22 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Fall

From earth tones to deep colors, fall in love with these bridesmaid dress styles

Lauren Scotti

The crisp autumn season offers plenty of inspiration for your fall wedding and bridal party look. Take a cue from the golden leaves, woodland settings, and overall moody feel of fall when it comes to selecting a color for your bridesmaid dresses. Think your options are limited to dark tones? You couldn't be more wrong.

Of course, you can go the dark route if you want. There's nothing more gorgeous than richly saturated dresses, whether you opt for a mix of deep jewel tones, various shades of marsala, or consistency across the board with a bold emerald color in classic matching dresses. Black also makes a daring statement, contrasting elegantly against the warm colors of the fallen leaves. One style we really love is the ever-popular mismatched bridesmaid dress look, mixing stunning hues through playful patterns and fun textures to create an utterly bohemian look.

But don't be afraid to go lighter. Neutrals and earthy tones embody autumn's rustic nature and mixing and matching them with sequin and glitter accents adds a glamorous touch. On the other end of the spectrum, a dusky sage green or husky mauve plays up autumn's softer side. This tone is an especially perfect choice if your fall wedding is in a place that typically lacks seasons. Even a creamy ivory looks beautiful and chic, brilliantly contrasting against autumn's vivid colors. Pair these dresses with a wild bouquet of bright blooms to really make things pop.

Don't worry about brisk temperatures. Covering up your girls in a shawl, scarf, pashminas, jacket, or faux fur stoles don't detract from their look—on the contrary, these pieces accessorize the dresses and give your 'maids something else to personalize.

We've rounded up some of our favorite fall-inspired looks from real weddings. Which of these styles will you fall for?

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Mix Earthy Tones

JBM Photography

Mixed dresses in earthy tones and prints combine for an inspiring bohemian vibe.

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Pair Ivory Dresses With Dark Florals

Gina and Ryan

Bouquets of crimson blooms pop against ivory chiffon dresses for an ethereal look ideal for a dreamy, woodsy wedding.

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Keep Warm With Chic Shawls

Clary Pfeiffer

Shawls not only keep the shoulders warm in the chilly autumn air, but accessorize the bridesmaids' looks. A subtle grey lets these gorgeous dresses and magenta blooms shine.

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Go With A Moody Red

Dallas Kolotylo Photography

Scarlet, crimson, and burgundy combine for a romantic fall aesthetic.

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You Can't Go Wrong With Black


There's no better time than fall to rock vampy lips and classic black, a timeless look that's both sultry and elegant.

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Mix and Match Neutrals

Danelle Bohane

Dark neutrals in a taupe, coffee, and slate palette take a cue from the outdoors.

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Florals Aren't Just For Spring

The Gibsons

These floral teacup-length dresses are crazy in color, adding a vibrant splash to an autumn wedding.

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Be Playful With Purple

Alixann Loosle Photography

Purple and lavender are playful and flirty, adding pleasant surprise to an autumn wedding.

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Glam It Up With Sequined Neutrals

The More We See

Mismatched sequined neutrals create a glam look with a vintage touch.

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Feel Like Royalty In Emerald Green

Sarah Libby Photography

You can't compete with a hue like emerald green. Accented with burgundy lips and matching dahlia bouquets, this look is a preppy fall fantasy.

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Mauve Is Always In Style

Mint Photography

A muted, dusky mauve mimics the husky tones of fall.

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Make It Simple With Moody Mini Dresses

Lauren Scotti

Short dresses in a moody palette of dark navy, wine, forest green, and burnt orange play with texture thanks to floral prints and lace. Wreaths and bouquets of greenery add a wild, rustic element.

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Be Trendy In Fringe And Lace

The Kama Photography

Layers of lace and fringe create an urban bohemian aesthetic. Floor length dusters are fashionable and functional, not just creating a trendy style but adding an element of protection against the cool autumn air.

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Keep It Classic In LBDs

Jennifer Woodbery Photography

Fitted black lace dresses, gold pashminas inspired by fallen leaves, and elegant tights bring a bit of vintage beauty to this bridal party.

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Say "Yes" To Jewel Tones

You Are My True

Jewel tones take on a monochromatic look with shades of teal, which pair with fuschia florals for a classy and sophisticated ensemble.

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Navy And Black Are A Match Made In Heaven

Jose Villa

These two bridesmaids prove that fashion rules are meant to be broken black and navy actually look stunning and chic when worn together, juxtaposing a modern feel with retro silhouettes.

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Have Fun With Textures and Patterns

Alyssa McElheny Photography

This free-sprited, yet luxe bridal party look is straight out of a woodland fairytale. Paisley prints, velvet textures, and leather boots take inspiration from the dark, rich, and dreamy vibes of the season.

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Aubergine Is Royally Romantic

Graham Terhune

An alluring aubergine color is royally romantic, especially when it comes in the form of cascading chiffon ruffles. This sophisticated hue is subtle enough to be a neutral and looks good on everyone.

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Go For The Gold


Matching sparkling gold dresses take gilded inspiration from the golden hues of autumn leaves.

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Maximalist Vibes

Christina Block Photography

This mismatched look channels maximalist vibes, and every bit of it looks flawless. From dark fall tones and husky pastels to playful prints and extravagant blooms and greenery, this style is perfectly carefree.

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Get Cozy In Faux Fur

Ryan Flynn Photography

Fur stoles are a stylish way to keep warm on a chilly autumn day. Paired with sequined dresses, the resulting look is glamorous.

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Mimic The Colors Of The Season

Kim J. Martin

Rich jewel tones mimic the deep hues of autumn. Eggplant, teal, emerald, and burgundy particularly make for a majestic pairing.

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