoor reception

Photo by Logan Cole

Finding ways to create images that mimic the look and feel of natural light photos is no easy task when throwing an indoor wedding. Not to derail the idea of hosting your big day at any number of stunning indoor wedding locations—there are so many amazing benefits, including protection from unexpected weather conditions, optimal shade during warmer months and exceptional backdrops. But sometimes, dark spaces, insufficient sunlight and unexpected shadows can make indoor wedding photography particularly challenging.

So, we've asked some of the industry’s top photographers to share their secrets to capturing breathtaking indoor wedding photos. One tip we were surprised to learn? Keeping the focus equally distributed between you, your spouse, your guests and your wedding party makes for a beautiful collection of images, one of our pros said. Finding prime window lighting, and playing with silhouettes, is another way you can better define your wedding album of indoor shots. Keep reading for more must-have indoor wedding photography tips for any couple opting for an indoor celebration!

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Voice Your Vision

Couple holding hands walking through a floral-filled venue on their wedding day

Photo by J Wilkinson Co

Jeanann Wilkinson, owner of J Wilkinson Co, always encourages her couples to speak up when it comes to generating their day-of vision. “Don’t be afraid to ask if we can move furniture around to better capture the venue space or to really get the photo you desire,” she says, adding, “I love to show the venue space that my clients choose to be in.”

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Focus on People

Wedding guests seated at a long table in a regal white and gold indoor venue

Photo by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

The magic that occurs when all of your loved ones are placed together in the same setting is an opportunity that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Charlotte Jenks Lewis, owner of Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography, makes sure to capture candid moments of guests throughout the event to preserve both the memory and the uniqueness of the occasion.

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Spotlight Noteworthy Moments

Couple's first kiss after they say "I do!" in a grand church ceremony

Photo by BrittRene Photography

“Nothing says ‘newly married’ like the kiss after a couple has exchanged vows!” says Brittany Waddell, owner of BrittRene Photography. Placing quintessential moments like these throughout your wedding album will add character and sentiment to the overall celebration.

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Seek Out Windows

A black and white photo captures a couple kissing in front of a window on their wedding day

Photo by Liz Banfield

“A great window is everything!” says Liz Banfield, owner of Liz Banfield, who emphasizes the endless possibilities for indoor wedding photography in front of windows. “Even in silhouette, the atmospheric opportunities are endless,” she says. Whether used for framing or as a source of natural light, you can’t go wrong with a stunning window photo.

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Emphasize Detail Shots

A detail shot captures a bride's Valentino heels and bottom of her wedding dress

Photo by Erich McVey

When getting ready to walk down the aisle, detailed shots—especially photos that show off the couple's personal wedding style—are a must for couples who want to document every special moment of their big day. Erich Mcvey, owner of Erich McVey, captures a quiet moment pre-I’dos that highlights elements of this elegant ensemble.

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Capture the Candid Moments

Bridal party smiling and conversing in a modern art gallery venue

Photo by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

“When I want to photograph a candid moment of a wedding party, I get them situated where I want them, then say I’m working on my exposure, and to just talk amongst themselves,” says Carla Ten Eyck, owner of Carla Ten Eyck Photography, when divulging the secret to motivating candid wedding party moments. “Then I just click away and catch them chatting!” she adds.

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Find the Most Striking Light for Portraits

Portrait of a bride looking down at her bouquet on her wedding day

Photo by Genevieve de Manio

A great way to capture the mood of the day—and the unspoken anticipation before the walk down the aisle—portraits make for a striking addition to your wedding album. Genevieve de Manio, owner of Genevieve de Manio Photography, agrees, adding, “Personal and intimate, portraits are an optimal way to convey special meaning through your photos.”

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Let Yourself Stand Out From the Darker Lighting

Portrait of a bride looking over her shoulder under a floral arch

Photo by Anthony Vazquez, Barbara Torres

When capturing photos that highlight your bridal style, or unique day-of accessories, Julia Krylovskiy, assistant at Anthony Vazquez Photography, believes that indoor photos provide one of the best opportunities to make the best of those gorgeous bridal details, like the bouquet or veil.

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Embrace the Moody Vibe Created by Indoor Lighting

Grand indoor wedding reception featuring uplighting, chandeliers, and tall centerpieces

Photo by Fred Marcus Studio

Your wedding venue plays a huge role in your wedding day as both a backdrop and a subject to be photographed in its own right. Felix Feygin, a photographer at Fred Marcus Studio, emphasizes the importance of taking captivating images of your venue space. “Sneak away before the party starts to take some shots of the decor and setup,” he says.

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Opt for Black and White Photography

Black and white photo of a bride's embroidered veil placed over her face

Photo by Ashley Kelemen

Unexpected moments captured in black and white is part of what makes a one-of-a-kind photo so unique. Ashley Kelemen, owner of Ashley Kelemen, doesn’t underestimate the power of a simple moment turned statement-making image. Whether caught getting ready with your bridal party, or during the first look with your soon-to-be spouse, there’s magic in the unexpected.

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