20 Beautiful Ways to Decorate a Wedding Cake

From flowers to fruit, these ideas will transform your confection.

Two-tier white white wedding cake with pink and white pressed flowers in the middle

Photo by 515 Photo Co.

A white wedding cake, either covered in fondant or buttercream, is a classic choice that will never go out of style. Although this timeless design looks sleek on display and fits any type of affair, we can’t deny that dressing it up with statement-making decorations is guaranteed to elevate the presentation. Arranged on a neutral base, incorporating embellishments is an opportunity for you and your partner to represent your relationship and communicate your wedding style and aesthetic.

Whether you’re tying the knot in a seaside summer ceremony or a rustic fall celebration, there are unlimited ways to decorate your dessert. For garden nuptials, a confection adorned with real blooms will capture the botanical locale. Hosting a glamorous soirée in a swanky ballroom? Deck out multiple tiers in gilded detailing and intricate piping. And if you’re throwing a bohemian-themed event, dried grasses and pampas grass will play up the effortless, earthy vibe. What's more, you can also go as bold or as understated as you’d like: Engulf the entire setup in ruffled layers or err on the side of simplicity with a few paper sails.  

Looking for more inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of ideas to take your cake design to the next level. From wild feathers to gold foil, here are 20 beautiful ways to decorate a wedding cake.

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Embellish With Sugar Flowers

Four-tier old-world wedding cake with sugar flowers

Photo by Asia Pimentel Photography

Atop your cake, flowers are a no-fail choice for spring or summer weddings or celebrations with organic-inspired themes. However, if you're nervous about real buds drooping down your confection, channel a similar look with fondant. The sugar varieties will look authentic, and your guests will actually be able to eat them, not just admire them from afar. Here, white roses made of fondant and glass-like pieces give these ruffled edges a whimsical feel.

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Feature Intricate Piping

Five-tier cake with lace detailing and a smaller cake on the side

Photo by Dani White Photography

To introduce depth and texture to an all-white cake, pipe your blank canvas with meticulous details. Whether you’re recreating the Victorian era or the Golden Age of Hollywood, layers of icing will help evoke a vintage vibe. This three-tier confection covered in intricate piping is also a suitable choice for upscale events with lavish decorations.

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Garnish With Fruit

Bonnie Wright's white wedding cake with florals and chocolate cake

Photo by Jamie Street of St Chelle

Looking for a creative way to enhance your post-dinner dessert? Instead of the typical floral or fondant accents, decorate your treat with fresh fruit. From orange slices to lemon wedges, vibrant produce will add a splash of color and a tasty flavor to your confection. Since citrus is ripest in the spring and summer, consider this fruity cake combined with blooms for warm-weather nuptials. 

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Adorn With Dried Grasses

Three-tier white cake decorated with dried grasses and flowers

Photo by The Foxes Photography

For bohemian weddings, garnishing your cake with dried grasses and preserved blooms will reinforce your design aesthetic. As seen here, mounting textured plants on each layer of your dessert will capture the wild, organic feel that epitomizes this theme. You can also arrange your cake on a wood-rimmed stand for another natural touch.

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Plant Single-Stem Flowers

Four-tier white cake with colorful single-stem florals

Photo by Ashley Cox Photography

Fresh flowers are one of the most popular decorations that couples choose time and time again for their wedding cake. To switch up the presentation, place single-stem blooms on a white cake to create the illusion that they’re growing out of the dessert. This four-tier cake features ranunculus, dahlias, cosmos, and billy balls in shades of yellow, pink, and cream, which is perfect for garden fêtes with a bright color palette.

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Consider an Unexpected Pattern

Four-tier midcentury modern cake with latticework, flowers, and oranges

Photo by Jake Anderson

Another out-of-the-box choice that plays up graphic design is pressing a geometric pattern onto fondant. Latticework in white and green transforms this four-tier white cake into a mid-century modern masterpiece. A cluster of peonies and oranges also adds a preppy, playful touch.

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Decorate With Ruffles

Natalie and Ross's sculptured cake covered in ruffles

Photo by Leah Marie Photography

If you love the look of an all-white cake but want to up the ante, turn to texture. Enveloping your confection in sugar ruffles will create visual intrigue. You can also use this detail to conceal separate tiers and create one towering dessert that emphasizes height. This cake design is a particularly strong candidate if you’re wearing a ruffled gown on your big day.

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Integrate Feathers

boho wedding cake with roses and feathers

Photo by Wild Meadow Photography

Are you tying the knot at a Western wedding? Use feather accents—combined with dried and fresh flowers—to evoke a rustic and country vibe, whether you’re saying “I do” at a barn in West Virginia or a ranch in Wyoming. Exhibited on a two-tier buttercream confection, the add-ons will really stand out.

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Paint a Floral Design

Three-tier white cake with a hand-painted floral design and sugar cherry blossoms

Photo by Jenny Fu Studio

As another alternative to real flowers, ask your cake designer to paint a floral illustration across your fondant. Hand-painted details will incorporate an artistic touch, and they won’t wilt. Not only did this three-tier treat feature a blue floral design, but sugar cherry blossoms also supplemented the botanical look. We love this choice for a romantic wedding in the spring.

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Channel a Past Decade

Three-tier custom wedding cake with arched designs on display

Photo by Katelyn James

Whether you want to channel the glitz and glamour of the 1920s or the bohemian vibes of the 1960s, you can use your wedding cake to recreate your favorite time period. With arched designs and eye-catching colors, this cake will transport your guests back to the ‘80s. For a cohesive look, pair your nostalgic dessert with an arrangement of flowers in the same color scheme. 

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Include Gilded Accents

Five-tier white cake with gold accents and pink flowers

Photo by Terri Baskin Photography

With multiple tiers and ornate details, your cake will instantly become the focal point of your reception. To make a statement at your glamorous affair, decorate each tier with gilded embellishments—including your joint initials—and set up the treat on a metallic table. For a touch of romance, accent with pink blossoms and position your cake table in front of a vibrant flower wall.

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Get Inspired by Your Venue

Maria and Giuseppe's three-tier white cake with tile-inspired tier

Photo by Alice Vicente

If your locale plays a big role in your celebration, draw inspiration for your cake design from the surrounding architecture. For instance, if you’re exchanging vows in Spain or Portugal, consider decorating the middle tier of your confection with blue and white tiles reminiscent of azulejos, which are painted ceramic tiles found in these countries.

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Incorporate a Cascade of Flowers

Samantha and Kenny's four-tier cake with a cascade of pink and white flowers

Photo by Jessa Schifilliti

A waterfall of blooms trailing down multiple tiers is one of the most beautiful ways to trim a white cake. Go for an understated and romantic look with pale pink and cream, or sport a bold design with fuchsia and lavender. Drive the theme home by surrounding your after-dinner sugar fix with more flowers in the same varieties.

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Create a Work of Art

Four-tier geode wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Blue Note Weddings

A one-of-a-kind look that will set your sweet treat apart from the bunch is a geode wedding cake. These striking designs are made with sugar rock candy to mimic a crystallized rock structure, and they’re available in every color. Dress up your display with flowers for a garden-inspired look or pair with gold foil for glamorous soirées. 

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Splatter With Gold Leaf

White two-tier wedding cake with white roses and gold leaf

Photo by Twah Dougherty Photography

Gold leaf is a surefire way to make your confection shine, whether you’re tying the knot in an opulent ballroom or an industrial warehouse. This two-tier iteration incorporates a subtle accent with just a few splashes, but you can also choose a strong motif by dousing your entire dessert in gold leaf. Greenery and white roses are versatile accompaniments that won’t overshadow the metallic touch.

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Top With Paper Sails

Brianne and Kirk's four-tier white cake with rice paper sails

Photo by Jana Williams

You don’t need loud colors to animate your wedding cake. Choose a white-on-white look that highlights texture by topping off your treat with rice paper sails. This accessory will help set the scene at coastal celebrations, from the Eastern Shore to Big Sur.

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Try a Center Design

Two-tier wedding cake with pink pressed floral details

Photo by 515 Photo Co.

In addition to single-stem buds and a cascade of blooms, focusing all of your florals in the center is another stunning way to augment your post-dinner sweet. If your cake table is positioned against a wall, showcase your design on the front of your treat where your friends and family’s gazes will rest.

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Engrave Your Names

Detailed white cake with sugar flowers, the couple's names, and a bird symbol

 Photo by Bo Shim

Since you’ll be enjoying a slice of cake after you become newlyweds, use your cake to honor your joint union. By engraving you and your partner’s name on the fondant, you’ll invite your guests to celebrate your new relationship status. As another symbol of two entities becoming one, consider including two “love birds” resting on a branch.

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Embrace Geometric Details

all white wedding cake with triangle-shaped fondant panels

Photo by MGB Photo

For modern nuptials, look to geometric designs with straight lines and clean edges to adorn your dessert. This three-tier confection features triangle-shaped fondant panels for a completely unique and statement-making wedding cake look.

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Make a Splash With Paint

Three-tier wedding cake with gold and blue splashes of paint

Photo by Jainé Kershner Photography

Cutting into a cake splattered with paint will make for a fun photo op and a colorful spread. This design features splashes of gold and blue across alternating tiers of white and blue fondant. We love this option for beachfront bashes or lakeside ceremonies. 

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