Hey Jetsetter! Snag These 9 Bride-Themed Travel Goodies for Your Honeymoon

These travel necessities will let everyone from the concierge to the pilot know you just got hitched

Updated 10/14/17

Courtesy of Clouds and Currents

When you wake up the morning after your wedding day, you probably feel a healthy dose of wonder, shock, exhaustion and well, relief. After all of the planning, checking off your to-do list boxes and preparing for all of the events, photos and rituals, you can finally ease into married life, with a little less stress. If you’re jetsetting off to your first wedded trip, you might feel like it’s your last chance to show off your bride title, since you’re hoping this will be your only marriage, right? (Right!) Because every new wife deserves to deck herself out in white for the last hooray of a honeymoon, stock up on these bride-themed travel goodies that’ll let everyone from the concierge and pool waiter to the pilot and tour guide know you just got hitched.

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Carry-On Bag

Courtesy of Mark and Graham

Especially if you’re exploring Santorini and other Greek islands, or hopping between different crystal-clear blue waters in the Caribbean, the puddle-jumper planes don’t allow much space for your luggage. And after you shelled out some of your savings to have the best bottle of champagne for your toast, you probably don’t want to pay the fees for overweight bags. To the (adorable) rescue is this personalized tote bag, available in white, to show off your new monogrammed initials. ("Concourse Boarding Bag" $199, Mark and Graham)

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Travel Shoes

Courtesy of KEDS

When you were pinpointing where you’d venture to for your honeymoon, were you and your partner more intrigued by getting lost in the city, than laying aimlessly by a pool? For globe trotters who seek adventure, comfortable walking shoes that help you catch planes, trains and buses are essential. For a pair of kicks that sparkles in the twilight of the moon in Rome or the sunshine in Buenos Aires, consider this white glitter pair from KEDS x Kate Spade. Or if you’re doing some real hiking up the seven hills in Lisbon and need a pair with more cushion, a more subtle and practical option might be these white walkers from Olukai. And psst: these bride-approved shoes come with add-on heels that can transform them from day to night in a snap. ("Champion Glitter" sneaker, $85, kate spade new york available at KEDS)

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Courtesy of Master & Dynamic

Before the flight attendants give you side-eye to put your phone on airplane mode, make sure you download all the videos your friends sent you from your big day. As you takeoff into your happily-married future, side-by-side your new spouse, you can listen to the laughter, the heartfelt speeches and your vows with these appropriately-white headphones that are easy on your ears with smart technology. Make sure to pack a few tissues in your purse, ya know, just in case you get some bridal feels. ("MH30" foldable on-ear headphones, $299, Master & Dynamic)

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Checked Bag

Courtesy of Away via Instagram

Something blue, something borrowed, something old, something new? Even if you forgot one of these lucky wedding day charm, you can still treat yourself to a super-smart piece of luggage to bring into your marriage. Not only does Away offer many technological features—like a security system, charging port and more—but this white checked luggage can be monogrammed with your married initials, too. ("The Monogram Edition" luggage bag, starting at $275, Away)

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Beach Hat

Courtesy of PANMILLI

Good news! When you’re on your honeymoon, you have the full permission of the Internet to spam Facebook and Instagram with as many #justmarried photos as your head-over-heels-in-love heart can stand. Because props are essential to making an okay photo into one that attracts hundreds of those double-hats, you’ll want to pack this personalized sun hat in white that can say anything you want. From "Here comes the bride" to "Mrs"—it’s up to you on what you want fellow beach-goers to see when you make your waltz down the pool aisle. (Customized sun hat, $40, PANMILLI available at Etsy)

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Makeup Bag

Courtesy of Clouds and Currents

Sure, you could use your weathered and worn bag that you’ve lugged around from college to when you moved across the country on your honeymoon... Or you could buy something a bit more bridal. This sweet canvas makeup pouch gets to the point with Mrs.—but will make you smile every morning when you pull it out, counting your lucky stars you finally found the partner right for you. (Bridal makeup bag, $19.21, Clouds and Currents available at Etsy)

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Luggage Tag

Courtesy of Z Create Design

If you’d like to let fellow travelers know you’re newlyweds without bringing too much attention to yourself, consider a smaller symbol of your wedded devotion. This engraved wood luggage tag says "Bride," and is the ideal addition to your luggage, encouraging congratulations from passersby without all the fanfare. (Bride and groom luggage tags, $12, Z Create Design available at Etsy)

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Tank Top

Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

Whether you sport it at the airport while you’re checking in for your once-in-a-lifetime trip with your once-in-a-lifetime partner, or you throw it on while you mosey hand-in-hand to the beach, this white tank "Watch Me Wife" gets the message across. What mantra, exactly? That you’re not only pumped to be a new bride, but you’re enjoying the whole ride. (Ahem, and considering the carefully-crafted pun, you and your new spouse are likely to break out into dance once those margaritas kick in, too.) ("Watch Me Wife" tank top, $28, Tipsy Elves)

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Eye Mask

Courtesy of Los Angeles Trading Company

Though technically this sleep mask isn’t white as all of a brides’ essentials usually are, we’re pretty sure your new partner will laugh at the seductive messaging. Hey, it is your honeymoon, and if you want to hole up together in your seaview suite for a full day, celebrating your new relationship status sans clothes, it’s no problem. Just hang up the do-not-disturb and grab this travel essential for when you nap to recharge. ("Wake Me Up for Sex" eye mask, $14.95, Los Angeles Trading Company)

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