Everything You Need To Register For From Bed Bath & Beyond

This big-box favorite has everything you need for your registry

Updated 04/27/18
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Ever think about how much you need to get that registry up and running and then go to look at a site and get extremely overwhelmed looking at all the options? And then after going down a rabbit hole of customer reviews just close all your tabs and then lay down in your bed and stare at the ceiling? Or is that just us? Yeah, we get it. Registering can be scary, and if you don't have someone helping you make decisions (or if your partner is equally as indecisive) it can be a recipe for disaster. As in, you could be a month from your wedding and furiously avoiding texts from everyone asking where you're registered if you're not careful.

Believe us, your friends and family want to know ASAP where they can get you a gift (what can we say, people love giving a present!). So what's an overwhelmed bride to do? Well first of all, take a look at Bed Bath and Beyond, which has pretty much everything—yes we mean everything—you could ever want to register for.

We know BB&B can turn into a bit of a black hole, so we rounded up 13 items to register for from Bed Bath & Beyond to get the registry ball rolling.

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KitchenAid Artisan 5 qt. Stand Mixer

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This is a great basic to kick off your registering journey. Pretty much everyone wants one of these beauties to grace their countertop. And, there are so many colors to choose from! It'll make a baker out of even the most oven-challenged.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $379.99

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Philips Viva Avance 6.9 qt. Digital AirFryer

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For those of use do very much enjoy the occasional fried food, this air fryer makes frying easy, healthier, and have a much better cleanup sitch (it only requires a tablespoon or less of oil!).

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $299.99

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SMEG 50's Retro Style 2-Slice Toaster

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Of all the toasters in all the land we think this one has stolen our hearts. It's just so dang adorable! Everything Smeg does is a-ok with us.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $149.99

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Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer

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This set gives you pretty much everything you need in the way of a kitchen appliance. Use that blender for margaritas or a smoothie on the go, or the auto-spiralizer for when you're feeling especially healthy. One of the coolest features about this is that the blender base can tell which vessel is attached and automatically suggests pre-sets for said vessel on the digital display. Takes a lot of the guesswork out!

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $269.99

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Amazon Echo Spot

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One of our favorites of the smart home devices, the Amazon Echo Spot is just to cute and compact but still can get pretty dang loud if you want it to. We love the fact that it has a screen, which really changes the voice control aspect and brings it up a notch.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $129.99

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iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

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For those of us who want a little more oomph in a vacuum, this Roomba kinda does it all. With more settings and functions then we can personally contemplate, there's a setting for just about everything you could want it to do.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $374.99

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Vornado Small Vintage Air Circulator Fan in Green

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If this ain't the cutest little fan in the world we don't know what is. A little retro vibe that is just as good in form as it is in function.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $59.99

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Rowenta X-Cel Steamer

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We live by a steamer. Easy for a quick touch-up when you realize that sundress that you've been waiting months to wear is a little wrinkled but you just need to wear it.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $69.99

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OXO Good Grips 14-Piece Set

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There's nothing we like more than a set of containers that you can not only bake and serve out of, but use as easy storage. Multi-use for the win!

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $69.99

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Artisanal Kitchen Supply Edge Mirror 20-Piece Flatware Set

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In our opinion, there's no need for flatware to be boring and dull. You do use them every day so why not have something beautiful to use?

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $99.99

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Godinger Copper Plated Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 2

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A good Moscow Mule cup can serve any variety of uses—not just for serving cocktails, but use it to pretty up your desk as a pencil holder, your bathroom as a toothbrush holder, or sitting on your vanity for make-up brushes.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99

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Therapedic TruCool Memory Foam Side Sleeper Pillow

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You do spend a whole lotta time in bed, so why not get a pillow that will help you have the best and most comfortable sleep possible?

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $69.99+

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Hampshire Sheet Set

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These aren't your run-of-the-mill sheets...they're linen and (perfect for hot summer nights and plus just really on-trend) and although we love a classic white sheet, this dusty rose color is perfection.

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $199.99+

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