How to Look Supermodel-Stunning in Your Wedding Photos

Get ready for your close-up

Bridal Portrait

Photo by Marcus Meisler

Can you think of anything worse than living out your fairytale wedding and receiving an expensive photo album, only to hate how you look in every single picture? Not gonna happen! We’re sharing our top wedding day tips for looking your best in front of the camera—even if you don't think you're all that photogenic.

First of all, shake off the nerves! Freezing up in front of the camera or suddenly not knowing what to do with your hands isn't all that uncommon. It's not that you're not photogenic (trust us, you're beautiful!), you just need the picture-posing know-how. Don't throw away your shot—make it Instagram-worthy with our tips and tricks below.

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Occupy Your Hands

Bride solo in front of church

Photo by Betsy Newman

Your hands will be full in more ways than one on your wedding day, and your secret weapon to natural-looking photos is one you’ll be holding anyway—your bouquet! Having a prop eliminates that awkward “What do I do with my hands?” feeling, and focusing on whatever it is you're holding (sparklers, balloons, a cute clutch) will take the pressure off the pose and help you take a more relaxed photo.

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Go For A Walk

bride with bridesmaids

Photo by Emmy Lowe

If occupying your hands isn’t enough to distract you, putting your entire body into motion definitely will. Take a stroll with your new hubby, hug it out with your bridesmaids, or bust a move on the dance floor while your photographer snaps away. You’ll look natural and the (kind of) candid shot will be one for the album.

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Show Off The Back Of Your Dress

Bride wearing open back dress

Photo by Jordan Quinn Photography

Go ahead and show off your cathedral-length train, backless cut, or all those silk-covered buttons. Photos that showcase the back of your wedding dress totally take the pressure off. Even if you blinked, these stunning snapshots will still be flawless.

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Look Up Into The Camera

cape dress

Photo by Sarah Falugo

Everything looks better from up above—everything! Have your photographer position himself at the top of a staircase, a balcony, or a ladder, so you can look upwards into the lens. Trust us on this one: your jawline will look slimmer, your under-eye area will be lifted, and you’ll look inches taller.

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Look Away

Bridal Portrait

Photo by Belathée Photography

Still not comfortable in front of the camera? Our best trick is to simply look away from the lens and pretend there isn't a camera mere inches from your face. While it won’t be easy to forget about the camera crew standing right in front of you, a three-quarter shot is always flattering and exudes an easy effortlessness.

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Take A Step Back

Groom spinning bride around

Photo by Forged in the North

Or rather, have your photographer step back. You paid a lot of money for your venue (or got lucky with a killer sunset or chic cityscape)—so show it off. Getting a shot from a distance not only boasts the beautiful backdrop; it also won’t put an awkward smile or nervous body language on display.

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