12 Amazing Home Scents You Need In Your Life

These gorgeous fragrances are perfect for both you AND your partner


You know those people whose house always smells just amazing? Maybe it's a super subtle, almost indescribable fragrance that fills the room or maybe it's something more bold and distinct. Scent can totally transport you to another place—a woodsy winter cabin, a flower-filled garden, or a salty, breezy beach walk. It can even bring you back to your special day—especially if you had a bouquet full of fragrant blooms or herbs, or if you had a destination wedding with a signature scent (think orange blossoms and citrus for an Amalfi coast event or wild orchid and plumeria for a Hawaiian beach-side ceremony).

It's so easy to bring a delicious (and sometimes meaningful) sensory experience into your home. Spring is one of the best times to shake off the old and bring in the new, and that might mean switching out your "signature" scent (if you already have one, or maybe now is the time to choose it!). Or perhaps it's time to switch from rich, wintery aromas to something lighter and brighter for the new season (although TBH, we totally burn our fave pine-scented candle all year round). There's no formula to what is going to work best for you, but here at Brides we have a few favorite scents that are definitely worth trying out in your home. You might even get hooked!

Here are our top 12 home scents that you can buy right now!

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Le Labo Pin 12 Vintage Candle Tin

Courtesy of Le Labo

This hand-poured tin candle is the perfect example of a pine-forward scent that you'll definitely want to keep out long after the holidays have passed. Hints of amber and musk round out the scents, which is so strong it fills up a room even if the candle itself is unlit (believe us, it's amazing).

$65 (SHOP NOW)

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L'Objet Rose Noire Room Spray

Courtesy of Spring

This blend of roses, pepper, pimento and black tea is the perfect combo of delicate sweetness with slightly spicy, exotic notes.

$75 (SHOP NOW)

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The Ritual Lavender Amethyst Bundle

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Smuge sticks have a dual advantage for new-age-leaning scent lovers—you can both "cleanse" the space with good energy and add a woodsy, herbal scent to a room. We love this pretty combo of dried lavender, blue sage and amethyst (get one for each of your 'maids if you're having a boho wedding!).

$18 (SHOP NOW)

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Brooklyn Candle Studio Minimalist Candle in Rosa Botanica

Courtesy of Brooklyn Candle Studio

This eco-friendly soy candle (hand poured in Brooklyn) sports a gentle rose scent with understated touches of sandalwood and musk.

$25 (SHOP NOW)

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Diptyque Baies Scented Candle

Courtesy of Diptyque

This fruity, floral fragrance is the perfect blend of blackcurrent and roses—just like a wild summer garden.

$64 (SHOP NOW)

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The White Company Linen Candle

The White Company

One of our favorite brands from England (now available in the US!), The White Company is known for beautiful bedding, but also for its extensive range of home scents. This blend of eucalyptus, neroli and rose feels like a laid-back summer day spent lounging in the grass.

$20 (SHOP NOW)

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Capri Blue Jar Candle in Volcano


This tropical melange—filled with fresh green notes and hits of citrus—is one of Anthro's best selling candles (for good reason!).

$28 (SHOP NOW)

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Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle

Courtesy of Jo Malone

This classic fragrance also happens to be Kate Middleton's signature scent (it's reported that Westminster Abbey was filled with these candles on her wedding day).

$65 (SHOP NOW)

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Bath and Body Works Palo Santo Single Wick Candle

Bath and Body Works

This candle is infused with the scent of traditional Palo Santo wood, which is prized in South America for its spiritual and cleansing qualities. And at under $20, it's one of the best budget home scents (that feels super luxe) we've come across.

$19.50 (SHOP NOW)

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Aedes de Venustas by L'Artisan Parfumeur Room Spray

Aedes de Venustas

This rich, multi-layered scent is infused with Japanese incense, strawflowers, balsam, leather and musk (and we love the gorgeous vanity-worthy bottle it comes in).

$70 (SHOP NOW)

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Astier de Villatte Hollywood Incense

Aedes de Venustas

We are legit obsessed with this incense (handmade in Japan and produced by one of our favorite French ceramics companies). From the luxe packaging to the complex, heady combo of patchouli, vetiver, eucalyptus, cedar, and iris, this home scent is a winner.

$50 (SHOP NOW)

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Christian Tortu Forets Diffuser

Aedes de Venustas

This diffuser is a bit of a splurge (all the more reason to put on your registry!) but it is so worth every penny. The light, green scents of fresh moss, cedar, a touch of pine, and soft grass feels like walking through a forest in spring.

$100 (SHOP NOW)

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