20 Stunning Wedding Flower Wall Ideas

Decorate your nuptials with a wall of blooms.

Bride and groom kiss in front of floral wall and neon sign

Photo by Julieta Amezcua

Wedding flower walls are totally en vogue. And it's no wonder—a luxurious wall installation made entirely of flowers is a spectacular way to create a focal point at your wedding. The best part? A flower wall can work anywhere: as a gorgeous backdrop for your vow exchange, as an escort-card display, at the reception behind a delicious spread of desserts, or any other place to which you'd like to draw attention at your wedding.

Flower walls are a great way to bring the outside indoors, especially if you and your partner love Mother Nature but are hosting an indoor celebration.

A flower wall can also serve double duty if the ceremony and reception are being held at the same venue. First, have your florist create a towering flower wall to serve as the backdrop for your ceremony. Then, during cocktail hour, flip the space and position your sweetheart table in the same spot. Or, have the flower wall function as a photo booth backdrop or selfie station at the reception. Either way, you're pretty much guaranteed spectacular wedding photos all night long.

Want to find some inspiration for a floral wall at your ceremony? Ahead, 20 of the most stunning wedding flower walls and installations we've seen at real weddings.

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Build a Ceremony Backdrop

Tropical ceremony venue with flowers and greenery

Photo by Harwell Photography

Add visual interest to your venue with white flowers and greenery (plus palm trees if you're getting married somewhere tropical). We love how this couple incorporated white runners and cushioned bamboo chairs for a clean, modern look. Bonus: After the ceremony, guests will be able to use the floral backdrop for fun photos.

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Enhance a Garden

Alli and Adrian holding hands at the altar at their outdoor ceremony

Photo by Max Wanger

For a charming garden wedding, a backyard fence was decorated with a medley of greenery, roses, and other small blooms to create an organic backdrop for the couple's vows.

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Design a Rose-Covered Oasis

Joi and DeAngelo's sweetheart table set next to a floral wall

Photo by Terri Baskin Photography

This sweetheart table was transformed into a stunning rose-covered oasis, thanks to a floral wall backdrop, a stage platform covered in flowers, and even a table covered in pink, red, and purple blooms.

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Blend Ivy With Flowers

Ivy vines in wedding portrait

Photo by Rebecca Yale

You don't need to fill up an entire wall with flowers to make an elegant statement. This beautiful wall consisting of ivy garlands, floral accents, and fairy lights feels airy—a gorgeous modern take on the traditional flower wall.

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Curate a Whimsical Wall

wedding floral wall ceremony backdrop

Photo by by Kate Headley

At a Detroit wedding, a couple exchanged vows in front of a floral wall created with pastel-hued botanicals like ferns, baby’s breath, andromeda, carnations, and delphinium. “We wanted the piece to look like a floral tapestry, and it ended up being simply stunning,” the bride says.

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Create a Floral Nook

Floral installation for reception lounge

Photo by Shane Shepherd

Create oasis-like corners at your cocktail or reception lounge areas by having your florist encircle the sides of chairs with flowers winding up and along the closest wall. Not only will it be totally unexpected, but it'll give you a picturesque spot for wedding snapshots.

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Use Greenery as a Base

Greenery flower wall in clear tent

Photo by Abby Jiu; Event Planning by Strawberry Milk Events; Flower Wall by Sweet Root Village

Just a reminder that there's no limit to your creativity. Unlike any flower wall we've seen, this installation consists of a greenery base and hanging flowers in all shades of tonal colors. Housed inside a clear tent with a chandelier, the floral arrangement managed to complement—not compete—with the theme of this wedding ceremony.

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Find Inspiration in Art

Starry Night-inspired floral wall escort board

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

As a unique escort card wall design idea, one couple decided to take inspiration from Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" to create a floral wall adorned with seating arrangements.

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Choose an Ombré Flower Wall

Bride and groom standing in front of ombre pink-to-white floral wall

Photo by Abby Jiu

If you're looking for something a little more on the traditional side, opt for a wall sans greenery and packed with roses. This ombré effect is stunning in photos (and in person).

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Consider the Height

White flower wall backdrop

Photo by Abby Jiu; Event Planning by Engaging Affairs; Flower Wall by Amaryllis

Amaryllis created this beautiful white flower wall that can be used as a ceremony backdrop and afterward as reception decor. If you're looking to enhance your space or lend a touch of elegance, create a design that brings in extra height to your room.

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Create a Photo Moment

bridal shower with floral photo wall and balloons

Photo by Karena Dixon Photography

Want to have a unique spot for your guests to take photos at wedding events? Set up a flower wall for camera-ready moments. This rose-covered installation at a bridal shower was the perfect spot for the bride and her friends to pose for pics.

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Create a Hall of Flowers

Summer and John's hallway decorated with greenery and bright flowers

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Looking for a unique twist on the traditional flower wall? Find ways to combine elements of greenery into your venue. The hallway leading to a floral-filled reception in Mexico included vines and florals climbing along the walls.

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Dye Florals for a Colorful Display

Autumnal flower wall of colorful pampas grass and dried florals

Photo by Janelle Elise Photography

Dried grasses and pampas were dyed in autumnal hues to make a dramatic ceremony backdrop at a Minneapolis wedding. Overhead, a hanging floral installation was designed with the same colorful hues.

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Create a Rainbow of Color

Groom holds bride in front of colorful flower wall

Photo by Sylvie Rosokoff

Want something dramatic for your ceremony that mimics the effects of a flower wall but isn't one? Try a circular ceremony structure instead of a traditional arch. This colorful design was a perfect backdrop for wedding photos as well.

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Use Pampas Grass

Neon sign over pampas grass

Photo by Jodee Debes Photography

Instead of creating a floral installation out of flowers, create a bold wall design for a bohemian wedding with pampas grass instead. Here, the couple adorned the design with a neon sign showcases the couple's shared last name.

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Mix Materials

Wedding greenery wall with pampas and a neon sign

Photo by Julieta Amezcua

You don't have to limit your flower wall selection to just live or dried plants. This Cabo wedding adorned large hedges of greenery and blooms with dried pampas, grasses, and even a neon sign too for a perfect photo backdrop.

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Transport Guests With a Tropical Ceremony Wall

Wedding flower wall with tropical greens and white flowers

Photo by Brianna Moore

Want something a little more tropical? Have your florist create a ceremony wall of leafy greens and have it double as a photo booth background. Mix in white blooms like hydrangeas and garden roses for a subtle accent.

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Jumbo Paper Flower Wall

Couple kissing in front of large bloom pink paper flower wall

Photo by Abby Jiu; Event Planning by Grit and Grace Inc.; Flower Wall by Paper to Petals

For a different take on a flower wall, Paper to Petals created this magnificent wall of jumbo paper roses. Swoon. If you're up for the challenge, you can DIY your own backdrop by sourcing paper flowers from your local crafts store or Etsy.

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Wall of White and Blush Roses

Wall of white and blush roses behind a pink velvet couch

Photo by Gianni di Natale

Annie Lawless, CEO of Lawless Beauty, and her now-husband Jeffrey Jacobs included a wall of white and blush roses for their Positano wedding. Situated behind a pink velvet couch, it served as the ultimate backdrop for late-night photos.

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Tie in Your Palette

Bride and groom exchanging vows with an orange flower wall behind them

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

For this couple's modern Indian wedding, they utilized bright, bold florals to create a lively ceremony backdrop. The asymmetrical orange flower wall was tied in with the wedding's (and the bride's) overall color palate.

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