8 Stunning Hand-Painted Ceremony Backdrops

These gorgeous murals will add the perfect touch to your ceremony.

Matthew Moore Photography

If you’re getting married somewhere other than a church, chances are you might have to craft up a ceremony backdrop—doing so will help create a focal point as you exchange “I dos.” Plus, since it’s likely one of the first wedding decorations your guests will see, a custom ceremony backdrop is also an opportunity to add some personality to your wedding setting.

If you’re fans of a handmade, hand-done aesthetic (nothing overly fussy or too perfect!), then you’ll love the idea of a painted ceremony backdrop. You could go in a modern, abstract route with brushstrokes in bright, bold tones; or, if you prefer a softer, more romantic look, then color-washed watercolors or an oversize canvas hand-painted with florals could be the perfect complement to your ceremony. Keep reading for our eight favorite takes on this painterly ceremony trend.

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Modern Abstract Ceremony Backdrop

Hunter Ryan Photo

This three-panel ceremony backdrop was painted in soft shades of dusty rose and lavender to add softness to their industrial wedding setting—a steampunk-themed brewery in Tampa, Florida.

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Canvas Painting Tableau

Matthew Moore Photography

For their al fresco ceremony, this couple created several original paintings in different sizes; they were artfully layered to create a sophisticated and modern ceremony backdrop.

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Geometric Backdrop

Lauren Fair Photography

Make a bold ceremony statement with this colorful patterned backdrop. To DIY something similar yourselves, paint a repeating tile-like geometric pattern onto an oversize sheet of plywood.

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Watercolor Mosaic Ceremony Backdrop

One Love Photo

For a more whimsical look, paint a bunch of art canvases in shades that complement your wedding palette; then, string them together with fishing wire to create a colorful and dazzling backdrop for your vow exchange.

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Hand-Painted Floral Frame

Alyse French Photography

This handpainted ceremony backdrop creates the perfect frame around the couple during their vow exchange. The delicate floral pattern complements the venue’s green-and-white chinoiserie wallpaper.

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Painted Cityscape

Kathy Davies

To enliven their ceremony space, this couple added a vibrantly patterned aisle runner, which led the way to a hand-painted backdrop depicting a whimsical Big Apple-themed cityscape.

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Hand-Painted Ceremony Screens

Becca Pillmore

This rustic, floral-patterned backdrop was actually a DIY project created using a roll of window screening material and white acrylic paint—so genius! To make a similar freestanding backdrop, build and paint three frames and attach them together using hinge brackets.

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DIY Painted Canvas

Caitlin B Photography

This ceremony backdrop was a true labor of love: The bride’s father built the frame and her mother hand-painted the hanging canvas (the copy reads and repeats “Found me somebody to love”).

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