24 Flower Chandeliers to Give Your Wedding a Garden-Fresh Feel

An overhead floral display can totally transform your space.

Photo by Lauren Fair; Florals by Sullivan Owen

Wedding trends come and go, but one thing's for certain: Flowers will always have a starring role. One particular floral trend that's been blooming over the past few years? Flower chandeliers.

From bouquets to aisle arrangements to centerpieces, the blooms you choose and how you display them says a lot about your style as a bride. And selecting a flower chandelier for your big day says you think outside the box when it comes to wedding flowers. These suspended displays are replacing traditional crystal lighting and tabletop floral arrangements, combining the two for a romantic, ethereal look your guests won't be able to stop talking about. No matter where you're tying the knot or what style wedding you're hosting, a beautiful flower chandelier will give your nuptials a garden-fresh feel.

Even renowned celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss is a fan of the up-in-the-air décor, saying, "They're a great way to add visual interest to your wedding and guests are always in awe because it’s so unexpected. Plus, these arrangements really draw the eye upward and remind me of art installations."

Meet the Expert

Mindy Weiss of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants is a world-renowned event planner and bestselling author.

Need a little inspiration for your own ceremony or reception? Take a look at some of our favorite chandeliers composed of flowers, hanging garlands of greenery, upside down stems, and more, below. These stunning flower chandeliers will elevate your big day in the most aerially artful way.

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Flowing Florals

Photo by Tanya Voltchanskaya; Florals by Pomp and Splendour

For a relaxed yet elegant look, go with more is more in the form of flowing petals and bunches of greens over long communal tables. Pomp and Splendour created this stunning chandelier design in a rustic setting that's both whimsical and romantic.

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Center Stage

Photo by Long Way Home; Florals by Good Grace & Humour

Floral chandeliers aren't just for receptions. Hanging one over you and your soon-to-be spouse at your ceremony will instantly set the stage, drawing all eyes directly to the two of you.

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Flower Wall Accent

Tented Reception

Photo by Dana Fernandez Photography

A bloom-filled chandelier and a wall of greenery? This couple wasn't playing around when it came to giving their nuptials a fanciful floral feel.

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Candlelit Flowers

Floral overhang

Photo by Kristin La Voie Photography

Create a romantic moonlit environment like this one by incorporating candles into your fairy-tale forest scheme. If you're worried about tea lights or votives burning out halfway through dinner, opt for electric flick-of-the-switch ones so you'll never have a dull globe.

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Garlands of Green

Flower chandelier

Photo by Heather Jowett

Trailing garlands of greenery extend to all sides of this outdoor tent, culminating in romantic floral chandeliers running along the center of the space.

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Soaring Bulbs

Photo by Katherine Miles Jones; Florals by Floressence Flowers; Design by Gather Together

From the pretty patterned table linens to the garden of blooms hanging above, this dinnertime setup is a feast for the eyes.

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All Aglow

Photo by Studio Impressions; Florals by Mondo Floral Designs

Incorporate candles into your floral chandeliers to add romantic, flickering ambience to your reception.

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Romantically Draped

Photo by Denise Lin; Florals by The Flower Factory; Planning by Shing Weddings

When it comes to your wedding venue—whether it's expansive or a smaller space—everybody wants their day to feel intimate, and flowers artistically draped from overhead is one way to accomplish that. Floral designer Tom Uberuaga of Nehapwa Design in Pound Ridge, New York, loves incorporating ivy, vibrant greens, and—if you're going for something over the top—hanging wisteria for an extravagant touch. "It's like a lush flood of floral freshness," he says. Try going all white, or choose a mix of purples or blues to coordinate with your color scheme, like this blue-hued beauty from The Flower Factory.

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Contemporary Design

Photo by Redfield Photography; Florals by Sebesta Design

This geometric design is a unique spin on a floral chandelier trend that modern brides will love.

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Wild and Beautiful

Photo by Lauren Fair; Florals by Sullivan Owen

Swap out the more traditional crystal chandelier for a freshly-picked fixture. The curved shape of this beauty lends a wild, organic feel.

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Bundle of Love

Floral Chandelier

Photo by Rachel May Photography

Guests dined beneath this bundle of ethereal blooms in a neutral color palette. The roses rested on a plank of bleached wood for an added rustic vibe.

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Wispy Whimsy

Courtesy of and Design by The Style Co.; Photo by Kristen Cook

These wispy buds and branches floating from up above bring a whimsical atmosphere to this reception.

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The Upside Down


Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

In addition to greenery-based wreaths and long boughs gaining in popularity, upside down single stems are having a moment in the wedding world as well. Just look at this botanical chandelier composed of colorful buds, all floating over the table.

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Enchanted Dinner Party


Photo by Melia Lucida

Practically every inch of this Maui wedding was covered in florals and greenery, but our favorite part had to be the stunning flower installation that hung over the couple's head table. "We wanted them to feel as if they were dropped in the middle of an enchanted rain forest, yet feasting on Michelin-rated food and cocktails," explained one of the grooms.

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As Above, So Below

first dance

Photo by Greg Finck

This wedding is positively overflowing with hanging peonies, roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas, and tulips. For further fairy-tale vibes, there are even more blooms beneath the clear dance floor.

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Wreaths of Green

Greenery Wreaths

Photo by Katie Nesbitt Photography

If you're after a more unique look, suspended circular installations (covered in beautiful blooms, of course) is another way to go. And if you hang greenery hoops up high enough, they're virtually untouchable—so guests will never know if they're real or not. Mindy Weiss says many florists use silk replicas rather than real florals because of the weight factor (with silk being lighter), but advises checking with your venue to determine whether or not you can actually suspend florals over tables and the dance floor.

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Elegant Roses

Photo by Rebecca Williams

These cascading installations of pink and white roses with greenery are serious showstoppers.

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Delicate Buds

Couple dancing

Photo by Christy Cassano

These light fixtures dotted with buds are a more subtle nod to the floral chandelier trend.

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Sky High

first dance

Photo by Kate Headley

A floral chandelier hung above your dance floor will draw guests in like bees to flowers.

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Photo by Shaun Menary Photography; Florals by Gro Designs

According to floral designer Tom Uberuaga, traditional hurricane vase centerpieces are outdated and only focus your eye to the middle of a table. “As soon as a guest enters a wedding, their senses should be stimulated and the ceiling offers such an opportunity to create floor-to-ceiling cohesion and harmony," he explains. Since you have so much more height to work with this way, there are no limitations on what you can do. One look at this display by Gro Designs, and it's clear that the sky's the limit.

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Simplicity Is Key

Photo by Miss Gen Photography

This modern and colorful botanical wall is a little unconventional when it comes to hanging floral arrangements, but no less stunning than its more ornate counterparts. Plus, think of all the money you'll save when you don't have to commit to costly groupings at each table.

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Glorious Garlands

Flower chandelier

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

This suspended arrangement of yellow-hued flowers and greenery is a beautiful focal point at this reception.

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Rustic Charm

Photo by Sylvie Gil Photography; Design by Bustle Events

This hanging installation of roses and lilies in cream and blush hues elevates this barn reception for a refined-rustic feel.

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Bright Blooms

Free up table space with hanging installations.

Photo by Justin & Mary

Perfect for a summer reception, bright blooms dot this greenery chandelier.

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Hanging Pots

Photo by Rebekah J. Murray; Florals by Sweet Root Village; Design by Grit and Grace

These colorful clusters of blooms are floating in terra-cotta pots on woven ropes. This arrangement is also echoed on the runners below, with mini-me versions that can do double duty as take-home favors.

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