Everything You Need to Know About Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Heart-Shaped Diamond

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Long ago, in the 16th century, Mary Queen of Scots sent a glistening gift to Elizabeth I as a metaphorical olive branch—it was a heart-shaped diamond ring. This romantic symbol of love is a diamond cut you don’t see often for engagement rings but due to its old-world roots and artful design, the heart-shaped silhouette is worth a second look.

What Is a Heart-Shaped Diamond?

A heart-shaped diamond comprises five distinctive areas (cleft, lobe, belly, wing, and point) all of which outline the silhouette of a heart. Achieving a heart shape usually begins with a larger diamond at least one-half carat in size, according to the Gemology Institute of America.

Heart-Shaped Engagement RIngs
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History of the Heart-Shaped Diamond

According to the Cape Town Diamond Museum, the heart-shaped diamond dates back to the late 1400s, a time when this shape was regarded as symbolic of royalty. In 1463, the Duke of Milan described a diamond as heart-shaped, and it has been sought after ever since. Modern-day adopters of this whimsical stone silhouette include celebrities like Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj.

What to Look for in a Heart-Shaped Diamond

Symmetry is of the utmost importance with a heart-shaped diamond, however, there is some wiggle room. “While the standard ‘preferred’ ratio is 1:1, meaning the length and width are nearly identical in measurements, many find they prefer a slightly different profile,” James Allen Co-Founder James Schultz tells Brides. “Do you like a taller heart shape or do you like a wider heart shape? There’s flexibility.”

Meet the Expert

James Schultz is the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer for James Allen.

Due to the heart’s unique shape, “it is recommended to have a V tip prong at the point of a heart shape, as this area is more prone to damage,” Schultz says. “It’s also a good idea to have a five-prong setting securing your heart shape. The style of the shank and whether you want a solitaire, something vintage, or a halo of glittering diamonds outlining your stone is up to you.”

As for inclusions, Schultz explains that it depends on how the stone has been faceted and where the inclusion is located. “Inclusions may be easier to detect in the direct center of the stone under the table, whereas an inclusion near the point might be hidden due to the sparkle,” he says. As well, because the color is often concentrated on the points, “if you are considering a heart diamond that is J-K or lower you may notice that this area has more warmth compared to the center.”

With regards to price, “heart cuts can be more affordable than a brilliant-cut, however, you may not have as large of a selection to choose from—especially in higher carat weights,” Schultz says.

How to Care for Your Heart-Shaped Diamond

Similar to how you’d care for your other precious stones, Schultz recommends removing your jewelry before sleeping, showering, exercising, and swimming. “Regular inspections and cleanings are helpful to make sure that your prongs are in place and the gem has not encountered any damage,” he adds.

Ahead, check out 15 heart-shaped diamond engagement rings for the unabashedly romantic.

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Kataoka Curved Bleeding Heart Ring

Kataoka Curved Bleeding Heart Ring

Courtesy of Catbird NYC


If you’re looking for a heart-shape diamond ring with an artisanal feel, this piece checks all the boxes.

SHOP NOW: Catbird NYC, $5,780

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James Allen Heart-Shaped Side Stone Engagement Ring

James Allen Ring

 Courtesy of James Allen

Side stones give a heart-shape diamond a vintage-inspired finish.

SHOP NOW: James Allen, $4,270

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Brilliant Earth Six-Prong Classic Ring

Brilliant Earth Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth 

This ring features a striking contrast between the heart-shape center stone and the gold band.

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, starting at $650

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Neil Lane Diamond Ring

Neil Lane Ring

Courtesy of Kay Jewelers

Is sparkle your top priority? Look no further.

SHOP NOW: Kay Jewelers, $2,775

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Adiamor Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Adiamor Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

 Courtesy of Adiamor

A pave diamond band complements this romantic heart-shaped center stone.

SHOP NOW: Adiamor, starting at $1,440

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Nicole Rose Yellow and White Heart Diamond Ring

Nicole Rose Yellow and White Heart Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Nicole Rose

A fancy yellow diamond that’s cut into a heart shape? Sold.

SHOP NOW: Nicole Rose Jewelry, $12,500

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Blue Nile Luna Diamond Engagement Ring

Blue Nile Luna Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile 

A classic silhouette with the perfect amount of sparkle.

SHOP NOW: Blue Nile, starting at $3,950

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Edward Avedis Sabrina Heart Ring

Edward Avedis Sabrina Heart Ring

 Courtesy of Edward Avedis

Eschew tradition and opt for this 2ct pink tourmaline ring in a whimsical heart shape.

SHOP NOW: Edward Avedis, $6,900

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Tiffany Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Tiffany Heart-shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

 Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

This clean platinum band accentuates the radiance of the heart-shaped center stone.

SHOP NOW: Tiffany & Co., call for pricing

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Harry Winston Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguettes

Harry Winston Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones

Courtesy of Harry Winston

Add modernity to the heart shape with tapered baguette side stones.

SHOP NOW: Harry Winston, $26,700

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Forzieri Heart Diamond V-Shaped Band Shape

Forzieri Heart Diamond V-Shaped Band Shape

 Courtesy of Forzieri

A thoroughly unique silhouette for a thoroughly unique diamond shape.

SHOP NOW: Forzieri, $1,810

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Luisa Alexander 18K Gold, Sapphire And Diamond Ring

Luisa Alexander Sapphire and Diamond Ring

 Courtesy of Moda Operandi

For the bride who loves all things colorful, this rainbow-hued ring is everything and more.

SHOP NOW: Moda Operandi, $9,800

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Brilliant Earth Tria Diamond Ring

Brilliant Earth Tria Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth 

This delicate center stone is positioned between two dainty diamonds for a classic, simple aesthetic.

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, starting at $1,090

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Christopher Designs Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Christopher Designs Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Courtesy of  Christopher Designs

A halo of diamonds accompanies this heart-shaped center stone for a romantic finish.

SHOP NOW: Christopher Designs, call for pricing

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Zales Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Zales Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Zales 

This is the kind of ring that’ll reflect light beautifully.

SHOP NOW: Zales, starting at $4,719

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