12 Trends Your Groom Needs to Know

Incorporate one (or more) of these unique touches into your wedding day look

Ana Lui

Of course, you're going to look stunning at the altar. And while all eyes turn to the bride, the groom gets his fair share of attention too. So finding your groom's style is just as important as finding your own. But where to start? We'll always love a classic tux, but some trends shouldn't be discounted when it comes to groom style. We've rounded up the best new groom trends to get you your guy looking just as sharp as you.

We're only half way through 2018 and already we're seeing some seriously stylish grooms. We saw men pushing the typical wedding-day boundaries with fashion hats, sparkly shoes, and unexpected suits. There is a fresh take for the destination groom by pairing a navy sport coat over an all-white outfit. Some grooms opt for classic tailoring in new colors, others are in denim, T-shirts, or sneakers. And for a wedding with two grooms, explore coordinating looks.

A classic black tux is the easiest way to look undeniably sharp, but we'll always suggest a touch of personality on the big day. Below are some of our favorite groom trends to inspire you and your future husband.

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The Groom in White

Bride and groom ceremony recessional

Photo by Ana Lui

While your guests shouldn't be wearing any shade resembling white to your wedding, there's no rule that says the groom can't be in white too.

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Shorts Suit

bride and groom

Photo by Jennifer Boomer

For his Marfa wedding, this groom went for casual-meets-formal in a location-appropriate shorts suit. While the bride's oversized flower crown drew attention, so did the groom's accessories—especially the red Toms shoes.

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Preppy Prints

Grooms holding hands

Photo by Kate Headley

Grooms are having fun with prints in accessories, pants, even a print shirt under a solid suit. We love this preppy take for a more casual wedding. Imagine the fun the groomsmen can have with this?

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Navy Suit

Photo by Jessica Wright-Moore

This groom opted for a navy three-piece Mark Pomerantz suit for his Vermont wedding in August. The classic silhouette was upgraded by his selection of the blue hue.

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Neutral Suit

Photo by Mirelle Carmichael

Compliment both your bride and venue in soft neutrals, similar to this groom who wore a linen Nordstrom suit to his Mexican beach wedding.

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A Classic Suit With a Fashion T-Shirt and Sneakers

Photo by Paul O'Reilly

You can expect nothing less than stunning looks from two creatives in love. This groom did it right in an Acne Studios T-Shirt and spotless Jil Sander white sneakers.

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Mismatched Destination Looks

Photo by Jillian Mitchell

Planning for a destination beach wedding? Take cues from this low-maintenance look with an easy sport coat over white coordinates.

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Sparkly Groom Shoes

Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography

If there's ever an event to wear glitter shoes, the wedding day is it! These grooms matched suits, but spoke to their personalities through each of their accessories.

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Second Suits: First a Classic, Then a Party Look

Photo by The Nichols

It's fairly common for a bride to wear a second dress to the reception... so why not second suits for the grooms? This couple wore timeless matching suits for the ceremony...

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Second Suits

Photo by The Nichols

... and changed into white dinner jackets for the reception!

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Navy and Black

Photo by Terri Diamond Photography

Navy and black has been relatively taboo in formal wear until late. You can keep your tuxedo, and have some blue, too!

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Matching the Theme

Photo by Red Aspen Photography

Commitment is key: this Wyoming ranch wedding had country in every detail. The groom was in denim, cowboy boots, and a beautiful cowboy hat!

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Different Tones of the Same Color

Photo by Aaron and Whitney Photography

As you compliment each other, let your suits do the same. These grooms coordinated their Thom Browne suits to strike the balance of yin and yang.

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