Amazing Hanging Greenery Installations for Your Wedding

Now's the time to think green ...with your wedding day décor!

Loose hanging greenery garland over intimate wedding reception table

Photo by Luna de Mare Photography

From loosely-draped hanging greenery wedding garlands to statement light fixtures covered in vines, we love seeing how simple greenery can (quite literally) elevate your wedding reception décor, and your ceremony, too. One more thing we love: That hanging greenery is actually an easy way to save on your wedding budget, because it's typically sold in bundles, which means you're not paying per stem—à la those pretty peonies you've been dreaming about. As a bonus, you'll find that greenery—whether it's eucalyptus, vines or even big ole' leaves—goes a long way in covering space, which will ultimately deliver some seriously significant cost savings to your overall floral budget.

Beyond the price tag, we're obsessed with this greenery wedding trend because it allows you to bring the outdoors inside, even if you're marrying somewhere without a window in sight. In order to create an indoor-outdoor feel, simply hang pretty garlands, delicate vines, or leafy branches from the ceiling of your space. You can do so with clear wire—just ask your venue coordinator about what you're allowed to hang from and how much weight it can hold—or attach cut branches to existing fixtures, like the rafters in your barn or the crystal chandeliers in your ballroom. And funny enough, even though you're adding bundles of stuff to the room, you may find that the space feels larger. Why? It's simple: The statement installation draws everyone's attention up above. (It is something pretty to look at, after all!)

As if that's not enough to get you going, we went ahead and did the work for you—keep scrolling to see examples of how you can make your greenery-inspired décor a cut above the rest.

Wow with a show-stopping head table

Photo by Greg Finck

This head table feels even more intimate, thanks to the greenery and hanging tea lights up above.

Circles of greenery help to define a neutral space

Photo by Carley Rudd Photography

Now this is the cool way to hang greenery! These on-trend wreaths are filled with flowing ferns, tulips, and calla lilies.

Organic garlands bring warmth

Tables and chairs at reception
Photo by Chaz Cruz

These greenery garlands are simple but impactful, especially with the juxtaposition between the green up above and the copper chairs below. (We also love the garlands on the table, too!)

Greenery chandeliers can be so stunning

Reception at Old Edwards Inn
Photo by Harwell Photography

These guests are having a great time at dinner—and we're going to assume it's because they're dining under these statement lights. Seriously, forget the stars when you have these!

Hanging greenery wedding garlands can be minimalist

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

Again, hanging tea lights are mixed with a greenery installation. Here, the greenhouse venue really lets the hanging greens stand out, don't ya think?!

Or can even serve as an escort card station

Circle Escort Cards
Photo by Erin McGinn

For a new take on suspended greenery, incorporate it with your escort cards. Here, mini escort cards are pinned to wreaths that hang (with invisible wire!) from the top of a white tent.

Bring the outdoors in

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle Photography

Make that first dance photo op all the more special with a circle of greenery front-and-center.

Go minimalist (in the best way possible)

Photo by Tealily Photography

Wispy olive branches are the perfect match for this low-key reception setup. We're thinking this wedding is def at a chic Tuscan vineyard!

Or go big with a statement hanging greenery piece

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

Make your chandelier the center of attention by hanging string lights from it. It looks perfect in a tent like this—and just wait until it gets dark outside!

A neutral palate plays perfectly with deep green leaves

Photo by Shannen Natasha Weddings

When you have ceilings this high, you have plenty of room to hang a wooden trellis installation, like this one that's decorated with a variety of pretty, textured greens.

Hanging greenery isn't just for receptions

Photo by Cassidy Carson

Yes, yes, yes to this one! We love how this couple hung their greenery installation at the entrance to their beautiful, rustic venue—plus, look how it doubles as the ceremony backdrop.

Greenery always offers the possibility of bringing the outdoors in

Photo by Jose Villa

If you're marrying indoors, help bring the outdoors in by decorating the light fixtures with pretty greenery, like these lush hops vines.

Your options are unlimited

Photo by Cat Mayer Studio

Now this is a trellis! We love how this greenery trellis makes a statement but leaves enough room for the guests to breathe.

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