20 Bridal Party Outfit Ideas for Fall

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Bridesmaids in sage

​Picture Me&U; Bridesmaid Dresses by ASOS; Floral Design by Pebble and Lace 

The crisp autumn season offers plenty of inspiration for your fall wedding and bridal party look. Take a cue from the golden leaves, woodland settings, and overall moody feel of fall when it comes to selecting a color for your bridal party dresses. Think your options are limited to dark tones? You couldn't be more wrong.

Of course, you can go the dark route if you want. There's nothing more gorgeous than richly saturated dresses, whether you opt for a mix of deep jewel tones, various shades of marsala, or consistency across the board with a bold emerald color in classic matching dresses. Black also makes a daring statement, contrasting elegantly against the warm colors of the fallen leaves. One style we really love is the ever-popular mismatched dresses look, mixing stunning hues through playful patterns and fun textures to create an utterly bohemian look.

But don't be afraid to go lighter. Neutrals and earthy tones embody autumn's rustic nature and mixing and matching them with sequin and glitter accents add a glamorous touch. On the other end of the spectrum, a dusky sage green or husky mauve plays up autumn's softer side. This tone is an especially perfect choice if your fall wedding is in a place that typically lacks seasons. Even a creamy ivory looks beautiful and chic, brilliantly contrasting against autumn's vivid colors. Pair these dresses with a wild bouquet of bright blooms to really make things pop.

Don't worry about brisk temperatures. Covering up your girls in a shawl, scarf, pashminas, jacket, or faux fur stoles don't detract from their look—on the contrary, these pieces accessorize the dresses and give your bridal party something else to personalize.

Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite fall-inspired looks from real weddings.

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Pair Ivory Dresses With Dark Florals

Pair Ivory Dresses With Dark Florals
Bouquets of crimson blooms pop against ivory chiffon dresses for an ethereal look ideal for a dreamy, woodsy wedding.

Photo by Gina and Ryan

Bouquets of crimson blooms pop against ivory chiffon dresses for an ethereal look ideal for a dreamy, woodsy wedding.

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Keep Warm With Chic Shawls

Bride with bridesmaids on stone steps

Photo by David Salim

Shawls not only keep the shoulders warm in the chilly autumn air, but accessorize your crew's looks. A subtle ivory lets these gorgeous dresses and magical locale shine.

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Go With a Moody Red

Bride with bridesmaids in red dresses

Photo by Justin Lee

Scarlet, crimson, or burgundy are all great options for a romantic fall aesthetic.

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You Can't Go Wrong With Black

Bride with bridesmaids in black

Photo by Treebird Photography

There's no better time than fall to rock vampy lips and classic black, a timeless look that's both sultry and elegant.

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Mix and Match Neutrals

Bride with bridesmaids in smokey neutrals

Photo by Samm Blake

Dark neutrals in a taupe, coffee, and slate palette take a cue from the outdoors and look exquisite punctuated with moody crimson, persimmon, and eggplant shades.

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Baby Blue Isn't Just for Spring

Baby blue bridal party with bride in autumnal forest setting

Photo by Rachel Havel

Such a refreshing and welcomed addition to the typical color palette of an autumn wedding. Just look at how stunning they look against that natural backdrop!

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Play With Shades of Gray

Bridesmaids seeing bride for the first time

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

In shades of fog, stormy blue, and smokey seafoam, this expertly mismatched bridal party is the personification of a misty fall morning on the coast.

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Glam It Up With Sequined Neutrals

Bride with bridesmaids in mismatched sequin dresses

Photo by Angie Silvy Photography

Mismatched sequined neutrals create a glam look with a vintage touch.

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Feel Like Royalty in Emerald Green

Bride with bridesmaids in emerald green dresses

Photo by Stephania Campos

You can't compete with a hue like emerald green—especially in sumptuous textures of silky satin and soft velvet.

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Mauve Is Always in Style

Bride with bridesmaids in mauve dresses

Photo by Lelia Scarfiotti

A muted, dusky mauve mimics the husky tones of fall.

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Stay Cool in Coordinated Jackets

Bridal party in denim and leather jackets

Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography

This quick-thinking bride outfitted her bridal party in leather and denim jackets to combat the falling temperatures on her big day, while she cozied up in a cable-knit sweater over her dress. The look ended up being so cohesive that all the guests thought it had been planned all along.

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Mix Berry Tones and Blushes

Bride with bridesmaids in berry tones

Photo by Kyle John

While berry tones and blushes may typically allude to fresh spring fêtes or balmy summer celebrations, they can be just as delectable for fall as well. With just a little more depth and powdery cast, this bridal party makes a serious case for the combo against the cool autumn air.

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Rustic Jumpsuits

Bride with bridesmaids in beige jumpsuits

Photo by Forged In The North

Cream-colored jumpsuits in an organic, textured fabric are the epitome of playful fall chic. Paired with marigold-hued shoes this wedding party looks picture-perfect carrying their dried palm-frond bouquets.

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Say "Yes" To Jewel Tones

Bridesmaids in alternating jewel tones lined up

Photo by Whitney Neal Studios

Jewel tones take on a curated look with alternating shades of navy and green, which pair with creamy florals and elegant anemones for a classy and sophisticated ensemble.

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Warm and Spicy

Wedding party in red and yellow autumnal tones

Photo by Sidney Bensimon

Autumn is known for its rich warmth and all the spicy hues that come with it. This wedding party evokes all that and more in deep shades of mauve, ochre, crimson, saffron, amber, and burgundy—all topped in coordinating faux fur jackets no less.

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Aubergine Is Royally Romantic

Bride with bridesmaids in shades of purple

Photo by Judy Pak

An alluring aubergine shade is royally romantic, especially when it comes in the form of cascading chiffon. This sophisticated hue is subtle enough to be a neutral and looks good on everyone.

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Go for the Gold

Bride with bridesmaids in gold dresses

Photo by Carina Skrobecki

Matching sparkling gold dresses take gilded inspiration from the golden hues of autumn leaves.

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Have Fun With Textures and Tones

Large bridal party in fall color palette

Photo by Rachel Havel

This free-sprited, yet luxe bridal party look is straight off of an editorial campaign. From opulent textures of soft velvet and slinky silks in a soothing autumnal color palette of ochre, sage, saffron, persimmon, burgundy, and scarlet this group evokes all the rich and dreamy vibes of the season.

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Get Cozy in Faux Fur

Bride and bridesmaids in faux fur stoles

Photo by Laura Gordon

Fur stoles are a stylish way to keep warm on a chilly autumn day. Paired with ivory dresses, the resulting look is glamorous.

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Mimic the Colors of the Season

Bridesmaids in moody jewel tones helping bride with train

Photo by Wild Heart Visuals

Moody jewel tones mimic the deep hues of autumn. Navy, teal, emerald, and burgundy particularly make for a majestic pairing.

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