9 Flower Delivery Services for Beautiful Valentine's Day Blooms

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Photo Courtesy of Venus ET Fleur

In any relationship, there are many—and we repeat, many!!—occasions and opportunities for a flower delivery. And this is especially true in the time leading up to your wedding, when both your stress and love are real. (Seriously, take our word for it: The gift of flower deliveries can come in handy as a surprise for your partner, or as a thank you when a loved one helps check an item off your wedding to-do list.) But between all the birthdays, special occasions, and just-because surprises, Valentine's Day will always come out on top as one of the most popular day for flower deliveries.

As much as we all hate to admit it, the pressure is real on February 14th. There will be balloons, gifts, fancy dinners, and grand gestures. And while all of that is well and good, there's something over-the-top yet not totally cheesy about a beautiful flower delivery. As a gift, it feels real, authentic, and beautiful—which, in our minds, is what true love is all about. Plus, the options are virtually endless. With traditional bundles of roses and more unique boxes of blooms, there's a bouquet out there for everyone.

So, with that said, our editors put together a list of nine flower delivery services that we can honestly stand behind. Whether you're a groom ordering for your future wife or a bride sending your BFF an "I love you" bouquet, keep reading for our take on the best places to order flowers online. And while the arrangements on these sites are all stunning—seriously, we could scroll for ages—our top tip is to remember who you're ordering for. If her favorite color is pink, consider an arrangement of pastel blooms rather than the standard red roses. If she's into sustainability, find a place that upholds her values. If she loves a good class of wine, get her a bottle of rosé to go with her roses! And if she's not into flowers at all, consider selecting a succulent in a really cool container that would look awesome at her desk at work. Because as much as we all love the thrill of a flower delivery, there's nothing as special as one that resonates with both you and the one you love.

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Courtesy of Teleflora

Often it comes down to how something is delivered, and such is the case with Teleflora. This online flower delivery service works with local florists to give you the best of both worlds: the ease of ordering online from a curated selection with the benefit of personal delivery in a vase—in most cases, the same day as you order. And the attention to customer service shows! When tested, our editors were highly impressed with the quality of the blooms, as well as the sophisticated vase options (an overlooked quality that is oh-so-important in our eyes!).

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Courtesy of UrbanStems

If you're admittedly shopping for a lady in the know, look no further. This service has teamed up with editors at Vogue and florist Lewis Miller (an Instagram sensation thanks to his flash floral pop-ups) to deliver styles that are simply, well, stylish. We're especially into the idea of a floral subscription—who could choose just one from the Vogue collab, after all?!—as well as the selection of succulents, orchids, and palms.

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Courtesy of Floom

If you're a resident of London, Los Angeles, or New York City, let us introduce you to Floom. This fresh new flower delivery service is making a name for itself by working with local florists to create one-of-a-kind arrangements—without any input or general guidelines from Floom itself. The result is an artistic approach to creativity and seasonality. And as if that's not appealing on its own, the company is now partnering with delicate jewelry brand Mejuri to complete your Valentine's Day gifting in one easy (online) checkout.

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Farmgirl Flowers

Courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers

This company prides itself on being San-Fran based—but thankfully, they've since expanded their talents to ship nationwide to 48 states. In doing so, they've continued to take the approach of a local florist: Each bouquet is still handmade in their San Francisco shop and is wrapped in their now-signature burlap casing (made from repurposed coffee bags) for an added touch of authenticity. Also, if you want to take this approach to another level, you're welcome to select the "Grown in the US of A" option at checkout.

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Venus et Fleur

Courtesy of Venus et Fleur

Sometimes it's okay to think inside the box—and particularly so if you're shopping for an Instagram-obsessed gal. These boxes of "eternity roses" are beloved by celebrities and social media stars alike, and it's really no surprise why: They last up to a year! Arrangements start at $39 for a single rose and go up to $549 for 36 to 42 roses.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Don't forget your online go-to when Valentine's Day shopping. That's right: Amazon offers a range of fresh flowers (seriously, they're always shipped overnight!) that average in price from $35 to $45. And depending on your location, there may even be a pick-up location—in case you're a really last-minute gifter!

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Courtesy of 1-800-Flowers

If you're looking to add some bells and whistles to your arrangement, look to 1-800-Flowers. The online service offers a range of styles—from classic red roses to more whimsical bouquets of daisies and larkspur—alongside chocolate treats and miniature heart-shaped balloons. Plus, if you order before February 3rd, you can save up to 40 percent off your delivery.

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The Bouqs Co

Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.

Think of this company as the farm to table take on flower deliveries. They work with farmers around the world—seriously, you can see each grower's name, photo, and location below every arrangement on the site—to source blooms that are cut the same day as you order. Also of note: All of the farms in the Bouqs family practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming and prevent waste by only cutting what you order.

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Winston Flowers

Courtesy of Winston Flowers

This floral company just launched a box (featuring roses and rosé!) that is basically a match made in V-Day heaven. That's right: It features a bed of garden and spray roses alongside a bottle of Jon Bon Jovi’s rosé, Hampton Water. Not a lover of summer water? That's okay! They also offer plenty of traditional rose arrangements and other flower-filled boxes with chocolates, cookies, and more.

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