Use These Flowers In Your Bouquet If You Love Bold Scents

Lush blossoms and aromatic herbs create unforgettable bouquets

Updated 05/02/18
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Cassie Rosch

Scent is one of the most evocative of the senses. Certain smells have deep emotional ties, with the ability to instantly bring back a vivid memory (think back to the scent of freshly baked bread, the smell of your grandmother's linen closet, or other childhood remembrance). Because your wedding is a time you'll want to remember forever, there's no better way to help lodge it in your mind's eye than tying in a fragrance.

It's great to have a special perfume or even a signature home fragrance (at her wedding, Kate Middleton filled Westminster Abbey with her favorite Orange Blossom Scent from Jo Malone. But you can also take a cue from nature and add distinctive scents the old fashioned way—through fragrant flowers and herbs in your bouquet.

From delicate garden roses to hearty lavender and herbaceous geranium leaves, there are so many (sometimes unexpected) fragrant elements to choose from. Be selective though—you don't want to totally overwhelm yourself or your bridesmaids with too many scented flowers in in one arrangement. It might be too intense (even the best perfumes are best in small doses), or the multiple aromas will drown each other out. Pick two or three strongly scented elements, then bring in less fragrant blooms and foliage to balance the overall aroma of the arrangement. We guarantee that every time you come across one of those scents again, it'll bring you back in a flash to walking down the aisle on your special day.

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Mix strong with subtle

Photographer: Alice Gao Florals: a.p. bio

In this arrangement, New York City-based florist Doan Ly of a.p. bio layered different fragrances—subtle peonies, sweet garden roses, and stronger-scented trailing jasmine.

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Use fresh herbs

Photographer: Alice Gao Florals: a.p. bio

Mint is the surprise guest in this arrangement, adding a fresh, unexpected zestiness to a grouping of lilies, garden roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, and clematis.

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Add in earthy leaves

Photographer: Alice Gao Florals: a.p. bio

Here, Ly contrasted colors, textures, and aromas: earthy geranium leaves, ultra-floral gardenia leaves, and garden and Amnesia roses, plus herbaceous orange echinacea.

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Keep it feminine

Photographer: Alice Gao Florals: a.p. bio

In this bouquet, the dainty, feminine fragrances of sweet peas and calming lavender are combined with more neutral cornflowers, tweedia, and delphiniums.

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