How to Pack the Perfect Welcome Box

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Ok, so we just gave you a roundup of the best welcome gifts by city—boxes, bags, spreads—you name it, we got you. But if you specifically want a box filled with everything from tanks and treats for a bachelorette getaway to maps, goodies and a welcome note on the wedding weekend—here are a few ideas on creating a box that is fun, thoughtful, and highly Instagram-able.

For the 411 on how and why to put together a welcome box, we turned to a pro, Tali Cohen, gifting guru and founder of curated gift box company Welcome and Wishes. If you're not already on the welcome box bandwagon, you will be soon!

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What's the Value?

<p>Destination Wedding Welcome Bag</p>

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“For most weddings, even when they're local, some guests are traveling a long distance to be there, so it's important for couples to show appreciation for their guests' efforts and sacrifices,” says Cohen. “A welcome box or bag is a way to start showing how much it means to you that they've joined your special occasion.” It also adds to the hospitality of your event, making sure your guests are comfortable and feel taken care of.

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What Makes a Great Welcome Box?

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A successful box is a combination of thought and execution. “We like to create experiences through our welcome boxes," says Cohen. "A great box can help your guests discover your location, get to know you a little better and get a peek into the vibe of your event." In that vein, your boxes should fit in with your event's overall design. “If you're having a modern, hip celebration, choose a palette and details that reflect that.”

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What's In the Box?

<p>Los Angeles Wedding Welcome Bag</p>

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Start with items that are special to you and true to your event's design. “This doesn't have to be expensive,” says Cohen. “If your grandmother makes the best chocolate chip cookies, have her make a batch and wrap them up for your guests to enjoy. If you're using a specific color throughout the event, tie that into the design and packaging.” For a wedding in Los Angeles, the couple combined their personal favorites with the highlights of their destination, offering Her Favorite LA Trend (raw kale cookies), His Favorite LA Staple (Diddy Reese cookies), and Their Favorite LA Hike Supply (trail mix).

“We definitely encourage using local information and fun, specialized products,” says Cohen. “That could be a few general products and one local favorite, or a box filled with items that highlight the destination.” For her own wedding in Palm Springs, Cohen's welcome boxes held California almonds and Sun Chips, plus extras that fit her wedding's style. As for those recommendations, go beyond the “must-see” items. “Share your favorite local spots or the city's prized secrets so your guests can really explore!” Cohen says.

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Any Assembly Tips?

<p>Beach Wedding Welcome Box</p>

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Phone a friend! “Assembling welcome boxes is a lot more labor-intensive than you might think, so be prepared to devote a lot of space and time to the project,” says Cohen. And when you're ready to put the goodies in the box, think about presentation. “Don't limit yourself to a box or bag. Consider other vessels, like a wicker basket for a rustic wedding or a canvas beach bag for a seaside celebration.”

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Or Just Hire the Pros!

<p>Welcome and Wishes Something Blue Bride Box</p>

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If you're not the DIY type, Cohen and her team can make the perfect welcome boxes happen for you. “At Welcome and Wishes, we offer custom hospitality boxes that can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. We also design and source bridesmaid and groomsmen gift boxes—or you can use the 'build your own box' section on our site to create one yourself.” Looking for an engagement present? The “Something Blue” box is great for engagements or as a “thinking of you” gift for the bride before her big day. Welcome and Wishes' gift boxes also go beyond “welcome” and make the perfect “thank you.” “We've had couples create or purchase pre-curated gift boxes to send to their vendors after their wedding, as well!”

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