How to Throw A "Stock-The-Bar" Shower

It's the perfect shower alternative for couples who already have everything

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If you and your S.O. already have most of your home essentials, a fun alternative to a traditional wedding shower is a stock-the-bar shower. When my best friend and her partner threw themselves one of these genius parties in their small Manhattan apartment, my first thought was: WHY don’t more people do this?

In lieu of your typical blenders and dinner plates, guests all bring liquor, wine, beer, and barware to your home and help you fill your gorgeous bar cart. (Which, by the way, they can chip in and buy for you as one of your bigger shower gifts.)

And you too can throw a proper bar-stocking soirée in just a few easy steps.

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Serve up the best drinks and bar snacks

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Plan on serving simple, delicious mixers to go with your brand-new liquor: ginger beer, fresh juices, sparkling water for splashes, and infused simple syrups to keep things sweet (bar hack: pour syrups into olive oil bottles). Put out tons of pre-cut citrus twists and fruit garnishes in small bowls, plus salt, chile powder, and sugar for glass rims. And, of course, don’t forget classic bar snacks like marinated olives, spicy nuts, cheese plates, and of course, chips and guac. So much guac.

Accessorize like a pro

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Whether you’re a craft cocktail couple or a pair of aspiring sommeliers, be sure you ask for invaluable bar accessories like muddlers, wine stoppers, whimsical coasters, corkscrews and bottle openers, cocktail spoons, and decanters. Or, just grab one reliable set of tools so you’ve got the basics covered. And make sure you’re drinking your preferred beverages out of proper glasses—your highball glasses, pint glasses, rocks glasses, red and white glasses, etc. No more merlot in mugs for you two. Unless it’s these mugs streaked with real gold.

Ask for gorgeous storage

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Of course, you can’t have a stock-the-bar shindig without a bar. And if there’s no actual bar in your home (usually the case!), a gorgeous bar cart is key. Your shower will be your cart’s maiden voyage! Be sure to register for one you love in advance, as well as a wine rack if you’re into vino. Token on-the-go alcohol storage solutions? This heavy-duty cooler for picnicking the smart way, and these classy flasks that look like modern art.

Keep the party going

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Register for monthly wine subscriptions and beer brewing kits to get some use out of your gorgeous new barware, and give you some excuses to celebrate any night of the week. You’re getting married, after all—that deserves all the toasts in the world. L’chaim!

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