17 Gorgeous Grazing Table Ideas

Get ready to feast

Photo by The Poor Girls Pantry

Weddings have become a foodie lover’s dream. First the wedding cake transformed into a dessert table. Then food stations took center stage. But in 2019, it’s all about grazing tables.

Grazing tables are elevating wedding cocktail hours everywhere by providing a colorful spread to feast on and mingle over. This family-style setup beats canapés any day—guests don’t have to wait on waiters to bring them nibbles and can dive right into a grazing table whenever they please. While they’re a great way to bring guests together between the wedding and reception, grazing tables also make for some great end-of-reception eats when everyone’s worked up an appetite from the dance floor and needs a late-night snack.

Grazing tables usually take shape as a massive charcuterie board or spread of antipasti laden with meats, cheeses, olives, and breads. You can give these a seasonal take by adding unexpected fruits, like cantaloupe and strawberries for a summer wedding or apples for a fall wedding. You also can’t go wrong with dips, nuts, and crackers.

But that doesn’t mean your grazing table needs to uphold tradition—give it a barbecue twist and fill it with chicken wings and corn on the cob, display a range of salads, or make it seafood-themed and offer classics like shrimp cocktail and lobster tail. As long as it’s filled with assorted flavors and textures, you can’t go wrong.

Aside from the food, there are plenty of ways to style your grazing table—which doesn’t need to be a table, by the way. We’ve seen epic grazing tables on wine barrels, window ledges, and wooden boards. To make your grazing table look even more abundant and luscious, bring in lavish linens like velvet, or add greenery like evergreen or eucalyptus, which also lend a seasonal touch.

We’ve rounded up some epic grazing boards, from various food combinations to different ways of displaying the classic charcuterie and antipasti spreads.

Photo by Dawn Derbyshire

If this cheese board isn’t goals, we don’t know what is.

Photo by Savour & Graze

This masterpiece of a grazing table looks too good to eat. Frame it with eucalyptus and foliage to enhance its lush effect.

Photo by Shannon Stent

Chocolate pretzels, candies, and other sweet nibbles make for a decadent grazing table of desserts. Gold accents and dark colors create a moody ambiance that amps up the luxury factor.

Photo by Todd Hunter McGaw Photographers

Palm frond accents and pineapple-inspired centerpieces give this grazing table a tropical flair.

Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography

Instead of mixing up antipasti, arrange meats, cheeses, and fruits on their own pedestals for a clean aesthetic. A centerpiece of prosciutto framed by salami is plated perfection.

Photo by Cecelina Photography

A grazing table doesn’t actually require a table. Get creative with your spaces—this chateau ledge has a rustic Italian charm that complements a spread of bread, cheese, and grapes.

Photo by Marion Brunel

A barbecue-inspired grazing table is everything southern wedding dreams are made of. We’ll get in line for corn on the cob and chicken wings any day.

Photo by Ashleigh Haase Photography

This grazing table is stacked. Varying levels of food make for a luscious spread, especially when paired with succulent accents to amplify the effect.

Photo by Lauren Campbell

Miniature chalkboard signs are a cute way to ensure guests aren't left guessing what they’re eating.

Photo by The Poor Girls Pantry

Planning a grazing table for a winter wedding? A bed of evergreens on a bare wooden table creates that perfect forest feel. We love how this setting threw in king protea for an unexpected touch.

Photo by CJ Williams Photography

White candles bring a romantic feel to this sassy charcuterie table.

Photo by Amanda Afton Photography

Black plateware and velvet linens combine for a rich, regal look. Instead of arranging meats, cheeses, and fruits separately, mix everything together for a wild appeal.

Photo by Kelsie Low Photography

Who needs a table when you have an old wine barrel to offer up some rustic charm? Eucalyptus and cattail accents finish off this clever aesthetic.

Photo by Georgia Verrells Photography

With a variety of hearty salads to choose from to heaping plates of vegetables, this grazing table takes things to the next level.

Photo by Grazing Acres

Prop an itinerary sign in the middle of your grazing table so guests know exactly when it’s time to start eating. We love how this one brings a bit of summer flair with unexpected fruits like kiwi and cantaloupe.

Photo by Milina Opsenica Photography

Fresh, crispy wraps and decadent fruits and vegetables have an inviting farm-to-table flair.

Photo by Tanya Voltchanskaya

Tiers of breads, cheeses, and fruits elevate this grazing table cast in an illuminating glow.

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