Get Inspired by This Couple's Lush, Plant-Filled Loft

One couple, a dog, 1,000 square feet, and 180 plants

Updated 08/28/18

Hilton Carter

The loft of newlyweds Hilton Carter and Fiona Vismans is both a home and a garden. Overlooking Jones Falls, a stream that runs through Baltimore, the light-filled apartment reflects Hilton’s love of plants (follow him @hiltoncarter). He'’s an artist by day, and Fiona is a dentist with her own practice in the city. Together, they make a cozy home that works for both of them (and it proves that you can never have too many plants).

Fiona: We first met when we were neighbors...

Hilton: She knocked on my door to ask me to turn down my music.

Fiona: Dating your neighbor fast-forwards the relationship. He was at my place, or I was at his. Basically, it was like we were living together.

Hilton: After dating for a year, we moved into a new place together. At that point I was fully into my plant obsession.

Fiona: I had a few plants of my own before I met him, so it wasn'’t too hard to adjust. And he does the heavy lifting when it comes to the watering!

Hilton: Even our wedding was surrounded by plants. We got married this past spring in Tulum, Mexico. Knowing that we could have our ceremony in a jungle made it the perfect choice.

Hilton Carter

” The couple hang out on their sofa in front of one of Hilton’'s favorite plants, a fiddle-leaf fig tree named Frank. “"He was my first large plant purchase four years ago,"” says Hilton. “"We'’ve been through a lot together!”"

Hilton Carter

“On this wall there are 66 plant cuttings in test tubes filled with water,” says Hilton, who designed the mounted system for propagating sprouts. "”After the cuttings grow roots, we plant them in soil and either add to our collection or give as gifts."

Hilton Carter

Hilton has a large assortment of planters, which he gets online, at local nurseries, or from thrift shops. “"I don’t want my pots to match," he says. “"Sometimes I even repurpose an old basket or a bowl."” The couple’'s pit bull, Charlie, relaxes on a vintage rug from a flea market in Santa Monica, California.

Hilton Carter

Watering all the plants in the apartment takes two to three hours a week——a task that mostly falls to Hilton.

Hilton Carter

Fiona created the fern hammock out of clothesline using a macramé technique. Instead of taking it down every time it needs to be watered, Hilton simply clips a plastic bag underneath to catch any runoff.

Hilton Carter

Hilton found this glass lamp at Target and turned it into a terrarium with succulents and other hardy plants.

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