7 Etsy Table Numbers We Love

We went through and found the best so you don't have to

Updated 07/05/17

As much as we love Etsy, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors and products—especially when you’re just browsing and don’t have a super-specific search term at the ready. For instance, "table numbers” during our latest search yielded close to 30,000 results (and that’s after it was filtered by category to specify weddings), which seems impossibly daunting to sort through to say the least. Which is why, once again, we’ve done the heavy lifting (or in this case sifting) for you. We’ve compiled our current favorite table numbers to make the process of reception decor hunting that much easier for you, no matter your style!

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For the modern bride who doesn’t want anything fussy

Courtesy of Etsy

These table numbers don’t mess around. There’s nothing frilly here; they’re straightforward, graphic, and uncomplicated. The added metallic factor ups the ante, though, adding a tiny bit of glam.

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For the artsy bride who wants to reuse her table numbers

Courtesy of Etsy

The great thing about these tile table numbers: They could easily be repurposed as house numbers or even hung to spell out your wedding date!

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For the romantic bride who wants something versatile

Courtesy of Etsy

Pretty and clean, these come in any color you could want—but we especially like the combo of the two top colors shown here; navy and a dusty rose are palette perfection.

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For the bride who wants unconventional materials

Courtesy of Etsy

Wood and acrylic and calligraphy, oh my! These feel both boho and modern, a combo we can totally get behind.

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For the cool-girl bride who knows how hard marble is trending

Courtesy of Etsy

Not only these chic, but they can be used as coasters after the wedding is done. We also love the simplicity of the calligraphy—modern and elegant.

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For the bride who’s confident her guests can read Roman numerals

Courtesy of Etsy

Because if not, things could get downright embarrassing.

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For the bride who plans on having a wedding on the modern side

Courtesy of Etsy

Graphic and minimalistic, this table number would also be perfect for a modern wedding. Just propping it up against your flowers makes it even more streamlined and cool.

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