How To Use Faux Flowers In Your Wedding (And Home!)

Arrange the prettiest flowers that no one will guess are fake

Updated 04/30/18
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Fake flowers used to be so not cool. Memories of dusty arrangements and cheesy, over-the-top hotel displays come to mind—definitely not worthy of center-stage treatment at your wedding or in your modern home. But faux flowers have come back full steam, and these new guys look nothing like their sad, dusty predecessors. Next-level details like fuzzy stems and variegated petals make the latest faux flowers look totally legit (and just as pretty—if not more so—than their fresh counterparts). Go with ones that show off with realistic elements and keep it simple—less is more when using these babies in a bouquet or an arrangement. A great vase will also help to elevate the look of the flowers and keep the design from feeling too stuffy or old fashioned.

For a wedding, the options are endless. Going faux for a bouquet means that you don't have to worry about flowers drooping in the heat or transporting blooms (this is especially helpful if you're traveling for a destination wedding). Large flowering branches like cherry or magnolia are perfect for either side of the altar, and small bud vases with faux wildflowers are ideal for cocktail tables. Faux flowers can seem like an investment, but you'll get to keep them forever after the event, instead of throwing it all away like regular flowers. So, DIY your bouquet for your destination wedding—, then bring it all home to decorate your place.

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For a console or an entryway

Alpha Smoot

Magnolia and plum blossoms are quick to brown and fall off the branch, but these faux versions always look fresh.

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For a bedside table

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Faux roses look super realistic in a loose arrangement of soft, subtle colors. Pair with a vintage silver vase for a luxe, elegant look.

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For a kitchen windowsill

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Graphic cans and bottles give a sweet, homespun vibe to these wildflower-esque arrangements.

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For an unadorned corner

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You'll need only a few of these tall, high-drama stems to make a bold statement.

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