14 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget in Half

Follow these steps to slash your wedding budget—not your fun—in half


Weddings are undoubtedly joyous occasions—but unfortunately, they can also be very pricey. From the invitations to the band, there are hidden costs everywhere. Step by step, we'll explain how to cut your wedding budget in half and put your money where it matters—without sacrificing any fun. Are you ready to slash your wedding budget from $50,000 to just $25,000? Read on.

Starting budget reflects the approximate cost of a 125-guest loft wedding in peak season with 12 attendants, letterpress stationery, abundant floral décor, and cocktail-hour provisions, an ornate cake, and an eight-piece band.

This content originally appeared as "The Incredible Shrinking Wedding Budget" in Brides magazine.

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Avoid Peak Season, Save $1,500

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Get hitched in late summer or winter to shave up to 20 percent off your venue fee.

Your new wedding budget: $48,500

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Cut in Packs, Save $2,500

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Shrink your guest list by a table (8 to 10 people) for savings across the board—from staffing to rentals.

Your new wedding budget: $46,000

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Embrace All-Inclusives, Save $3,125

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A venue with catering packages (country club, hotel, banquet hall) or a private room at a restaurant will save $25 a head.

Your new wedding budget: $42,875

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Choose Local Flowers, Save $600

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Stick to seasonal and local flowers—they're eco- and econ-friendly.

Your new wedding budget: $42,275

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Have Fewer VIPs, Save $660

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A large bridal party equals a hefty florist bill. Cut your posse from six to two and save big on blooms.

Your new wedding budget: $41,615

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Sorry, No Shots, Save $1,250

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Limit booze offerings to wine, beer, and a couple of specialty cocktails for a 25 percent-cheaper tab.

Your new wedding budget: $40,365

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Focus on Deliciousness, Save $1,250

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Pass four crowd-pleasing apps (in lieu of 10) and offer a plentiful spread of cheeses and bruschetta to save $10 per guest.

Your new wedding budget: $39,115

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Knock a Star Off the Five-Star Meal, Save $1,250

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Serve taste-a-likes: prosecco instead of champagne, hanger steak in lieu of filet mignon, and grouper over cod.

Your new wedding budget: $37,865

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Welcome Turntables, Save $7,300

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Book a DJ: on average, a talented one costs five times less than a live band of the same caliber.

Your new wedding budget: $30,565

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Don't Gild the Cake, Save $1,215

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Top it with one XL sugar bloom instead of a cascade of edible flora to save $10 per slice.

Your new wedding budget: $29,350

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Give Your Photographer a Curfew, Save $350

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Who wants to pay for shots of drunk, sweaty guests at the end of the night anyway?

Your new wedding budget: $29,000

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Honk Once for Love, Save $1,000

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Avoid having a fancy car on standby the entire day. Choose to make a grand entrance or a big exit.

Your new wedding budget: $28,000

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Rein in Albums, Save $1,500

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Make one group-friendly edit so you can order the same album for yourselves, your parents, and your in-laws.

Your new wedding budget: $26,500

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Skip Letterpress, Save $1,500

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Print all your stationery digitally. Go for great color and typography rather than pricey techniques and chunky paper stock.

Your new wedding budget: $25,000

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Whew! New Budget, $25,000

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Congratulations! Your new wedding budget is just half of the $50,000 you started out with. You've saved $25,000, which leaves you with more funds for your honeymoon—and your new life together.

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