7 Ways to Wear Florals That Don't Involve a Crown

These unexpected touches of Mother Nature are sure to add some whimsy

Updated 03/13/17

Over the flower crown? We totally understand—but that doesn't mean you need to omit florals from your wedding day look altogether. Refresh this blooming look by fashioning it into new wedding accessories.

Forget a crystal belt. A garland of florals around the waist will do. Or adorn a ring of buds around your ankle for a carefree, bohemian look, perfect for a barefoot beach wedding or dreamy woodland nuptials.

These unexpected touches of Mother Nature are sure to add some whimsy and up the ante in your bridal style, for a gorgeous ensemble that is completely your own.

Bride with Blue Flowers in Her Hair

Alixann Loosle Photography

Blooms scattered in a trail throughout the hair reinvent the floral crown. They still have the carefree, free-spirited vibes the flower headpiece has, but offer a more whimsical touch. Depending on the dress you pair it with, the look can take on a relaxed chic feel or a more wild bohemian feel.

Bride with Fresh Flower Necklace

Annabella Charles

This flower accessory brings a whole new meaning to statement necklace. Pastel-hued blooms make a bold complement to a sweetheart neckline. Coral lipstick tops off the look, while the rest of the ensemble is sans jewelry so nothing competes with this décolletage showstopper.

Wedding Floral Armband

Mike Larson

Who knew you could accessorize your bicep? If you're wearing a strapless gown, an armband of roses is a fun supplement to your style. Do it right with vibrant colors and trailing ribbon for a bit of eccentric playfulness.

Bridal Sash of Fresh Flowers

Adene Photography

We'll never look at wedding sashes the same again. A ribbon of greenery and berry-hued wildflowers adds a dash of romance to this dark wedding gown for a moody and elegant look.

Wedding Veil Dotted with Fresh Flowers

Jessica Janae Photography

No veil compares to one adorned with fresh blooms. The look is every bit ethereal, dreamy, and romantic. Just imagine this veil floating down the ceremony aisle in your wake, leaving behind a bit of magic and looking like it belongs in a fairytale.

Fresh Flower Ankle Bracelet

Alixann Loosle Photography

Anklets are no longer a staple of the '90s—at least when it's a miniature floral wreath for your leg. Show off this woodland touch with a waterfall hemline, mini dress, or tea-length skirt. While we can't turn down a killer shoe, there's no denying that this accessory goes great with bare feet for a casual outdoor ceremony.

Fresh Flowers in Bridal Bun

Isabelle Selby Photography

Incorporating a gathering of flowers into a low chignon is a no-fail approach to wearing Mother Nature. If you're more of a classic bride, this style is a safe and gorgeous route to take that still uses a unique touch, but in a traditional way.

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