Wedding Hair Trial: 9 Tips For Acing Your Appointment

Pave the way for perfect wedding-ready locks

Hair trials

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Every bride should feel nothing short of heart-thumping gratitude and affection for her hair stylist on her wedding day. So, what's the key secret to great wedding hair? Work it all out in rehearsal at your wedding hair trial. This crucial pre-wedding hair appointment will set the tone for your overall beauty look on the wedding day. So, in order to make sure your locks are primped and coiled to perfection (and, most importantly, to your liking) when you walk down the aisle, there are certain measures you need to take before your hair trial to get the most out of the experience. Read on to find out what to expect and how to prepare for your wedding hair trial to ensure you'll end up with the beautiful, long-lasting hairdo of your dreams.

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Pace Yourself

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Schedule your hair trial three months before the wedding, recommends Naeemah LaFond, owner of Under Her Veil in NYC. If you book it too early in the planning process, changing trends or chronic indecision could lead to second-guessing.

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Plan a Night Out

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Have a GNO the evening of your trial to make sure the style doesn't fall out after an hour—or two minutes—of carousing, says Loulie Walker of Loulie Walker Events in NYC.

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Wash and Dry Your Hair Beforehand

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This ensures that you avoid spending the majority of your trial getting a blowout, LaFond says.

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Wear Makeup

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One of the most important wedding hair trial tips is to put your best face forward, according to LaFond, since you'll be staring at yourself for a few self-critical hours. If you can, schedule your makeup trial to happen right before.

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Bring Visuals

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Sarah Miller, cofounder of Caplan Miller Events in Austin, Texas, suggests sharing a private Facebook album or a Pinterest board of snapshots—anything from a photo of you in your dress to the flowers you'll be carrying—with your stylist for aesthetic guidance.

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Pay Attention

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LaFond suggests jotting down a list of the products being used so you can buy miniatures of everything for your day-of kit.

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Be Explicit

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Be clear about what you want during your bridal hair trial. When something goes awry on the wedding day, it's usually because the bride was reticent, Miller says. Speak up—just remember to say please.

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See What Works

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Don't forget the hair accessories (veil, comb, etc.) you plan on wearing so you can experiment with them. Take photos of each hairstyle (expect to try out three options) from different angles.

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Don't Bring a Posse

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Ask your mother, your MOH, or a friend whose opinion you trust to come with you. Too many voices create chaos, Walker explains.

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