7 Delicious Fall Detox Recipes (& the Gear You Need to Make Them)

You'll feel so good you might not even miss summer


Ahh September. Those days of pool-side lounging and rosé-drinking have sadly come to an end (at least for a little while; spring break is just around the corner!). We usually think of post-holiday slump in January as the time for a good detox, but those post–Labor Day feelings of overindulgence are also very real. We have a tendency to go full steam in those last few weeks of summer, especially with all the big vacations and backyard parties on the books.

The shift in seasons is another great time to take stock of your lifestyle habits and goals, especially in the months before the holiday season descends. Even if you're not in actual "back-to-school" mode, September feels like the start of a new year—and what better way to jump start your goals than with a healthy eating overhaul? It's not hard to get your habits back on track, especially if you have some good kitchen gear and handy recipes to get you inspired. A powerful blender or time-saving prep gadget can make a world of difference when you're trying out a new eating plan (it definitely makes it more fun!).

Here are seven detox meals to get fall started on the right (healthy) foot!

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Green Juice

Inspired Taste

Swap out your Gin Fizz for a nutrient-rich green juice that's filled with antioxidants. We love this one that's packed with spinach, parsley, and ginger. Cucumber, lemon and green apple add a tangy sweetness to your salad-in-a-glass.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Juicer


It really pays off over time to make your juice at home (and you get to experiment with lots of different flavors!). This classic juicer is a workhorse for processing everything from leafy greens to more firm veggies like carrots and beets.

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Spiralized Veggies


We all love pasta, but all those carbs can make us feel sluggish and heavy. Instead, try a healthier version using a spiralizer, a gadget that turns zucchini, squash, and other veggies into long, curly ribbons. This herbal dish of summer squash zoodles features bright flavors like basil, mint, and lemon, which also happen to be filled with antioxidants.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Spiralizer

Sur La Table

This gadget is guaranteed to become your new best friend on your healthy eating quest. Choose from three different interchangeable blades to get the perfect ribbon or noodle for your stir-fry or salad.

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Dips & Veggies

Platings and Pairings

A good bean- or veggie-based dip is a great snack to have on hand when you start to hit that 4 p.m. slump. This Mediterranean-inspired grilled eggplant baba ganoush hits all the points—healthy, super flavorful, and easy to transport. Serve with a range of sliced veggies and whole grain pita.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Food Processor


Keep this guy on the counter and you'll be amazed how many times you'll use it throughout the week. From puréeing dips and dressings to chopping vegetables for stir fries (you can literally cut your prep time in half), this one does it all.

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Avocado Toast

Inspired Taste

This ubiquitous breakfast/lunch/anytime-of-the-day-snack is super popular for a reason: it's delicious! Avocado is filled with healthy, energy-sustaining fats and detoxifying properties. We love this version that adds sliced hard-boiled egg and a sprinkling of a spicy pepper blend. The result? A protein-packed meal that will get you through any Doritos cravings that might arise throughout your day.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Egg Slicer


This is one of those little gadgets that's so simple, but really is a time saver. Eggs are filled with nutrients and protein (try to go with organic, free range ones for the best nutrition benefits), and are a great addition to a healthy diet.

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Shredded Salad


We don't have to convince you that fresh salads are a good foundation of a healthy diet. But all too often they're either boring or overwhelming to prep when days get busy. This one is filled with cabbage and carrots for a satisfying crunch, in addition to antioxidant-powered parsley and a detoxifying ginger-lemon dressing. The best part is that a lot of the prep can be done ahead of time, so it's a super easy grab-and-go lunch option.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Knives

Food 52

Having a few really good knives in your kitchen will make the prep for your detox so much easier. This set of three includes a paring knife for peeling fruits and veggies, a fillet knife for fish and poultry, and a classic chef's knife for just about everything else under the sun.

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Acai Bowl

Dinner at the Zoo

This colorful, filling breakfast dish is one of those things that quickly becomes addictive—it's a smoothie base topped with all sorts of deliciously crunchy toppings and fresh fruit. How can you go wrong? This recipe starts with a frozen puree of acai berries (a superfood from South America), in addition to yogurt and bananas. It's finished with fresh berries, coconut, nuts, and Omega 3-rich chia seeds.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Blender

Sur La Table

This amazing machine is worth every penny. With 10 variable speeds and a high-powered motor, you'll crush through frozen fruit and ice in a matter of seconds. It's also great to have on hand for puréed soups and dressings.

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Dinner at the Zoo

Throw everything into the blender and hit "start"and you'll be ready to walk out with a healthy breakfast in minutes. Smoothies are a great choice when you need something more filling because it's possible to add more healthy fats and keep all the fibers from fruits and veggies (a lot of that's left behind in juice). This tropical-inspired recipe features pineapple, banana, mango and coconut milk—just what you need to get your day started right.

Get the recipe here.

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What You'll Need: Personal Blender


Does your partner love an almond-butter and banana smoothie and you're more of a mixed berry kind of gal? This small-scale blender set is perfect for couples who want to make their own personalized smoothie and take it with them on the go.

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