Here's What Should Go Inside a Groom's Survival Kit

An emergency wedding ring, for one

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As you’re preparing for the wedding day, don’t forget to build a survival kit filled with all the last-minute essentials you may need before taking those first steps down the aisle. With that being said—it may be a good idea for you and your hubby-to-be to put together the same for him. Since you’ll be getting ready in a different area than your guy and his friends, it’s probably a smart idea for him to have some semblance of an SOS bag ready to go. Here are eight essential items he should have prepared to make sure no wedding day emergency goes untreated—even the pre-party ones.

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Personalized Cheeky Socks

Courtesy of Etsy

While you might not fear getting cold feet before the wedding and becoming a runaway groom, a pair of "Cold Feet” socks is still a great item to add to your survival bag as a way to relax the morning of the wedding. Plus, many hotels and venues can be extra cold inside, not to mention the LOL-factor of these babies—they certainly put a new spin on the idea of “cold feet.” (Etsy, $8)

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Shoe Shine Kit

Courtesy of Bespoke Post

As a groom, you’ll most likely be eager to look good from head to toe. So after spending quality time ironing your suit and making sure your hair is styled to perfection, you may notice right before it's time to walk down the aisle that your shoes could use some attention. When that last-minute moment strikes, be sure to have a shoe shine kit handy so that you can give your wingtips a quick polish before taking the first steps toward matrimony. Go ultra-dapper with Bespoke Post’s “Polished” kit, which includes not only a lux chamois and multiple brushes, but also several brushes, wax, polish, and conditioner. (Bespoke Post, Polished Box, $55)

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Monogrammed Flask

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Have a little fun with your pre-wedding booze, especially if you plan on drinking it quick and on the go—just make sure it is nondescript and not too big. Go all out and have them monogrammed with the initials of all your groomsmen and your best man to really get the party going. Remember to have everyone stow theirs in a safe place during the processional. (Williams Sonoma, Copper Flask, $40)

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Luxury Pocket Knife

Courtesy of Son of a Sailor

At any event, especially at a wedding, there are many moments when decorations and attire need to a quick adjustment. Grab a bespoke pocket knife to add to your emergency bag, and keep it long after as a beautiful keepsake. You might be your wedding planner's hero when she needs something snipped, or come to the rescue of yourself or your groomsmen when they need help cutting off threads on their suits. (Son of a Sailor, Whiskey Pocket Knife & Holster, $60)

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Mini Shaving Kit

Courtesy of Harry's

To make sure you look clean-shaven (or just need to do a little manscaping to maintain that luscious beard) for all your wedding photos, be sure to pack a mini-shaving kit so you can be prepared for a quick shave if needed. Plus, some of your groomsmen, who may have traveled quite the distance to be present at your wedding, may be in need of a quick 5’oclock shadow sprucing as well. (Harry’s, Truman Set, $15)

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Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Courtesy of Brewsees

Plan on getting together for a quick pre-game with your guys before the wedding? In a fast dash to make it over to the venue on time, you may remember the beers but forget the opener. Grab a couple of pairs of bottle opener sunglasses as gifts for your groomsmen and one for your kit—always be prepared to step in as the unofficial bartender. (Brewsees, $40)

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Emergency Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Amazon

Of course you think forgetting your wedding bands is the last possible thing you could do on your wedding day. But remember, anything can happen. Buy a cheap fake wedding band online and pack it in your personal survival kit. That way, if you forget yours miles away, you have a ring present to exchange at your ceremony. (Amazon, from $12.35)

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Single-Serve Grooming Tools

Courtesy of Men's Society

Though you may not actually be travelling, having a mini kit suited for travel is sort of genius. Had one too many whiskey sips from your shiny flask? Whip out the single-size toothbrush and teeny toothpaste and give yourself a quick brush. Your skin feeling a little dry from plane flying to get to your destination wedding? Slather on a bit of the handy facial lotion and cool your nerves with a refreshing damp mini towel. Make sure to opt for a kit on the fancier side so you know you’re getting quality products. (Men’s Society, Stow Away Travel Kit, $36)

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