How to Use Crystals in Your Wedding for Good Vibes and Cool Décor

Crystal, Stone, and Agate Wedding Details

Energy Muse

Crystals aren't just for shamans and your super-hippy, caftan-wearing aunt (who may or may not have dropped acid at Woodstock). The newest trend in wedding décor is an obvious pick for a boho bride with new-age leanings, but the look is also perfect for the cool girl with a palette of millennial pink, icy greys, and snowy whites. The modern crystal-loving bride errs on the side of subtlety (think delicate stones sewn into the lining of a clutch or artfully placed gems in a centerpiece) versus over-the-top gemstone displays. And it's more than just pretty décor—each stone carries both symbolism and healing properties, making crystals the perfect favor or gift for a couple looking to add more heartfelt meaning and intention to their wedding ceremony and reception.

Heather Askinosie, the co-founder of jewelry company Energy Muse and co-author of the forthcoming book, Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You, is a crystal expert extraordinaire with a celeb following (fans include Lena Dunham, David Beckham, and Molly Sims). Here, she explains some of her favorite stones and ways to use them in your wedding:

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Give Rose Quartz to Your Bridesmaids

Rose Quartz Bridesmaid Gift

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"Rose quartz is considered to be the stone of love, which makes it a perfect gift to express gratitude to the important women in your life," says Askinosie. Rose quartz is also ideal for anyone who is looking to manifest love in their lives, as well as for any of the single 'maids in your wedding party.

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Attach Crystals to Escort Cards (Bonus: They Double as Favors!)

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On your escort card table, display an assortment of different crystals paired with each guest's name. On the flip side of the card, write the significance of each stone and an affirmation for each person to use while carrying the crystal. "Each crystal has a special meaning," says Askinosie, "For example: I love moonstone for invoking fertility, which is great for couples looking to conceive, while pyrite is a very masculine stone that's ideal for attracting money."

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Create Crystal Centerpieces at Your Reception

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Use clusters of quartz crystals, white or champagne-toned apophyllite, geodes, and sliced agate as table numbers and place settings. Scatter small candles throughout the table to cast a soft glow against the stone.

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Use a Crystal for Your "Something Blue" Accessory

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Askinosie recommends adding a blue stone like aquamarine or celestite as a subtle (yet meaningful) "blue" element. "I love adding a gem to a bouquet or attaching a small piece to the inside of your dress or hairpiece," she says. Aquamarine is a calming stone that reduces stress, while celestite helps to connect people to higher spiritual realms.

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Use Crystals on Your Dessert Table

Geode Wedding Cake

Photo by Corbin Gurkin; Cake by Sainte G.

A few artfully-placed crystals add a touch of color to a simple white layer cake. Or, go for a faux stone texture and colors to create a gem-inspired look for your star dessert. To add more crystal style to the table, swap out the cake stand for a stone slab platter and serve the slices on crystal-inspired china like malachite dessert plates.

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Create an Intention-Setting Ceremony

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Askinoskie recommends doing this ritual either at a gathering before the wedding or at the reception: "I love to have a large crystal bowl near the entrance with a tray of quartz crystals set up nearby," she says. "Each person says an intention or wish for the couple and then places it in the bowl. After the wedding, the bowl of stones is a beautiful reminder of all the positive wishes that friends and family have given to the newlyweds."

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