25 Pictures to Convince You of an Iceland Wedding

The most epic place on earth

Updated 09/21/17

Photo by Sara Monika Photography

If you’re in search of an adventurous and stunning place for an elopement or destination wedding, look no further than Iceland. More and more couples are flocking to its black shores, gushing waterfalls, ice lagoons, bubbling thermal springs, and rolling green hills to tie the knot, and who can blame them? The Nordic island is so insanely magical, it’s like stepping into another world. As Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography, who have shot many a wedding or elopement in this otherworldly realm, put it, “Iceland is the most epic place on earth. The secret’s out.”

A sprawling vista of natural wonders, the country is rife in beautiful contradictions, where rich greenery meets frozen tundra and ice meets lava. Marked by dramatic backdrops, its signature is romantic melancholy scenery—but when the sun does shine, the ethereal beauty that results (including the occasional rainbow!) is equally as compelling. With so much magic laid out before you, how can you possibly choose where to hold your ceremony or wedding portraits?

The little black Búdir Church is always a good place to start—and convenient, too, not far from Hotel Búdir. Famous for its history since the early 1700s and for its notable attraction to newlyweds, this charming chapel sits among a vast landscape and endless sky. For the more adventurous duo, on the same Snæfellsnes Peninsula is the Gatklettur Arch Rock at Arnarstap, a natural bridge that can be described as nothing other than epic, promising to make for some unforgettable portraits.

There’s also the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Vik; its striking basalt columns, lava created sand, and incredible cliffs and caves have a moody, rugged effect. Or, you could head north for some icy enchantment to Langjökull or Vatnajökull, two stunning glaciers. And don’t forget the majestic waterfalls awaiting your every turn— Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss would make for wild elopement spots.

No matter what you choose, Iceland is so magical that you really can’t go wrong. Behold, proof that you and your other half need to book your tickets to Iceland, stat.

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Photo by Sara Byrne

The foggy skies of Iceland cast a mystical spell over its beautifully rugged coastline, making for a stunning ceremony backdrop.

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Photo by The Kitcheners

Surrounded by a geothermal area and colorful mountains, and boasting glassy teal water, the Viti crater in north Iceland creates surreal scenery.

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Photo by Katya Mukhina

Iceland is known for its magnificent waterfalls, and this dramatic, otherworldly one at Reynisfjara Beach doesn’t disappoint for a dream elopement spot.

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Photo by Hartman Outdoor Photography

There’s no denying the icy magic of the glacial lagoon of Jökulsarlón.

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Photo by Levi Tijerna

This couple pops against the rich green textures of Vík’s landscape, which create an enchanting vibe.

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Photo by Nordica Photography

Proof that arguably the Gatklettur Arch Rock is the most epic spot in all of Iceland—perfect for the adventurous duo.

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Photo by Kristin Maria

The only thing that makes dancing on a cliff top more romantic is the perfect wind gusting the bride’s dress into the breeze.

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Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Can this be real life? It’s hard to believe, but this breathtaking view of pastel, snow-capped mountains exists in Kjos, Iceland.

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Photo by Samantha Floyd Photography

A quick stop in the middle of Icelandic roads for passionate kiss has an fairytale-like feel.

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Photo by Darren Roberts

Iceland isn’t always dark and moody—when the sun shines, blue skies and blue shores are just as pretty as its usual melancholy appeal.

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Photo by Kristin Maria

Edgy meets glam with this stunning couple on an equally stunning large rock formation looking out onto the sea.

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Photo by Kati Rosado

With a lake that reflects the beauty above, this shot is so picturesque it looks like a painting.

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Photo by Sara Monika Photography

Mother Nature is at her finest with a lush ridge and valley marked by a majestic waterfall—talk about a totally swoonworthy spot for bridal portraits.

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Photo by Nordica Photography

Holy smokes, this is an unreal piece of magic. Who knew a volcanic crater had such an ethereal effect, unleashing a smoky pink and grey confection behind this daring couple.

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Photo by Sara Byrne

We’re green with envy over this couple’s wedding portrait—the sloping green, rising mountain, and endless sky are just incredible.

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Photo by Jordan Voth

The surrounding iceberg field and hazy sky provide cool tones for this bride and groom’s edgy, chic black attire to beautifully contrast against.

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Photo by Maria Luise Bauer Photography

There’s something so compelling about Icelandic skies, meeting with the terrain for raw, natural beauty.

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Photo by Hartman Outdoor Photography

This couple found the ultimate spot—an infinity of green ridges makes for one breathtaking sight.

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Photo by Kristin Maria

Seriously, how adorable is Budir Church? We totally get why it’s such a hot spot for wedding bells in Iceland. It’s quaint charm is perfectly captured here, still and serene with a burst of wind.

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Photo by The Kitcheners

With crashing waves, frosted mountains, and sepia tones, the Djupalonssandur black rock beach is a winter’s dream.

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Photo by Nordica Photography

When the storm breaks, beauty ensues. There may be no leprechauns at the end of this rainbow, but it’s just as magical with a bride and groom below.

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Photo by Maitha Lunde

Iceland’s sweeping landscape departs from its harsh hues to take on soft tones, creating a stunning moment for this classic couple.

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Photo by Maciej Suwalowski

From towering basalt columns to the lava ground, Black Sand Beach will put a mysterious, bewitching, and gorgeous spin on your typical walk on the beach.

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Photo by Phil Chester

With views as insane as these, who can blame this couple for whisking away from New York City to tie the knot on top of a glacier in Iceland?

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Photo by Igor Demba

Iceland may be one epic island, but its miniature islands are just as nice—especially when they serve as your own little ceremony location.

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