What to Feed the Bridal Party While Getting Ready for Your Wedding

Keep it fresh and nourishing—and don't forget to eat!

Getting Ready with Your Bridal Party

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It goes without saying that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. With that comes a rigorous schedule, plenty of friends and family to greet, and of course, don’t forget the photos to document it all. But while you’re soaking up every single moment of your celebration, there’s one thing you can’t forget to do—you still have to eat!

The last thing you want is to feel weak on your big day and eating nourishing foods will help combat that. To keep you going all day long, it’s best to avoid heavy, messy foods and instead lean on fresh, simple options. "On wedding days, we recommend both breakfast and lunch options since getting ready can span several hours," says Aimee Griffin, owner of A. Griffin Events. Putting together a spread for you and your wedding party to enjoy while getting ready can make all the difference.

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Aimee Griffin is the owner of A. Griffin Events, a full-service event design and planning agency in Washington D.C.

7 Wedding-Morning Snacks for Your Bridesmaids

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Ready to prep a list of go-to foods for your day-of? Read on for fueling ideas for getting ready that will keep your energy up throughout the entire celebration.

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Cucumber Bites

sliced cucumber appetizer


Sliced cucumbers can serve as the perfect vessel for a huge variety of bites, and they can be catered toward breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Top sliced cucumbers with raw salmon, add avocado to the mix, or even create a vegetarian option with hummus.

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Mini Doughnuts

Mini doughnuts


For some, a sweet pick-me-up can go such a long way. However, nobody wants to be biting into a giant doughnut once they've had their makeup done. Mini doughnuts serve as a great mid-morning treat without all the fuss.

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Water Bottles

custom water bottles


The importance of hydrating throughout the day can't be stressed enough. Being hydrated will keep you going, and displaying mini bottles of water will make it that much simpler. Griffin also suggests keeping electrolyte tablets on hand to help anyone who may have partied a bit too hard the night before.

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Of course, getting ready with your best friends and closest family members calls for celebration! Don't be afraid to pop the bubbly, just be sure you're not going overboard. Bring in your favorite Champagne and pair it with fresh-squeezed orange juice for a great morning pick-me-up.

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Avocado Toast

avocado toast

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This is a total classic, right? Avocado toast can be prepped and cut up into small bites for easy eating. Dress it up with veggies or add chickpeas for even more protein.

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Light Bruschetta

sweet pea bruschetta


Bruschetta is always a great go-to app at parties because of how easy it is to eat. The same goes when you're getting ready! Turn to small bites that are simple to grab and eat, no plating required. A classic bruschetta may be a bit too messy, but you can switch it up with different spreads and cheeses.

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Yogurt Parfaits

yogurt parfait

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For many, a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and a bit of granola is a go-to in the morning. It's easy to eat and you and your wedding party will feel full for hours thanks to the protein in the yogurt and nutrients from the fresh fruit.

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Trail Mix

trail mix

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A handful of nuts may be all you need to keep going throughout the day. Pack a few bags of trail mix, or look to almonds on their own, for a quick punch of protein.

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Fresh Fruit

Berry cups


Fruit is the ultimate pick-me-up. Plus, it's fresh, delicious, and easy to eat. Dice up watermelon and cantaloupe, put together mini cups of berries, or just grab a few bananas and apples to fill a bowl. A few bites of fruit will help to keep you feeling full throughout the day.

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Granola Bars

granola bars

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This is the perfect grab-and-go snack, and it packs so easily. Whether you're choosing granola bars or a simple protein bar, they can go a long way. "Before the wedding party heads out for the ceremony, we supply them with granola bars, straws to keep lipstick from wearing off, and several bottles of water," adds Griffin. It's all about finding easy solutions for on-the-go!

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Simple Flatbread



If you really want pizza day-of, go for it. But chances are, you won't want something terribly messy and ultimately greasy. Look to simple flatbreads as a lighter option that's also easier to eat, especially when cut into small pieces. Keep it sauce-free and consider flavor combinations that won't make you feel too full.

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Cucumber Lemon Water

spa water


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate—it's the name of the game! If you're not a fan of plain water on its own, be sure to set up something you'll love. A dispenser filled with water, lemon, and cucumber can serve as a great refreshment all morning long.

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A Charcuterie Spread


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Meats, cheeses, nuts, veggies, and fruits are all great go-to items while getting ready. And they're easy to eat! Put together a charcuterie spread for your wedding party to cater to their own needs and munch on their favorites with ease.

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Small-Cut Sandwiches

triangle sandwiches

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If your ceremony is later in the day, you may need to consider both breakfast and lunch. "As it gets close to ceremony time, we see wedding parties less likely to stand still and eat a full meal," says Griffin. "We like to lay out a spread of healthy options that are easy to eat on the go: bowls of grapes and nuts; cheese cubes or slices; sandwiches cut into small slices." An egg salad, chicken salad, or cucumber sandwich is a great choice for this time of day.

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Acai Bowls

acai bowl

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A healthy, light option to start the day can go such a long way. Consider acai bowls or smoothie bowls jampacked with protein, nutrients, and antioxidants. They can be customized in so many ways to offer the perfect kickstart for everyone's day.

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Mini Meatballs

mini meatballs


Meatballs can get a bit messy, but if done right, they can be a great choice. Look to meatballs on skewers for easy eating in one or two bites. Plus, they're packed full of protein to last you throughout the day.

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Caprese Salad

<p>caprese skewers</p>

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For those looking for a larger lunch alternative, a caprese salad is a beautiful choice. Keep things light and look to fresh tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. You may consider adding spinach or arugula to the mix for added nutrients.

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Vegetable Crudité

vegetable Crudité

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There may be people in the group who love a good crunchy snack and vegetables are sure to do the trick. Keep things light and easy with peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and more cut into small strips. Serve your veggies with a delicious dip or two for easy snacking and great nourishment.

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