28 Creative Father's Day Gifts Under $50

For the golf-fanatic dad to the grill-master dad

bride and father of the bride

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While your mom might be the one who was always better equipped to handle your teenage meltdowns and plethora of broken hearts (bless her heart), dad deserves plenty of credit, too. After all, not to get too cheesy over here, but your father has been your go-to guy since day one (literally). Your dad didn't need a John Mayer song to remind him to be good to his daughter—he passed his parenting role with flying colors, and set the incredibly high standard for how your future spouse should treat you. If any of your former significant others didn't garner dad's coveted stamp of approval, what was the point of keeping them around!?

Even though your dad probably appreciates the fact that you're budgeting for your upcoming wedding more than anyone, he shouldn't be left in the dark gift wise this upcoming Father's Day, especially if he's helping you and your partner foot the bill. To celebrate his special day (and to help soothe any stress brought on by the impending father/daughter wedding dance), treat your dear old man to any of these creative Father's Day gifts under $50, each of which are still equally sentimental for any kind of dad (even the one who has everything). From the grill enthusiast to the movie buff to the organization freak, we've got your dad covered, no matter how impossible he may be to shop for. Plus, not spending a fortune on his Father's Day presents means you have more leeway to splurge on an incredibly meaningful father-of-the-bride gift once your wedding rolls around.

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Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Dopp Kit

Photo Courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

Dad can never have too many organizational tools handy, even if he doesn't make as much use of them as he should. He'll love the travel-friendly size of this version, which also features an outer pocket for extra storage.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, was $30, now $22.49

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Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men

Photo Courtesy of Kiehl's

You're not the only one who could use a little pre-wedding primping pick-me-up. Dad has to walk down the aisle too, after all, and all eyes will be on both of you if he's giving you away. This facial moisturizer ensures he'll look as glowing as the bride on the big day and beyond.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $35

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Cathy's Concepts Compass Cuff Links

Photo Courtesy of Cathy's Concepts

Turn your dad into the ultimate dapper gentleman, just in time for your wedding, with a little help from this Father's Day gift under $50. Choose from gold or rose gold to deck out dad's cuffs in style.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $37

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Cathy's Concepts Monogram Stainless Steel Growler

Photo Courtesy of Cathy's Concepts

Got a beer snob on your hands? Even though you may never understand his beverage fascination, ensure that he always sips in personalized style.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, was $62, now $46.50

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The Heavyweight Relaxed Crew

Photo Courtesy of Everlane

From mowing the lawn to watching movies in his man cave, all of dad's most "dad" activities just got a lot more enjoyable thanks to this relaxed everyday tee.

SHOP NOW: Everlane, $30

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The Street Nylon Fanny Pack

Photo Courtesy of Everlane

Despite their many, MANY negative connotations, fanny packs are having a moment, and are completely practical when it comes to storing all of his essentials (step aside, man purse). A sleek crosshatch pattern and water-resistant fabric mean you can assure dad he won't look on par with an amusement park tourist.

SHOP NOW: Everlane, $25

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The Bearded Man Company Beard Oil & Mustache Wax

Photo Courtesy of The Bearded Man Company

As for the facial-hair-adorned father, refine his stubble with two handcrafted, organic grooming essentials. Take your pick of four scents, from Walk in the Woods to Spanish Orange, for a set that truly speaks to your rugged daddio.

SHOP NOW: AHALife, $25

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G/FORE Mens Left Glove Competition Stripe Twilight

Photo Courtesy of G/FORE

He may not be the next Jordan Spieth, but dad can at least look the part once he hits the green. This leather accessory means a more comfortable grip of the club, and this specific style has Bubba Watson's stamp of approval.

SHOP NOW: Trendy Golf, $40

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Popcorn Maker

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Microwaving popcorn is just so passé. Dad deserves the real deal via a vintage-inspired popcorn maker (that mom will also take advantage of, too). Your father can pop in (pun intended) some kernels with as much better and seasoning as his heart desires, then kick back with his favorite flick.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $29

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Cathy's Concepts Monogram BBQ Grill Tools

Courtesy of Cathy's Concepts

Up the ante on your father's grilling arsenal with a monogrammed case to store his brand new spatula, tongs, skewers, and more. Plus, this can further incentivize him to host you and your future spouse for more BBQ nights (wishful thinking...).

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $48

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Great Moustaches Mug

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Satisfy his unsurpassed sense of humor with a quirky, creative coffee mug that's the epitome of "dad joke." It's especially perfect if he's been a man of many moustaches throughout your lifetime.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $13

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Infused Vermont Maple Syrup

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

No one can resist the temptation of a classic maple syrup. Dad's signature pancakes or waffles will taste all the more satisfying thanks to these Vemont-based flavors. And why stop at just breakfast food—even your father's go-to ice cream could use a little syrup drizzle.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $17

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Runner's Light Gloves

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Your father has always had your back, so return the favor if he's an avid nighttime runner with this creative Father's Day gift. Each fingerless glove is designed to hold a mini rechargeable pack with four lights, meaning you can rest assured dad will stay safe and visible every time he ventures out for a late-night jog.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $45

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Family Fun Bucket List

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Your whole crew can partake in this Father's Day gift under $50. A set of sticks printed with fun and diverse activities (i.e. volunteer or stargaze) will decide your family's fate when determining your next outing.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $18

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Kabob Grilling Baskets—Set of 4

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Say hello to your dad's favorite new summer cooking staple. Steel wire can safely secure your family's favorite veggies, and the handles on each of these creative baskets makes for the most convenient grill supplement your father will ever lay eyes on.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $16.99

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Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If dad can stand the heat, spice things up this Father's Day. Bond over your love of hot sauce by cooking six bottles worth of your own flavors together, then douse some of your favorite foods with your homemade condiment.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $34.95

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Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Believe it or not, your dad can get his scotch fix without ever pouring a glass. Once he chomps down on one of these scotch-infused toothpicks, his taste buds will be rewarded with subtle hints of a smoky single malt, made from a 200-year-old distillery. How's that for an alcohol-related Father's Day gift that goes beyond a bottle of bourbon!?

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $35.95

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Solid Suede Belt

Photo Courtesy of The Tie Bar

Even if you take style cues from dad as opposed to the other way around, he could always use a new addition to his accessory collection, especially when it features sleek suede that will match all his go-to 'fits.

SHOP NOW: The Tie Bar, $30

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Corgi Club Stripe Sock in Wine

Photo Courtesy of Corgi

Instill the Danish hygge mentality into your dad's loungewear, starting with a pair of heavyweight cotton socks. If dad's never put much thought into his favorite footwear, sleek stripes and a subtle wine color ensure these will seal the deal.

Todd Snyder, $32

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Corgi Sailboat Socks in Navy

Photo Courtesy of Corgi

For a more nautical approach, your sea-faring father's feet won't ever want to part ways with these cozy and quirky accessories.

Todd Snyder, $35

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No. 29: Piñon Fine Fragrance

Photo Courtesy of P.F. Candle Co.

Dad's signature cologne has met its match. This scent features hints of pine, vanilla, cedarwood, fir, amber, and black pepper for a fragrant combo that's not too overbearing.

SHOP NOW: P.F. Candle Co., $48

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S'well 25 oz. Bottle in Teakwood

Photo Courtesy of S'well

There's never been a more macho water bottle than this. Illusion wood paneling and the ability to keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours will garner dad's immediate approval.

Todd Snyder, $45

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Harry's G-2 Orange 1-2 Set

Photo Courtesy of Harry's

Your dad may forever be set in his ways, even when it comes to his razor of choice, but if he's used the same generic brand since before you were born, it's time for an upgrade. Without breaking the bank, you can introduce dad to a German-engineered razor blade and shave cream that rival his go-to drugstore shaving tools.

Todd Snyder, $15

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Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum

Photo Courtesy of Aesop

To further help your father out in the shaving department, show him the power of a good hydrating product. No matter his skin type, dad will take delight in this handy serum, which works to soften his complexion for a much closer, smoother shave.

SHOP NOW: Todd Snyder, $37

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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder

Photo Courtesy of Lodge

For the parent who instilled you with a substantial culinary knowledge base, nothing says "thanks" quite like a top-of-the-line skillet thats' equipped to brave even his most adventurous concoctions.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $39

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Cedar & Alder Grilling Wraps

Courtesy of Food52

Your go-to guy's grilled cuisine is already hard to surpass, but toss in an extra bit of flavor and his barbecue rep will be out of this world. Whether it be salmon, steak, or even veggies, bundle anything grill-able within thin wooden wraps, drizzled in either cedar or alder seasoning, for an extra savory oomph.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $21

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Marshmallow Skewers (Set of 4)

Photo Courtesy of Rome Industries

Give the gift of cozy nights in (or outside) year-round. From the living room fireplace to the family's outdoor fire pit, your dear old dad (and mom!) can satisfy his sweet tooth with a perfectly-roasted marshmallow whenever the s'mores craving hits.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $24

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Haku Japanese Shoyu

Photo Courtesy of Mikuni Wild Harvest

For the guy who douses anything and everything with a hefty splash of soy sauce, broaden your father's horizons with shoyu, a sweeter Japanese version of this beloved food additive. Take your pick between one of five diverse varieties that can lend a flavorful new taste to any dish.

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $28-32

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