50 Boutonnière Ideas for Any Wedding Style

From blue hyacinths to dried grasses and everything in-between.

Array of tropical-inspired wedding party boutonnieres

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Event Planning by Moana Belle Events; Floral Design by Of the Flowers

Just about any bloom will work for the wedding boutonnière, but why stick with predictable picks? Luckily, there's no shortage of ideas. But how do you pick the perfect wedding boutonnière that will earn your seal of approval and still feel like a cohesive part of your floral design?

Start with the color: White, green, and yellow are all popular shades. Another great way to balance out a boutonnière is with the addition of bold greenery. Fresh herbs, leafy greens, or a modern succulent are all great additions to softer-hued flowers. Or go with one large succulent, a cluster of greens or berries, or a barely there off-white cluster of nontraditional wedding flowers—we like perennial astilbe or clematis—for a look that expresses a more modern style.

In an effort to help you select the perfect boutonnière, we rounded up 50 great ideas that you're sure to love.

Rosebuds and Bunny Tails

Rose and bunny tail bouttoniere on a grey suit with a black bowtie

Photo by Porterhouse Los Angeles; Attire by Brandon Williams; Floral Design by Poppy Lavender Florals

Red and white rosebuds totally pop against this gray, acutely patterned suit jacket without clashing with that funky purple pocket square. We love how the addition of feathery dried grasses and fluffy bunny tails completely refreshes this otherwise traditional rose boutonnière.

Blue Grape Hyacinths

Blue grape hyacinth boutonniere on a button down shirt

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Event Planning & Floral Design by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning

There's nothing more evocative of a brilliant summer day than this cluster of blue grape hyacinths wrapped in a natural, bleached burlap. Best of all? The flowers were picked up from the local flower market the day before this intimate waterfront wedding.

Dried Grasses and Chrysanthemum

Bleached dried grass and chrysanthemum boutonniere on a black suit

Photo by Logan Cole Weddings; Event Planning by Allison Mossler of Always Fun Events; Attire by P. Johnson; Floral Design by The Bloomin Gypsy

Now, this is posh with an organic boho twist. The oh-so sophisticated formal tux gets a brush of nature with a boutonnière of bleached, dried grasses and chrysanthemums. We can't help but drool over the color palette.

Flag Pins and a Single Rose

White rose boutonniere with American and Canadian flag pins

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios; Event Planning by JZ Events; Floral Design by Ovando

Let your flags fly and wear your national pride on your, er, lapel on your wedding day. This white rose boutonnière is crowned with an American and Canadian flag pin representing the newlyweds' separate nationalities coming together.

Scabiosa and Rosemary

Three Rosemary and Scabiosa Boutonnieres

Photo by Eric Kelley; Event Planning & Design Kari Rider Events; Floral Design by Amaryllis Floral & Event Design

These playful bundles present an unexpected composition. Lollipop scabiosa and fragrant rosemary come together in the most elegant way.

Green Hellebores and Privet Berries

Array of flowers, berries, and greenery boutonniere

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Event Planning & Floral Design by Shannon Leahy Events

These boutonnières of muted green hellebores, reddened foliage, and tiny privet berries encapsulate all the romance of an autumnal wedding. We love that each tiny posy keeps with the uniformity of the bunch but takes on a unique look all its own.

A Garden Rose With Tuberose and Delphinium

Fall flower boutonniere on a cream colored suit with a navy bowtie

Photo by Christina McNeill; Event Planning by Ruby & Rose; Attire by Knot StandardSaks Fifth Avenue; Floral Design by Lambert Floral Studio

Now here's a romantic boutonnière. A rust-hued garden rose is framed by pale pink and cream tuberose and delphinium for a color palette that harmonizes beautifully with the pale tuxedo.

Pampas Grass and Greens

pampas grass boutonniere with green leaves

Photo by Jami Laree Jeskey; Event Planning by Plan Prep Party; Attire by The Black Tux; Floral Design by Walden Floral

An inky tux with a black shawl collar can be difficult to accessorize. This bright pampas grass boutonnière contrasts exquisitely in both texture and tone without getting lost in the mix.

Purple Clematis

A purple clematis boutonniere created by Sebesta Design
Photo by Redfield Photography

Purple and blue are far from your traditional nuptial color palette. But this purple clematis boutonniere and gray-blue suit certainly make a case for the combo.

Oxypetalum and Privet Berries

boutonnieres with pale blue oxypetalum and blue berries

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini; Event Planning by Bianco Antico & Laura Bravi Events; Floral Design by Nina e I Fiori

Let's check that "something blue" off your list. These boutonnière of pale blue oxypetalum, dark blue privet berries, and frilly textured air plants are nothing short of enchanting.

Berry and Gum Leaves

A simple boutonniere comprised of berry and gum leaves and additional greenery, created by Petal and Pod
Photo by Jac and Heath Photography

A simple boutonniere comprised of berry, gum leaves, and additional greenery adds a fresh touch to this black-and-white ensemble. How sweet is that twine wrapped around the stems?

Mums With Dried Grasses and Ferns

Boutonniere of rust hued mums, dried grasses, an garden clippingsd

Photo by Kami Olavarria; Event Planning by Saguzo Eventos; Attire by Klein Epstein & Parker; Floral Design by Addy FloralesNative Poppy

We're definitely digging this combination of bold, spicy hues with all-black attire and turquoise accents. The rich boutonnière gets its character from sunset-hued mums, dried grasses, and ferns.

Ivory Rose and Rosemary

Rose and rosemary boutonniere on a black suit

Photo by Eric Kelley; Event Planning & Design Kari Rider Events; Attire by Canali; Floral Design by Amaryllis Floral & Event Design

Roses and rosemary seem like they would go hand in hand, which is why we're surprised we haven't seen more of them together. This herbaceous medley consists of a single ivory rose and clusters of rosemary all wrapped in matching satin ribbon.

Astilbe Tied With Ribbon

A ribbon-tied boutonniere made of astilbe and greenery, created by Mallory Joyce
Photo by Jon Schaaf Photography

Hello, texture! Fluffy and poignant astilbe is backed by greenery and held tightly with ribbon in this boutonnière. Check out how the pink ribbon picks up on the slightest bits of pink in the blooms.

Lavender and Olive Leaves

boutonniere of lavender with olive leaves

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Floral Design by Jenny Moss

Fairy-tale nuptials in the French countryside clearly call for an equally enchanting boutonnière. This storybook design pairs sprigs of heavenly lavender with olive leaves and ties it all together with frayed linen in the palest shade of blue. Et voilà!

Garden Roses and Hypericum Berries

White and green boutonniere with berries

Photo by Sergio Sandona; Event Planning by Julie Lindenman Events; Attire by SuitSupply; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta Events

Pale green blooms and hints of white just exude "alfresco wedding." This boutonnière consists of locally foraged botanicals, garden roses, and hypericum berries in the most revitalizing of hues.

Mini Tulips and Herbs

A yellow and green boutonniere comprised of mini tulips and herbs, created by Amy Burke Designs
Photo by Janae Shields Photography

Who doesn't instantly smile when looking at this jubilant little mix? Here, happy yellow tulips and rosemary come together in the most vivacious boutonnière.

Pieris and Dried Grasses

Pieris and dried grasses boutonniere on a black suit with a blue tie

Photo by Anna Jones Photography; Event Planning by Allyson Joseph and Katie Pincus of Bob Gail Events; Attire by Paul Smith; Floral Design by Holly Flora

This charcoal suit takes on new life with a boutonnière of pieris and dried grasses. The sea-inspired textures and muted tones are a picture-perfect fit for a boho coastal wedding.

Succulent With Snowberries

A succulent boutonniere, accent with snowberries and dusty miller leafs, created by Designs by Jeremiah
Photo by Amy and Jordan Photography

If soft, cool tones are taking up real estate on your wedding mood board, you'll want to take note of these pale blues, soft grays, and powdery greens. This succulent boutonnière is accented with yellow snowberries and dusty miller leaves for a truly unique design.

Wintry Roses and Greenery

Wintry Boutonnieres with red roses

Photo by KT Merry; Event Planning by Bellafare; Floral Design by Fern Studio

Think winter-wedding chic without all the obvious, seasonal connotations. These boutonnières of plum, dusty purple, and cranberry roses with vibrant greenery completely nailed the aesthetic.

Hydrangea Blossoms, Berries, and Acorns

A white and green boutonniere comprised of hydrangea blossoms, berries, and acorns, created by Martha's Gardens
Photo by Kelly Brown Weddings

A white and green boutonnière comprised of hydrangea blossoms, berries, and acorns has all kinds of unexpected textures. And honestly, how sweet are those tiny acorns?

Off-White Roses

A classic boutonniere comprised of off-white roses created by Butterfly Floral and Event Design
Photo by Callaway Gable Studios

This blue striped suit and polka-dot bow tie need little extra in the way of accessories. A classic boutonnière comprised of off-white roses and extended stems finishes off the look nicely.

Rustic Thistles

A rustic thistle boutonniere created by New Leaf Design
Photo by Randy Barnes of Alpine Wedding Photography

We absolutely adore a little rustic touch to an otherwise formal fête. This blue thistle and rosemary boutonnière is simple and eye-catching.

Cream-Colored Rose

A cream rose boutonniere with leafy accents, created by Sara York Grimshaw Designs
Photo by Marni Rothschild Pictures

The headliner in this boutonnière is clearly the creamy rose in all its elegant glory. But those orange and purple buds might just have stepped out of their supporting roles and stolen the show.

Cream Rose With Browning Leaves

Rose boutonniere with browned leaf and a groom tag

Photo by Valorie Darling; Event Planning by Leslie Kaplan of Encore Event Design; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

So creamy roses are by no means an unexpected choice when it comes to the wedding space. This combination of one with olive sprigs, browning leaves, and delicate champagne linen brings something new to the table—or, lapel as the case would have it.

Ranunculus Buds and Twine

Pink flower boutonniere with green leaves on a black suit

Photo by Whitney Darling Photography; Event Planning by RO & Co. Events; Attire by Klein Epstein & Parker; Floral Design by Bloom Babes

This forest green tux is a decadent sartorial statement. We can't get enough of the coral ranunculus buds and twine popping against it.

White Overblown Ranunculus

A classic white boutonniere comprised of a single overblown ranunculus created by Island Ambiance
Photo by Jocelyn Filley Photography

Classic white is usually the best accent color when going up against a bold tie. This single, white overblown ranunculus holds up well without competing for attention.

Scabiosa With Privet Berries

Scabiosa boutonniere on a black suit with a black bowtie

Photo by Jonnie and Garrett; Event Planning & Floral Design by Modern Day Events & Floral; Attire by Louis Vuitton

Drama, drama, drama. This leather-lapeled tuxedo looks absolutely divine accented with a moody scabiosa and berry boutonnière.

Mustache Pin With Dried Wheat

A mustache pin boutonniere accented with dried wheat and flowers
Photo by Laura Goldenberger Photography

What's a wedding without a little personality? This harvest-themed boutonnière of dried wheat and pastoral flowers gets a little pizazz with a mustache pin.

English Dogwood With Goat's Beard and Greenery

English Dogwood and Goat's Beard Boutonnieres

Photo by Amanda K; Event Planning by Marjorie Burgarella of By Mademoiselle C; Floral Design by Boston Pollen

We've got a whole menagerie of florals mixed into these precious posies. Delightful English dogwood, fuzzy goat's beard, ample greenery, and twine make up these timeless boutonnière of early summer blooms.

White and Green Stephanotis

A classic white and green stephanotis boutonniere created by Wicked Willow
Photo by Laurie Bracewell Photography

Stephanotis is often considered "the wedding flower" as it symbolizes marital happiness and good luck. A classic white and green stephanotis boutonnière could be the good-luck charm you've been looking for, not that you need it.

Peach Ranunculus and Silver Brunia

A boutonniere comprised of a single peach ranunculus, silver brunia, and tied with black and gray ribbons, created by Nola Flora
Photo by Mark Eric Weddings

This boutonnière of a single peach ranunculus and silver brunia highlights the fact that peach tones and silvery greens are quite complementary. We especially like the unique, duo-chrome approach to ribboning off the medley in silver and black.

Cream Rose With Greenery

A cream rose boutonniere tied with green ribbon, created by Sara York Grimshaw Designs
Photo by Marni Rothschild Pictures

This creamy rose has a significantly warm cast that picks up the faint reds in the greenery. Wrapped in dark green ribbon, the design looks quite inviting on the ivory lapel where a starker white may have seemed too cool.

Peach Ranunculus and White Nigella With an Air Plant

An air plant and peach ranunculus boutonniere created by The Little Branch
Photo by Chloe Moore Photography

Think of air plants as the quirky, wild-card guest that elevates the party. This peach ranunculus and white nigella boutonnière definitely gets a little funky with the addition of that air plant.

Dried Roses and Feathers

Autumnal boutonniere with fall leaves

Photo by Carina Skrobecki Photography; Event Planning & Floral Design Greenwood Events

What's in an autumnal boutonnière? Ample amounts of rusty fall foliage, reddened leaves, dehydrated crimson roses, and feathers, of course.

White Ranunculus With Snowberry Accents

A white ranunculus boutonniere, accented with greenery and snowberries, created by Oak Leaf Florist
Photo by Vue Photography

You can't go wrong with quintessential white. This boutonnière is crisp and clean thanks to a large white ranunculus, greenery, and snowberries.

Pastel Mum With Bunny Tails and Berries

Bunny Tails, Berries and Mum Boutonniere on a white linen jacket

Photo by Gretchen Gause; Event Planning by Lindsey Relyea of L’Relyea Events; Attire by J.CrewRalph Lauren; Floral Design by Loop Flowers

Straight out of a passage from a beloved children's storybook, this boutonnière tells the tale of a pastel mum, a pair of fluffy bunny tails, and a handful of inky berries. Also, it fits the easy-breezy style of this white linen suit to perfection.

White Orchid With Dotted Ribbon

White orchid boutonniere on a black tux
Photo by Jenelle Kappe

Impeccable sophistication is the restrained touch of a single white orchid. We love how the black-and-white ribbon blends the floral accent with the formal ensemble.

Anthurium and Greenery

anthurium fantasia and greenery boutonniere on a white jacket with green bowtie

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Event Planning by Moana Belle Events; Floral Design by Of the Flowers; Groom's Attire by The Black Tux

This heat-friendly boutonnière is comprised of an anthurium and tropical greenery. The combo is perfectly attuned to the style and climate of a tropical wedding, much like these Hawaiian nuptials.

Olive Leaves and Privet Berries

Olive Leaves and Mock Privet Berry Boutonniere

Photo by Valorie Darling; Event Planning by Leslie Kaplan of Encore Event Design; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

Such a Mediterranean medley is right at home in a coastal California wedding. Sprigs of olive leaves, mock privet berries, and organic linen ribbon couldn't be more aligned with a natural aesthetic.

Succulent, Lavender, and Eucalyptus

Succulent Boutonniere with straw and lavender
Photo by Karolina Kuras

This rustic boutonnière is comprised of a succulent, sprigs of lavender, seeded eucalyptus, and wheat. Such a charming complement to a harvest-inspired or pastoral fête.

Acorns and Privet Berries

Acorn and berry boutonniere with green leaves and a white flower
Photo by Lindsay Docherty

Get out the fall wedding inspo, this arrangement has all the autumnal feels. This whimsical boutonnière has it all with acorns, freesia bud, privet berries, and seeded eucalyptus.

Miniature Greenery Wreath

Boutonniere wreath on a white suit with black gingham button down and bowtie
Photo by Ozzy Garcia

Anyone who wears a stylish miniature wreath of greenery on their jacket is sure to stand out. This one may have been fashioned for a summertime celebration, but we can't help but think of the holiday wedding possibilities.

White Spray Roses With Hypericum Berries

White rose boutonniere with berries and leaves on a blue jacket
Photo by O'Malley Photographers

This boutonnière combining hypericum berries, white spray roses, and eucalyptus leaves is tied together with a peach silk ribbon. The soft pastel hues look quite refreshing against the blue backdrop of the suit.

Roses and Lily of the Valley

Lilly of the valley Boutonnieres

Photo by Joel Serrato; Event Planning by Smith + James Events; Floral Design by Moon Canyon Design

Now, these little bundles of love are oh-so springtime fine. With individual compositions of lily of the valley, creamy roses, sunny-centered blooms, and greenery, everyone gets a unique boutonnière without sacrificing a cohesive look.

Red Carnation, Succulent, and Thistle

Red carnation, blue thistle, succulent, willow eucalyptus, and ivy boutonniere
Photo by Just For Love Photography

Winter calls for rich, jewel tones. We love the wintry motif of a red carnation, blue thistle, succulent, willow eucalyptus, and ivy on this seasonal boutonnière.

A Single Rose With Minimal Greenery

Single white rose boutonniere with greenery on a beige jacket
Photo by Rochelle Cheever

This pastel rose boutonnière is subtly framed by a sprig of evergreen, a hint of dusty miller, and itty-bitty white buds. The mix blends effortlessly with the soft tones of the natural linen suit.

A Fly Fishing-Inspired boutonnière

 White majolica rose boutonniere with dusty miller, and astilbe
Photo by Elisa Bricker

This boutonnière includes a personal touch: a hand-made fishing fly crafted by the bride's uncle. The unique accent was nestled amongst the white majolica rose, dusty miller, and astilbe for a pretty seamless look.

White Ranunculus With Subtle Greenery

White ranunculus boutonniere with greenery on a grey suit
Photo by Danielle DeFiore Photography

White ranunculus and greenery make a subtle statement. We love the verdant theme against the gray-blue suit.

Baby's Breath and Twine

Baby's breath boutonniere on a black suit
Photo by Sally Butler at La Vie Photography

This twine-wrapped mini-bouquet is the perfect touch on a timeless black tux. The natural tones and organic textures of the baby's breath buds and twine considerably soften the formal attire for a more approachable look.

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