25 Stunning Flower Chandelier Ideas for Your Wedding

These overhead installations will transform any space.

Couple kissing beneath a flower chandelier of pink and red roses with their wedding party

Photo by Terri Baskin Photography

It’s safe to say that flowers play an integral role in almost every wedding. While blooms typically make an appearance in your bouquet, aisle arrangements, and centerpieces, one unexpected, statement-making floral element you probably haven’t thought of is a flower chandelier. These hanging installations are suspended from above and evoke an ethereal and lush feel at your celebration. Combining the concept of overhead light fixtures with tabletop florals, flower chandeliers add visual interest and an artistic touch wherever they’re installed. Incorporating one into your ceremony or reception space will draw the gaze upward, making a large room feel more animated.

Flower chandeliers can take on so many different shapes and sizes: You can go for a subdued look featuring a single floral type or embrace an oversized design that spans the perimeter of the room. Depending on your theme, selecting different types of plants and elements will channel a certain look. If you’re throwing a bohemian bash, look to pampas grass, rattan lanterns, and earthy hues. For glamorous fêtes, all-white blooms paired with crystal chandeliers will introduce opulence. Whether you place it above your altar or the dance floor, flower chandeliers are guaranteed to transform any space.

Are you envisioning a hanging floral installation at your own nuptials? We’ve gathered a list of breathtaking ideas that will definitely inspire you. Ahead, 25 stunning flower chandelier ideas to consider at your wedding.

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Cover the Ceiling

Dance floor hanging installation with flowers and globe lights

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

If you want to make a big impression at your reception, create an installation that extends from one side of the room to the other. This vibrant flower chandelier covers the entire ceiling above the dance floor. The blooms in pink and peach tones combined with tea lights in glass globes creates a dreamy, whimsical effect, especially when the sun sets.

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Make It Pretty in Pink

A hanging installation of pink baby's breath and disco balls above a pink floral dance floor

Photo by Amber Gress Photography

A lush install is also an amazing opportunity to add a splash of color to your space. At a Westhampton wedding, the couple went all in on their pink color palette. Not only did the duo have pink florals draped above their head table, but they also chose an assortment of pink baby’s breath and disco balls to dangle above their rose-inspired dance floor. With the sparkling accents and striking color, this choice suits a glamorous garden wedding.

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Channel the Fall Season

A flower chandelier with dried and fresh flowers in jewel tones

Photo by Anna Delores Photography

Are you saying “I do” in the fall? Incorporate seasonal foliage and preserved buds to guide your walk down the aisle. A chandelier with pampas grass, palm fronds, bougainvillea, dahlias, baby’s breath and roses in organic and jewel tones will set the scene for an autumnal celebration. For a finishing touch, have twinkle lights wrap around the arrangement. Set within a canopy of trees, we love this look for enchanting forest settings

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Accompany a Grand Chandelier

A chandelier focal point with clouds of white baby's breath

Photo by Magi Fisher

While overhead florals are often the main moment, they can also play a supporting role. When professional surfer Ben Graeff wed Jordan Verni, the couple executed their dream-themed wedding by supplementing a large crystal chandelier with clouds of white baby’s breath above the altar. To make the elevated arrangements a focal point, consider ghost chairs since they blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

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Create a Trailing Effect

Summer and John's hanging floral installation with rattan lanterns

Photo by PS Photography + Films

Hanging tendrils of brightly-colored blooms and strands of greenery will surely wow your guests. This pictured installation emphasizes length and height, so including it in a large room with soaring ceilings will minimize blank space and increase intimacy. Combined with rattan lanterns, this setting generates a bohemian-meets-romantic vibe.

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Suspend It Above Your Bar

Pink floral-themed bar with ombré flower chandelier

Photo by Gracie Byrd Jones

Flower chandeliers aren’t just reserved for altar installations or dinner décor. Bring these arrangements to your cocktail hour by having them placed above your drink display. Since almost everyone will be making a pitstop at the bar, choosing this location for your overhead install will make a big impact. These overhead blooms boast an out-of-the-box color palette with ombré shades, which matches the custom illustration on the bar. This is a stunning choice for colorful garden nuptials. 

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Turn Up the Romance

Joi and DeAngelo's flower chandelier and aisle lined with flower petals and roses

Photo by Terri Baskin Photography

Roses are the epitome of romance, especially in shades of pink and red. Create an idyllic, fairy-tale ceremony by draping one big installation composed of roses and greenery above your altar. Lining your aisle with the same dreamy blooms and tones will make your processional even more memorable.

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Elevate Rattan Lanterns

Hanging rattan lanterns and hot pink bougainvillea

Photo by Heather Waraksa Photography

With a natural hue and woven texture, rattan is an incredibly versatile material to incorporate into your reception design. Bring a playful edge to bohemian soirées by pairing rattan lanterns with hot pink bougainvillea above your head table. Against the neutral backdrop, the eye-catching buds will be the center of attention.

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Embrace a Larger-Than-Life Design

Ceremony hanging floral installation with autumnal palm leaves and flowers

Photo by Janelle Elise Photography

Your ceremony is where the magic happens, so why not choose an over-the-top decoration to highlight the moment you say "I do." An oversized flower chandelier is especially effective if you’re tying the knot in an industrial room with tall ceilings because the blooms will infuse color, texture, and depth into the space. This 60-foot installation of dried buds and palm leaves would enhance any fall wedding.  

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Pair With Wind Chimes

Reception flower chandelier with wisteria and gold wind chimes

Photo by Christina McNeill

For a sit-down dinner in the great outdoors, combine your flower chandelier with wind chimes for a whimsical look. Here, tuneful gold pipes add a metallic glimmer to white orchids and wisteria. Not only will these instruments boost your design concept, but they’ll also provide a soothing melody while your friends and family dine.

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Round Off Your Altar

Wedding ceremony decor with a circular seating arrangement and lots of flowers

Photo by Danila & Lana

Saying “I do” with your loved ones seated around you is the most intimate way to trade vows. To match the shape of your ceremony layout, have a round flower chandelier stationed above your altar. By situating your verdant arrangement front and center, you’ll place a spotlight on your love. Not to mention, all of your friends and family will be able to admire the extraordinary decoration throughout the ceremony. 

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Choose a Trio of Blooms

Three floral rings with wooden chandeliers above the dance floor

Photo by Brandon Lata Photography

Why choose just one flower chandelier when you can have three? A trifecta of blue and white florals and greenery in the shape of a halo accentuated Catherine Galateria and Dylan Pritchard's dance floor, and wooden lanterns flanked the setup. We love this option for weddings with pared-back aesthetics and organic color palettes. 

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Mirror Your Centerpieces

A hanging floral installation with pampas grass and bright flowers above reception tables

Photo by Shane Macomber Weddings

Just because you want a flower chandelier above your reception tables doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your centerpieces. To maintain cohesion, choose tabletop florals and overhead installations that feature the same hues and types of flowers. This hanging arrangement of pampas grass and buds in pink and blue coordinates with the tablescape, so neither competes with the other.

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Accentuate With Pampas Grass

Hilary and Drew's tables with hanging rattan lanterns and pampas grass

Photo by M. Hart Photography

You don’t have to stick with fresh flowers to impress your guests. Dried varieties, like pampas grass, will add a bohemian edge to your celebration while playing up texture and volume. Pair them with rattan lanterns and string lights above white linens and ghost chairs for a pronounced look.

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Stick With a Classic Color Palette

An all-white reception with hanging baby's breath above the tables

Photo by Jana Williams

An all-white color palette is one of the most timeless options for any event, from bayside bashes to ballroom nuptials. If your reception features monochromatic tones, select a hanging installation in the same shade, like this baby’s breath display. Set against a neutral backdrop, the texture of your blooms will pop.

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Engulf Your Light Fixtures

a bandstand decorated with mini disco balls, a neon sign, and greenery

Photo by Kate Headley

Instead of placing your flower chandelier next to hanging light fixtures, try merging them instead. These wrought iron and gold leaf chandeliers covered in greenery, hydrangea, and roses juxtapose splendor with nature. Suspended from a transparent tent, these arrangements bring the outdoors in. 

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Illuminate With Disco Balls

A hanging floral installation with disco balls at the reception

Photo by Ivan & Lucrecia

Disco balls will instantly create a party atmosphere at your wedding. When draped from a flower chandelier, these sequined globes will add a playful, sparkly flair to a prolific installation. Consider hanging these exotic blooms and glittering elements above your dance floor at a tropical destination wedding.

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Add a Pop of Purple

A purple flower chandelier above reception tables

Photo by Stanlo Photography

Ballroom spaces can sometimes feel sparse and impersonal, so up the ante with a purple flower chandelier. When Naturi Naughton and Two Lewis got married, hundreds of purple roses, hydrangea, peonies, and orchids dangled from the ceiling at their glamorous reception. From lavender to plum, shades of purple are reminiscent of warm weather, so this is a considerable choice for a spring or summer wedding.

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Complement Your Custom Crest

Monogrammed dance floor with pink flower chandelier above it

Photo by Ninety Three Creative

A custom crest is a thoughtful way to exemplify your joint union. With such a meaningful décor element, look to the piece to inspire the rest of your design, including your flower chandelier. On Emma Zieverink and Ryan Kelly’s big day, an installation of branches and florals in pink tones reflected the joint monogram beneath it, while all-white tables balanced out the brightly colored decorations.

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Line the Perimeter With Lights

Garden reception inside of a translucent tent with flower chandeliers

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Of course, flower chandeliers are stunning on their own, but adorning them with string lights will take these installations to the next level. These rings of light illuminate dripping wisteria and greenery, creating a fairy-tale vision. The effect will be even stronger later in the evening once the main lights go down.

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Go for Color-Blocking

A rainbow hanging flower chandelier above white tables

Photo by Kyle John Photography

Looking for a unique way to set your flower chandelier apart? Try color-blocking. While each section of Gina Matar and Steven Ujvary's tented reception focused on a different hue, they brought every color together with rainbow installations that floated above the tables. To balance out their eclectic florals, they chose white and acrylic tabletop decorations.

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Consider a Low Installation

Low hanging floral installation with roses and greenery

Photo by Etcetera Photography

Installations that tower overhead are certainly jaw-dropping, but with a lower placement, your guests will actually be able to appreciate the blooms up close. A cluster of hanging buds near your tablescape is a fitting choice for outdoor weddings without the need to fill tall ceilings. To avoid overshadowing your flower chandelier, choose more subtle centerpieces. 

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Mix Different Varieties

Hanging floral arrangements with hydrangea, baby's breath, and crystal chandeliers

Photo by Scarlet O'Neill

Single-flower chandeliers are simple and elegant, but integrating different types of blooms will really create visual intrigue. Here, fluffy spheres of hydrangea mixed with textured baby’s breath channel an ethereal vibe while masking an industrial space. The crystal chandeliers also incorporate a degree of lavishness into the room. 

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Produce a Tropical Vibe

Hanging floral installation with anthurium and palm leaves in pink and purple

Photo by Sylvie Rosokoff

Whether you’re getting hitched in the Aruba or Brooklyn, a tropical hanging installation will bring color and life to your setting. Palm leaves, anthurium, and other exotic blooms in lively colors are fair game. We love how the different sizes, shapes, and hues bring this dimly-lit room to life.

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Mark Your Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart table with candles and hanging baby's breath flower chandelier

Photo by Lena Mirisola

To set your seats apart, consider having your flower chandelier situated above your sweetheart table. Three installations of baby’s breath and cherry blossoms drift above this primary table, drawing all focus to the couple and the harbor views. These blooms will look stunning on display at a modern wedding.  

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