12 Feng Shui Tips All Couples Should Try in Their Bedroom

Get the energy flowing in this important area of your home

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If there's one place in your home that you should Feng Shui, it should be your bedroom. It's the number one area where you can totally relax after a crazy day, catch up on some much needed z's, and of course, it's the special place where you and your S.O. get to spend some quality time together. But all too often, we cram our bedrooms full of things we might not need or even want. Piles of dirty clothes, stacks of books or papers, and excess technology make for a space that's anything but relaxing.

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui deals with the placement of objects within your home, to ensure that those items work for—instead of against—your health, career, relationships, and more. It's a complex science that can be a little overwhelming at first, but there are lots of easy ways to take elements from Feng Shui philosophy and implement them into your home. Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy, or chi. When the energy flows well (think of it like water moving through your space), there is harmony. When energy gets stuck (which especially happens in cluttered spaces), everything gets harder.

Whether you're turning your bedroom into a cozy love nest or a meditative retreat that's optimized for restful sleep (or both!), the first order of business is to clear the clutter. Make space under your bed so energy can flow underneath and around it. If you live in a tiny apartment and definitely need that under-bed storage, store only clean sheets and extra pillows, versus piles of papers or electronics. Keep the lighting soft and the bedding even softer. This is the space to splurge on nice linens that feel great against your skin (silk is also great for keeping skin smooth!). Clear the room of technology if you can, or hide it away in a pretty cupboard. Be conscious of mirrors in your space too, as some experts say that too many reflective surfaces in a space can disrupt the energy, which can make it difficult to sleep.

If you're looking to welcome a new partner (perhaps your fiancé is finally moving in!), take the time to clear the room of old relationships and stuck energy. Light some sage and make a list of your intentions for the space. Turn the room into a haven for positivity and relaxation, and that in turn will help love flourish.

Get the energy flowing in this important area of your home with the 12 ways to Feng Shui your bedroom, below.

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Make Your Bed With Clean White Bedding

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Freshly washed, crisp sheets will make your entire bed feel luxurious. Add a spritz of linen spray (lavender is perfect for relaxation) and your room will be transformed into a fancy hotel.

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Snag Two Side Tables

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Make sure to have space on either side of your bed for matching nightstands. This will ensure that both people feel like they have their own personal space for a water glass, books, or anything else they might need. Go with a rounded-corner design to ensure the energy flows smoothly.

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Select Symbolic Artwork

Courtesy of Artfully Walls

Get rid of any artwork that depicts single figures or unhappy-looking people, shipwrecks, or any other negative imagery.

Instead, choose images of happy couples or harmonious-looking pairs (it could even be plants, animals, or objects).

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Light Some Pink Candles

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Soft lighting is key when you're getting in the mood for love, and candles have the added bonus of adding scent to the room. Pink is the color of love and compassion, so it's a perfect choice for your bedroom.

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Display a Cute Photo of You and Your S.O

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If you're coupled up, make sure to have a happy photo of the two of you on display somewhere. Even if it's just in the hallway on the way to your bedroom, you'll be reminded of how much you love each other every time you walk by it.

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Hide Away the TV

Courtesy of Horchow

While it can be super relaxing to to cuddle up and watch a movie together, it's better to eliminate the distraction of TV if you're trying to transform your bedroom into a more romantic place. Same goes for phones, iPads, and other electronic devices! You'll notice that your sleep may improve, as well.

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Display Some Pink Flowers

Courtesy of Bouqs

Fresh flowers in general are uplifting—and when you add the color pink, they're especially magnetic for your love life.

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Turn On Some Soft Lighting

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Muted, warm-toned lighting helps to illuminate your skin tone and smooth away fine lines and cellulite (yes, please!). Natural light is also a good way to boost the energy in the room.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

A few drops of essential oil in this modern ceramic diffuser will add a hint of scent throughout the space. Go with rose or a spicy sandalwood for romance, zesty lemon or orange for alertness and stamina, and lavender or sage for a laid back, spa-like vibe.

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Choose a Solid Headboard

Courtesy of Anthropologie

A solid framework behind your bed will make you feel more stable, supported, and grounded throughout the night.

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Filter for Fresh, Clean Air

Courtesy of Molekule

Clean air will help you sleep better, ease the effects of allergies, and improve your life overall. (It's hard to feel amorous if you're sneezing!) This sleek new diffuser eliminates VOC's, bacteria, and common allergens. Plus, it looks like a piece of modern art.

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Don't Forget the Rose Quartz

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This crystal is considered to be the stone of love. Keep a couple of stones in a small bowl by your bed to amp up the vibration in your space.

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