Etsy Releases Top Wedding Trends of 2019

Texture, sustainability, and maximalism will be huge this year.

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In case you've missed the memo (a forgivable blunder), Etsy has risen to the ranks as one of the most all-inclusive e-commerce hotspots for absolutely all of your personalized wedding needs. We're talking menus, bridesmaids gifts, even veils—truly the whole nine yards. Not to mention, you can bet your budget-friendly bottom dollar that Etsy consistently delivers on high-quality products without breaking the bank.

Lucky for you, Etsy just shared its predictions of the top wedding trends of 2019. If you're tying the knot this year, resident trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson unveiled the latest and greatest wedding takes that are bound to blow up, just in time for your big day. Think eco-friendly decor, touches of texture, and sentimentality galore. To streamline your wedding planning process, we broke down the key highlights of the personalized platform's 2019 Trendcast, along with pretty picks to incorporate each in-demand style into your own nuptials.

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Outside-the-Box Seating Assignments

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Who says seating assignments can't be fun!? Guide your guests by going beyond the standard place cards. This year, seating charts can take on any form imaginable, from personalized acrylic slabs to leaves to gold animal figurines. The sky's the limit, and your nearest and dearest can even treasure your pick as a post-wedding keepsake.

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Premillenium Style

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From fanny packs to mom jeans, it's no surprise '90s nostalgia is at an all-time high. The good news is that it can easily translate to your wedding without coming off as painfully dated or passé. Polka dots, dainty rhinestone details, and cool holographic decor can freshen up the overall feel of your nuptials while paying homage to the decade's resurfaced fads. And speaking of fanny packs, Etsy even has a bridal spin (read: no neon) on the functional accessory...because why not!?

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Power to the Sleeves

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Minimalism had its moment, and Isom Johnson argues that maximalism has re-emerged as the wedding style of choice. To that end, expect to see more daring fashion, especially with brides having a bit of fun in the sleeve department. In fact, within the past three months alone, "wedding dresses with sleeves" has been searched over 155,000 times on the site (listen up, winter brides).

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Mother Nature-Approved Details

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As Princess Eugenie's plastic-free wedding shows, it's cool to care about the planet, especially on your big day. Fellow to-be-weds have hopped on the sustainable bandwagon recently, clocking in 107,000 searches for eco-friendly products. To reduce your carbon footprint, turn to dried flower petal confetti (biodegradable brownie points!) and even recycled vintage decor.

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Meaningful Messages

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Personalization has proven pivotal in modern weddings, which is why incorporating sentimental add-ons to your looks has also been on the rise. Forget the bottom-of-the-shoe note to your spouse; Etsy to-be-weds have been on the hunt for alternative secret message routes. Hidden tie or dress patches ooze originality and share the love with your S.O. in style.

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Bye, Bye Veils

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Looking for nontraditional wedding headgear? You've come to the right place. Etsy users have searched "bridal headpieces" over 43,000 times from November to January, of which the shoppable platform has plenty. Putting a pause on the standard veil look, consider modernizing your day-of accessories with an aisle-worthy headband, tasteful tiara, or even a white hat.

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Practical Favors

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It's a sad truth that a hefty chunk of wedding favors get tossed later or "forgotten" at the reception table. Put your budget to good use by investing in pieces that you know your guests can reuse, be it a candle, coffee beans, or luggage tags. For more inspiration, searches for wine, honey, and soap guest gifts have all surged as well.

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Texture, Texture, and More Texture

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There's truly no shortage of wedding components, both big and small, that can incorporate a textural element into your celebration. Take vellum wedding invites, for example, which has yielded 105 percent more Etsy searches than the previous year. Or stick with the ever-wedding-appropriate velvet, which you can display through your guest book, tablecloth, and so much more.

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