17 LGBTQIA+ Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

See fun cake topper ideas from real couples.

Two grooms in tuxedos cut into a white three-tier wedding cake with a black silhouette cake topper of grooms kissing

Photo by Hannah Jan Photo

Even the prettiest wedding cake with all of its sugared flowers and fondant piping can feel a little incomplete without following the tradition of a cake topper. The classic bride and groom statue that has sat on top of countless cakes has gotten a more inclusive makeover over the years. LGBTQIA+ couples have been finding ways to get creative with the old-school wedding tradition, choosing playful, modern, and romantic toppers for their wedding sweet treats that wholly represent their relationship.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer wedding cake toppers are not only customizable, but are now available to find on plenty of sites ranging from Etsy to Amazon. Laser-cut silhouettes of two grooms add a dose of the fresh and contemporary to classic tiers, while personalized, sculptured bride mini-me's put a new, romantic spin on the traditional. These totally cute toppers take the cake when it comes to celebrating equal love.

Whether they're humorous, whimsical, or tastefully elegant, the final touch to your wedding cake should reflect the to-be-wed couple's personal style. We've compiled a few of our favorite inclusive topper styles from real weddings to help inspire your own upcoming nuptials.

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Craft a Custom Duo

Four-tier wedding cake with vibrant orange, purple, and yellow florals with two miniature groom cake toppers on the table

Photo by Lulan Studio

The grooms at this California wedding were shrunken down to size for a fun customized topper. “We featured a groom-and-groom cake topper next to the stunning cake—but not on top, because we thought the flowers and cake design were beautiful on their own,” the couple says.

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Birds of a Feather

Single-tiered chocolate wedding cake with two penguins with bowties and a rainbow cake topper

Photo by Aaron and Whitney Photography

Have your cake topper show off what love birds you and your new spouse are. Two tux-wearing penguins pose in front of a confectionary, rainbow wedding arch at an intimate library wedding.

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A New Last Name

Four-tier white wedding cake on table with "Mrs. + Mrs. Sulsenti" cake topper and peach floral arrangements

Photo by Ashley Rae Photography

Deciding upon a last name can be a big decision for LGBTQIA+ couples. To celebrate that the brides would take the same surname at this New Jersey wedding, they had a cake topper designed to say “Mrs. & Mrs. Sulsenti.”

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A Namesake Confection

Gold metallic three-tier wedding cake with name topper

Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography; Event Planning by Sasha Souza Events; Cake by Sweet on Cake

Your cake topper doesn't have to be at the pinnacle of your confection. At this winery wedding, a metallic marquee along the base tier of the sweet highlighted the grooms' combined nickname, "Chrave."

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A Perfect Match

A customized cake topper of a bride in a gown with a bouquet and the other bride in a gray suit
Photo by Jen Huang Photography

Make sure your toppers match your personal style. We love this cake topper of two customized brides—one wears a gorgeous gown and the other dons a gray suit.

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Celebratory Bobbleheads

Eiffel Tower wedding cake with two groom bobbleheads in navy tuxedos with rainbow baby's breath and candles

Photo by Anée Atelier

Rather than opting for a traditional cake topper, two grooms had bobbleheads designed and placed next to their Eiffel Tower-inspired confection at their Dodger Stadium wedding. They even had more made to give as favors to guests at the end of the evening.

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A Rustic Resemblance

A rustic cake topper of two brides holding hands carved in wood on white and gold cake
Photo by Amanda Summerlin Photography

You can feel the love with this rustic cake topper of two brides carved in wood. The simple design combined with their emotional hand-holding is so touching.

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Love Birds

A pair of penguin cake toppers in a green tie and a bow tie on top of a white tiered cake with white florals
Photo by Jacquie Lew of Love in Theory

We can't get enough of how well-accessorized these two penguin cake toppers are. One dons a mint-green tie, while the other wears a matching bowtie on top of this floral-adorned white cake.

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Perfect Puzzle Pieces

Three-tiered white wedding cake with gold "Perfect Fit" cake topper with puzzle pieces

Photo by Jose Ruiz Photography; Cake by Vanessa Caro

This shiny topper has "perfect fit" written all over it. Two matching puzzle pieces complete the sweet sentiment at a Puerto Rico wedding celebration.

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Cutouts of Love

Two gold glitter groom cake toppers with hearts on top of a three-tier white cake with monogram on silver stand
Photo by Stephanie W. Photography

This paper doll–inspired, gold cake topper is elegant, sleek, and complements the cake stand beautifully.

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Lithographic Love

A cake topper of two silhouetted grooms holding a heart and a heart with initials on a single tier white cake with navy and yellow stripes
Photo by Derek Chad

Consider using two silhouetted grooms holding a heart for a fun topper. We love how the initial-emblazoned heart at their feet offers an even more personalized touch.

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A Traditional Take

Cake topper with two grooms on three-tiered white cake with blue ribbon and seashell accents
Photo by Derek Chad

We adore this sweet and traditional figurine cake topper, featuring the two grooms dancing atop their nautical-inspired confection.

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Sleek Silhouettes

A laser-cut silhouette cake topper of two grooms kissing on a two-tier blue wedding cake with pearls by window
Photo by Miki Vargas Photography

This laser-cut silhouette cake topper of two sleek grooms in their wedding is a stunning finishing touch to the midnight-blue cake covered in a veil of pearl embellishments.

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A Family Affair

Wooden cake toppers of two brides and their cats on a three-tier white and navy cake with orange flowers
Photo by Tara Beth Photography

Another way to inject personality in your cake is to include your beloved pets. Take a cue from this wooden cake topper of two brides and their adorable cats.

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A Cheeky Touch

"Sesame Street" Bert and Ernie cake toppers on top of a white cake

Photo by Maypole Studios

Have a wink to a pair of historical roommates with a Bert and Ernie cake topper. These childhood favorites will have everyone riding a sentimental wave of nostalgia and those in the know will love the joke.

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Matching Titles

One-tiered white wedding cake with a silver "Mrs & Mrs" cake topper, silver pearls, and silver rings

Photo by Stacey Salter Moore

Two brides spotlighted their new titles with a glittery wedding topper and matching engagement rings for extra sparkle on their single-tier white cake.

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A Sleek Pair

Two grooms in tuxedos cut into a three-tier square cake with a black cake topper featuring two groom silhouettes

Photo by Hannah Jan Photo

At their ‘60s-inspired wedding at the TWA Hotel, the grooms opted for a modern cake topper of two suited-up silhouettes to adorn their white cake. The sleek look of the design worked perfectly with their wedding aesthetic.

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