16 Ways to Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding (Even If They Won't Actually Be There)

Pay homage to your best bud through nods in your wedding decor

<p>dog napkins</p>

Photo by Harwell Photography; Design by Eva Clark

Over here at Brides, we are big fans of finding special ways to give a shout-out to the people closest to your heart in your wedding—including your pet! While some wedding venues will allow your dog or cat (or whatever) to be on the premises during the actual nuptials, many unfortunately can't accommodate your pet (think: restaurants, indoor ballrooms, historic sites). And while you might not be able to fathom having your big day take place without your fur baby, take a second to think about the logistics. Who is going to be looking after the dog after their moment in the spotlight (and once you two have had plenty of champagne)? What if they have an accident on your dress? What if it rains and your pup tracks mud everywhere? What if they get loose and you can't find them? There's actually a ton of anxiety that could come along with having your pet at the actual wedding.

So, if you can't actually have them there for the big day, it's super easy (and honestly extremely adorable) to find ways to include their likeness in your wedding. From decor to cake toppers to welcome bags, here are 16 ways you can still have your pet represented in your wedding, even if they can't attend.

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Custom Drawing on Coasters

Photo by Amber Gress

These two brides had a friend make a custom drawing of their Brussels Griffon, Rita, that was embossed on all the coasters. Amaze.

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Place Setting

Photo by Harwell Photography; Design by Eva Clark

A watercolor of your pup on the napkin of each place setting? Yes, please!

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Cake Topper

Photo by Lucy Cuneo

It girl and designer Harley Viera-Newton and hubby DJ Ross Schwartzman added several nods to their cats, Mo and Tarzan, into their quirky nuptials.

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In the Invitation Suite

Photo by Lucy Cuneo

Schwartzman also drew a creative crest for the wedding invitation suite, which featured Mo and Tarzan.

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In Greenery

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie; Design by The Creative Planners

We love how this couple created a life-size hedge in the shape of their dog!

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Cocktail Napkins

Photo by Rebecca Yale

How adorable are these kitty cocktail napkins?! Each one was adorned with a cheeky saying like, "Purr me another, please."

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Cocktail Napkins

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Photo by Rachel Buckley Weddings

When "Pod Save America" host, Jon Favreau, and his bride, Emily Black, tied the knot in Maine, they had to incorporate their beloved Goldendoodle, Leo (there were also matching koozies!).

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Display them on a Cake

Wedding Cake with Dog Topper

Photo by Rachel Buckley Weddings

Little Leo also made an appearance on the cake.

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With the Whole Family

Photo by Julie Wilhite Photography

This couple couldn't just put themselves on their cake—rather, they represented the whole family, dogs and cats included!

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Add Them to Photo Booth Fun

Photo by The Danger Booth

What better way to get your cat or dog into the fun than with cutouts of their face as props for the photo booth?

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Keep Them Close to Your Heart or Pocket Square

Photo by Krystal Zaskey Photography

This pup is about as close to his dad's heart as can be.

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Bring Their Favorite Food

These mini sliders we're aptly called "Paddy's Patties," in honor of the couple's meat-lovin' pup.

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Give Them Cente Stage on the Wine

Give your doggo center stage with a spot on the celebratory bubbly!

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The Welcome Bag

Abby Jiu Photography

Kick off the wedding weekend in style with a welcome bag complete with custom cookies of your pet's face.

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More Cookies

Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu Photography

Another doggie cookie to get you inspired.

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Have Their Face Everywhere

Emilia Schobeiri

Make sure your pet is always top of mind by adding their face onto key wedding landmarks, like on the signature cocktail menu above.

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